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  1. 4.5 hrs • 9/20/2016 • Unabridged

    Lisa Sugar has an amazing job. She spends her days creating content about pop culture, must-have handbags and makeup, healthy recipes, and Instagram-worthy sweets. She manages an enormously successful, growing company with employees who love what they do. And her life is just as great at home. She and her husband have three daughters and she’s the number one soccer mom who loves reading bedtime stories every night.    How did she do it? By figuring out what her dream job was, taking risks, and believing in herself. And now she wants to motivate others to do the same. She wants to show them how to live colorful, interesting lives where every second counts.   She'll do so by sharing her personal and business story. Lisa knows that creating your dream job requires hard work, patience, and experience. She'll give advice, in big and small ways, about exactly how to do that, from starting a company to ditching a relationship that isn't working to becoming a fabulous boss. And with the great, accessible writing style that has made PopSugar such a hit, she'll make it fun!From the Hardcover edition.

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    Make It Happen

    4.5 hrs • 9/20/16 • Unabridged
  2. 3.8 hrs • 9/15/2016 • Unabridged

    From an author, entrepreneur, and businessman with forty years’ experience in sales and management comes a book full of sales advice, inspirational tips, success stories, and a proven system to follow for sales success. This book is geared specifically to those new to the field of sales to help you become personally accountable for what you create in sales—and in life—right from the get-go.

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    Sales Success for the Rookie by Steve Lentini

    Sales Success for the Rookie

    3.8 hrs • 9/15/16 • Unabridged
    Also: CD, MP3 CD, Digital Rental
  3. 5.0 hrs • 9/6/2016 • Unabridged

    Have you ever noticed that there are certain people who seem to get ahead just a bit faster than everyone else? You know, the types who always seem to be a bit ahead of the curve, to get noticed a bit more, and to achieve their goals a bit more quickly than the rest of the pack? And have you ever noticed how much this small edge can matter, and the outsized impact it can have on the trajectory of their careers?  24 year old entrepreneur Brian Wong is one of these people, having graduated from college by age 18, having raised $24 million in venture capital to start his own company before he turned 25, and having grown that company into a global mobile advertising giant in just 4 years.   His secret? The Cheat Code. Wong believes that most people -- even creative people -- have a tendency to follow a script; to do things the way others do them simply because that way works. But therein lies the secret at the heart of the Cheat Code: anyone can easily shortcut his or her way to success, simply by going slightly off script; by doing things just a little differently from everyone else.   Here, Wong unlocks the power of the Cheat Code through 71 bite-sized and virtually effortless short-cuts to get a leg up on the competition, garner attention for ourselves and our ideas, and accelerate our success. For example:Cheat #7: Don't Ask – Announce Cheat #16: Know Your Superpower! Cheat #32: Make Boldness Your Genius Cheat #47: Know Who's the Boss Cheat #55:  Focus on What Won't Change Cheat #71:  Imagine, What If? Cheat 49: Get a Trademark Haircut[Cameron S2]  Cheat 51: Use Exclamation PointsNo matter where you aspire to go in your life or career, THE CHEAT CODE will help get you there - faster.

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    The Cheat Code

    5.0 hrs • 9/6/16 • Unabridged
  4. 5.1 hrs • 9/4/2016 • Unabridged

    Is being an employee eating your soul? You really wish you could be your own boss. You would like more flexibility in organizing your life. And you have understood that this could all be possible with an online business. But you probably don’t know where to start. How to Start an Online Business - A Step-by-Step Guide This book will take you step-by-step through the different aspects you should consider in order to increase your chances of success when starting an online business: 1. Understand the business models online; 2. Design your desired lifestyle; 3. Find a business topic; 4. Choose a profitable niche market and research your audience; 5. Define your brand and create your website; 6. Build your email list and drive traffic to your website; 7. Decide on a monetization method and set a price on your offer; 8. Learn to be persuasive; 9. Conduct tests; 10. Delegate and outsource to grow your business. It's a complete resource you can refer to while building your online business.

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    How to Start an Online Business

    5.1 hrs • 9/4/16 • Unabridged
  5. 2.5 hrs • 8/1/2016 • Unabridged

    To reach business success, you must be Brilliant on the Basics. Let world renowned speaker and bestselling author, Brian Tracy teach you how to:Practice the Basics of Business Success Buy a Business Manage Your Information Create Your Business Systems Use the Seven Step Formula Find Ideal Customers Improve Your Advertising Results

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    Brilliant on the Basics

    2.5 hrs • 8/1/16 • Unabridged
  6. 2.9 hrs • 8/1/2016

    To generate greater profits you must offer the highest quality of customer service to people after they have bought the product or service. The most important sale is not the first sale, it’s the second sale. In Generate Greater Profits you will learn:to serve your customers better than your competitors;to satisfy the deep subconscious needs of your customers;the four key parts of effective marketing;the three considerations in differentiating your product or service from those of your competitors;how to attract the perfect customer;the seven rules of management; and how to assemble a winning team.

