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Candace Cameron Bure Interview by Grover Gardner

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Candace Cameron Bure Interview - Listen Now
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GROVER GARDNER: Welcome to’s interview series. I’m Grover Gardner, and today it’s my pleasure to be speaking with Candace Cameron Bure. Candace is an actress and writer. She starred in the hit television show Full House, and more recently in Make It or Break It. She appeared in Growing Pains, That’s So Raven, and starred in the Fox TV movie Truth Be Told. Candace is the New York Times bestselling author and also narrator of the book Reshaping It All. And Blackstone is very pleased to be releasing that audiobook version on December 1. Welcome Candace and thank you for joining us today.

CANDACE CAMERON BURE: Thank you for having me.

GG: Everybody remembers Full House, your character D. J. Tanner. The show is still running in over a hundred countries in syndication. It’s a part of television sitcom history now. Did you expect that? Does that surprise you?

CCB: You know, we all kind of joked while we were doing the show and realized, three or four years into it, when it was such a huge hit that we said we’re going to be laughing one day because this is going to be the Brady Bunch of the ’90s. And the show that’s going to go on forever and ever, and we’re going to look and laugh at our hairstyles and the clothes that we’re wearing (laughs). And that’s kind of what became of it. I mean it is this pop culture, just … I don’t want to say phenomenon, but it’s just one of those family shows that kind of has gone down in history, and I’m very grateful and thankful for it. I had a blast working on it, and who really knew when we were doing it, but at the same time I’m so thankful that it happened and I can use this as a platform to do and speak about other things that are very important to me.

GG: Reshaping It All is your first book. It’s a New York Times bestseller. You share in it a candid account of your struggle with food, and how you ultimately achieved a healthy outlook on weight by moving your faith to the forefront. What was the turning point for you in terms of the weight issue—the faith issue? At what point did this become something that you felt you had to pursue?

CCB: The turning point for me was having a conversation with a friend. Being in a cycle of abusing food and abusing my body with that food. And having her say to me, “Do you know what you’re doing is sinful? You’re not taking care of your body properly, but this is also affecting your relationship with God.” And I had never in my life, having been a Christian and believing in the Bible and having a relationship with God—which had always been important to me—but I never put my food issues into that relationship. I never thought about God in relationship to food, and that was the turning point for me. It gave me a different viewpoint, a different angle from which to see it. And it affected me, completely. It changed everything for me.

GG: How difficult was it to make the change for yourself?

CCB: Well, my heart certainly changed instantly, because my relationship with God really is everything to me. I’m also a very sensitive person. If anyone’s heard my testimony before they will know that the law of God is very important to me, because it was the basis of my testimony of understanding that just being a good person isn’t good enough. God requires a different standard which we actually can’t keep. And that’s how he shows his grace and mercy to every single one of us. So the answer to that, was it difficult? It was very difficult, but my heart so desperately wanted to change. So that part wasn’t hard. I said I want to do whatever I can that’s pleasing to God. I want to make a change. But was it hard to actually go through with those changes? Yes. On a day-to-day basis, I had to make a decision. Every moment we’re faced with decisions in our lives. And whether that’s choosing to go out and exercise, choosing to drink water instead of soda. All these little things, they accumulate and they are more important, accumulated, these small decisions, than often one big decision can be in our lives. And so that was difficult. But with perseverance you get through it and it becomes a new habit in your life. And so eventually that’s what it’s become, and I don’t have to think twice about those decisions. But it’s always hard in the beginning.

GG: You have recipes, health tips, in the book. How did you come up with those?

CCB: (laughs) You’ll notice that the recipes in the book are extremely simple, because I am not the chef in my family. My husband does most of the cooking, and I’m very grateful, and he’s wonderful at it. So the recipes are recipes that I either made as a kid, that my mom taught me, that are super easy, or just recipes that I’ve watched on cooking shows or have seen on the Internet, and have just modified them a bit. But usually there are about five or less ingredients in most of the recipes, because I’ve got three kids and don’t have a lot of time to cook. I honestly don’t have a passion to cook, but I want to make something good and nutritious that’s healthy and tastes good that my family will enjoy. And that’s what those recipes are all about.

GG: Now, people might say, “Oh, but you’re a television star. You’re glamorous, you’ve got all the advantages.” How does this book relate to us, to me, the ordinary. Where’s the common ground between someone who’s gone through what you’ve experienced—being in Hollywood—and the average person? Where’s the intersection there?

CCB: Listen, I am the average person and I talk about that in my book and I list all the things—the daily things I do. Yes, I’m an actress, but it’s just the job that I do. But first and foremost, I’m a wife, I’m a mom. I don’t have a personal assistant, a personal trainer every day. I don’t have a nanny. I don’t have a housekeeper. I drive my kids to school. I make them lunches. The list goes on and on. I get myself up early and I work out in the mornings, and make the healthy choices that I need to, so that common ground is throughout the book. I might travel more than the average person reading it. Yes, I’m a public face, and have a platform in which I can share my views, but at the core of me, I’m just another woman. I’m a mom and a wife and I’m trying to do the best job that I can and encourage other women—men and women—to do the same.

GG: Is it difficult being a Christian in the Hollywood environment?

