A Grave for Lassiter

  • Runtime: 8.2 Hours
  • Recording: Unabridged
  • Release date: 2.22.2017
  • Publisher: Recorded Books, LLC
  • Genre: Fiction/Westerns
  • 8.19 hrs2/22/2017Unabridged
  • ISBN-13: 9781428199101
Loren Zane Grey continues the adventures of his father Zane Grey's most famous creation: Lassiter, the deadliest gunfighter this side of hell. In A Grave for Lassiter, the hero first seen in Riders of the Purple Sage is called into the town of Bluegate to help Josh Falconer save his failing business. But Lassiter arrives too late, and Josh has already made an untimely departure from the land of the living. Now Lassiter will move heaven and earth to punish those responsible.

Reader Biography

Ed Sala has narrated dozens of audio books throughout his career. His readings include Harlan Coben’s Tell No One, Stephen Sears’ Gettysburg, and Cormac MacCarthy’s Outer Dark.

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