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A Quiet Vendetta

  • Read by: Donald Corren
  • Runtime: 20.9 Hours
  • Recording: Unabridged
  • Release date: 12.1.2012
  • Publisher: Blackstone Audio
  • Genre: Fiction/Mystery & Detective
  • 20.85 hrs12/1/2012Unabridged
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-4708-2683-3
0 reviews 0 5 4.7 4 out of 5 stars 4.7/5

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Written by award-winning thriller heavyweight R. J. Ellory, this ambitious crime novel takes the author’s skill for suspense to a spellbinding level.

When Catherine Ducane disappears in the heart of New Orleans, the cops react fast—after all, she is the governor’s daughter. But the case gets very strange, very quickly. Her bodyguard turns up horribly mutilated in the trunk of a beautiful vintage car, and when the kidnapper calls, he doesn’t want money; he wants time alone with a certain government functionary.

Dragged down to the deep South from the New York district attorney’s office, Ray Hartmann puzzles over why he has been summoned and why the mysterious kidnapper, an elderly Cuban named Ernesto Perez, wants to tell him his life story. But by the time the pieces fall into place, it’s already too late.

A Quiet Vendetta is both the epic story of one man’s life in the Italian Mafia—a story ranging from Cuba to Chicago—and a thrilling tale of rage, love, and loss. With tension to match the best of Cussler, Patterson, and his own bestselling work, A Quiet Vendetta confirms R. J. Ellory’s place at the forefront of the genre.

Editorial Reviews

“An engrossing tale about organized crime from the perspective of a kidnapper whose agenda will keep you guessing until the end.”

Entertainment Weekly (“Must List”)

“As in the very best of thrillers, A Quiet Vendetta has the ring of truth and real research behind it all. With exquisite pace and perfect timing, R. J. Ellory has given us a piercing assessment of the nature of love, loyalty, and obsessive revenge, not to mention a deep understanding of la cosa nostra.”

Guardian (London)

“R. J. Ellory proves himself a leader among the royalty of crime writers with this five-decade-long saga of Mafia history forming the framework for an exciting, well-constructed tale that ultimately becomes one of two men attempting to redeem themselves for their many individual sins against humanity.”

New York Journal of Books

“Pre-Katrina New Orleans, with all its passion and decadence intact, provides an ideal backdrop for the intimate revelations of Ernesto Perez, a career hit man. In what may well be the best Mafia novel since The Godfather, Ellory explores the dark intimacies of people bound by a complex relationship with violence, ranging from the mean streets to the highest strata of society…One damn fine book.”

Booklist (starred review)

“Absorbing…[A] brilliantly conceived tale of greed, politics, family loyalties, and vengeance.”

Publishers Weekly

“This is a great thriller that uses five decades of Mafia history in the Bronx, Manhattan, Vegas, Cuba, and elsewhere as the backgrounds to a fascinating tale. Readers will be hooked from the moment Perez makes his demand known and will keep on reading until they learn what his agenda is and why…A Quiet Vendetta is a superb and enthralling story.”

Mystery Gazette

Author Biography

R. J. Ellory, orphaned at the age of seven and sent to prison for poaching when he was seventeen, immersed himself in literature and set about learning the craft of writing fiction. He now divides his time between writing and volunteer programs in drug rehabilitation and youth literacy. He is married with one son.

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Reader Biography

Donald Corren is a stage, television, and voice actor whose work has been featured on and off Broadway, in regional theaters, behind animated characters, and on television for the past three decades. Trained in the theater division at Juilliard, he is also a writer whose credits include the original Martha Stewart Living television series and the medals ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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