CCB: It can be very difficult to be Christian in Hollywood. Again, that’s at the core of who I am. So whatever job or whatever field I’m in, I want to be the best Christian that I can be in everything. It does get tough though, because it’s a very liberal workplace. And I have a lot of tough decisions to make every day in regard to scripts and parts and what I’ll audition for and what I’ll choose to be in, and those decisions weigh heavily on my perspective as a Christian, and the values that I uphold, and it’s also hard because I know that I won’t please everybody. I can disappoint my agents. I can disappoint my viewers, my fans. It can be really tough, but at the end of the day I have to say, “Well, I’m going to make the best decision for me and my family that I think will be pleasing to God. And if I mess up along the way or it wasn’t a good choice, well I certainly hope that I’m going to learn from it, and just continue to grow as a person, but try not to be extremely sensitive to everyone because nobody can please everyone in the world.

GG: It seems like there’s more emphasis now on family content, with cable television, with channels devoted to specific audiences. Are there more opportunities now to do the kind of material that you would prefer to do?

CCB: There are certainly more channels that are dedicated now to family programming. It’s difficult though because with the traditional channels and for the people who don’t subscribe to cable outlets—there still isn’t as much family content in there. And so, it is still very limiting as an actress. But I’ve managed to still find some of those pieces that have been great, that I’ve been able to work on and have enjoyed very much, but I think that the shift in family programming will continue. I just think that as it grows, there is really going to be a big separation of channels just specifically dedicated for that, where I would really love to see it integrated into society in general. So we kind of get back to things that are more wholesome.

GG: You recorded your own book for us. What was that like? Have you ever done that?

CCB: I’ve never done that. And it was fun. It was quite tiring, and it was kind of strange to read my own words, even though I had written them—and thought them. It was  just a different process because you have to be so clear in what you’re saying, and make sure there’s no stumble when you’re saying a sentence. So it was a long, long process, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and have a real respect, because I just had no idea how challenging just doing that is. So I have a real respect for all the narrators out there.

GG: We always ask. Do you possibly have time to listen to audiobooks?

CCB: I do listen to audiobooks. And I do because my husband only listens to audiobooks. And that’s one reason why I was so excited to be able to record this book, because my husband’s never read it before. So now he gets to listen to it.

GG: Oh. There we go.

CCB: Yeah. But English isn’t his first language, so he has a hard time. And so if there’s a book that I read that I really, really love, I always will pick it up in audio—the audio version—and he listens to it in the car. So, yeah, audio’s big in our household.

GG: What kind of books does he like?

CCB: Really only the ones that I ask him to read. He’s just not a big reader in general. Most of the books I like are nonfiction books. So a lot of them are somehow usually Christian-related and whether it’s motivational or just speaking to work on some aspect area of our life. That’s what I’m kind of drawn toward. But I do like a good fiction book maybe once or twice a year (laughs). I don’t know if he does though.

GG: He’s a hockey player, is that right?

CCB: Yes, he is.

GG: Hockey players are rough and tumble guys. What’s that like?

CCB: Well, he was more of the finesse guy. He was the goal scorer.

GG: Yes.

CCB: He’s been retired for six years now, but it was just great. Great life when he was in the NHL for twelve years and traveling to different cities. But he’s very happy to be retired and be at home with our three children and just being a dad. And relaxing and not having to go on those very rigorous road trips, and all that stuff.

GG: What are your kids interested in? Are they interested in acting?

CCB: (laughs)

GG: (laughs) Always a tough question.

CCB: They are kind of following in our footsteps. Not because we’ve asked them to. But both of our boys play hockey. They want to be just like their dad, so they love it. And my husband actually didn’t want the boys to play hockey because it’s such a grueling sport. But they pretty much begged for over a year, and we gave in. So now my husband’s coaching both of their hockey teams. And our daughter, she loves acting and she loves singing too. So she is trying her hand at auditioning and seeing where that goes. I guess she’s kind of following in my footsteps.

GG: Do you have something coming up in mind? Do you have another project?

CCB: Well, I have several things that I’m working on. I do have a TV movie, a Christmas movie that’s going to be airing December 4 on the GMC Network called The Heart of Christmas, that’s based on a true story. I have a website that I’m launching called That will actually be up in a couple weeks.

GG: How do you spell that?

CCB: R-O-O-M-A-G…dot com.

GG: Hmm, okay.

CCB: And I’m just in the process of working out some other acting opportunities, and television shows and movies. So nothing I can say yet, but I’ve got a lot going on, and as well as, excitedly, I have been asked to write a second book. So I’m kind of going through that, and deciding what that topic is going to be. And I’ll be excited to share those details when I have them.

GG: Okay. Goodness. How do you possibly find the time for all of this?

CCB: That might be what the book is going to be about (laughs). How do you find time to balance it all. You know, it’s just about keeping priorities straight and then readjusting them throughout the day, throughout the week. And doing what’s most important first.

GG: Candace, thank you so much for talking with us. It’s been terrific. And thank you for recording the book for us. It brings a wonderful sense of authenticity to the recording, and you did a beautiful job by the way. Thank you so much.

CCB: Thank you.

GG: And we look forward to the book coming out and being available to everybody in the audio version. Thanks again for your time, and it’s been wonderful talking with you.

CCB: Well, thank you very much. It was great to talk to you too.

GG: All right.

CCB: Have a great day!

GG: Bye-bye.

CCB: Bye.

GG: Thank you for joining us for this exclusive interview. You can find all of Blackstone Audio’s titles and more at

This interview was recorded in November 2011.
Disclaimer: This audio and transcript have been edited slightly from the original recording for quality and readability.

Catch this exclusive interview with Candace Cameron Bure, known for her acting roles and recently for her new book, Reshaping It All. She shares her personal story, her biblical perspective on healthy living, and gives a glimpse into her daily life—right here on! Conducting the interview is award-winning narrator Grover Gardner.

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