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    Generate Greater Profits

    Presented by Brian Tracy
    2.9 hrs • 8/1/16
  7. 2.5 hrs • 8/1/2016

    Let world-renowned entrepreneur and business expert Brian Tracy show you how you, too, can become an expert in business. From creating a budget, to marketing and selling your product or service, you will learn how to stand out from the others and be an entrepreneur who succeeds.

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  8. 2.3 hrs • 8/1/2016 • Unabridged

    The core skill of successful entrepreneurship is the ability to sell the product or service in sufficient quantities to earn a profit. Let Brian Tracy, world-renowned International speaker, consultant and bestselling author show you the most effective way. Learn: To determine the best way to sell your productHow to develope the habits of delegating and supervisingThe key qualities of self-made millionairesThe importance of having a mission for your businessHow to think like an entrepreneurHow to apply the seven laws of brandingHow to apply the profit curve to your business

    Available Formats: Download

    Turbocharge Your Business

    2.3 hrs • 8/1/16 • Unabridged
  9. 3.1 hrs • 8/1/2016 • Unabridged

    The fastest and least expensive way for you to increase your sales and profitability is for oyou to sell to "other people's customers." Let Brian Tracy, world-renowned International speaker, consultant and bestselling author show you the most effective way. Learn:To identify ideal joint venture partnersThe four keys to Strategic SellingHow to turn your business into a money machineHow to achieve maximum performance from each personHow to make zero-based thinking a part of your life and workTwo key laws of economics and consumptionHow set better priorities and posteriorities in every area of your life

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    Leverage Your Business Assets

    3.1 hrs • 8/1/16 • Unabridged
  10. 3.0 hrs • 8/1/2016 • Unabridged

    Now you can Make More Sales Faster when you learn the techniques that have made Brian Tracy a bestselling author and Internationally known business speaker and consultant. He will teach you:Selling on Non-Price IssuesClosing the SaleSecrets of Success in SellingQualities of Top SalespeopleAsking Your Way to SuccessSelling Different People DifferentlyHow Buyers Buy

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    Make More Sales Faster

    3.0 hrs • 8/1/16 • Unabridged
  11. 6.4 hrs • 7/8/2016 • Unabridged

    In this remarkable book-hailed by CEOs, politicians, coaches, and college presidents alike-Donald T. Phillips examines Lincoln's effective leadership style. As he explores the President's diverse management skills, he demonstrates how you can succeed with them in today's complex world. When Lincoln took the oath of office in 1861, the Confederate States had already seceded from the Union. Even though his own advisers expected him to fail, he eventually reunited the embattled states with uncommon good sense. Using historical anecdotes, speeches, and Lincoln's own letters, the author shares the President's practical managerial strategies: seize the initiative, wage only one war at a time, encourage risk-taking while promoting job security, circulate among the troops, and more. With this compelling portrait, Donald T. Phillips reveals Lincoln as one of the world's most outstanding leaders. Nelson Runger's thought-provoking narration will motivate you to influence others in the same quiet way.

    Available Formats: Download

    Lincoln on Leadership

    6.4 hrs • 7/8/16 • Unabridged
  12. 5.5 hrs • 7/1/2016 • Unabridged

    How do you lead the launch of a product you know will be extremely controversial? What should you do if a single parent on your staff is falling behind in his or her work? How should you respond if you are offered an opportunity at work solely because of your race or gender? This is a book about work choices and life choices, and the critical points, or defining moments, at which the two become one. A refreshing antidote to traditional feel-good, inspirational business ethics, it examines the right-versus-right conflicts that every business manager faces and presents an unorthodox yet practical way for you to think about and resolve them. When making hard professional decisions, managers often use personal values as a touchstone. Badaracco asserts, however, that resolving such dilemmas is not as simple as the “do the right thing” school of ethics would have you believe. Defining Moments reveals an alternative approach that will help you tackle the more complex and troubling question of what to do when doing the right thing requires doing something else wrong, or leaving another right thing undone. Drawing on philosophy, literature, and three case studies that reveal the increasing complexity today’s managers face as their careers advance, Defining Moments provides tangible examples, actionable steps, and a flexible framework that you can use to make the choices that will shape not only your career, but your character. Compelling and absent of ethical jargon, this book gets to the core of what makes being a manager so difficult. For new and seasoned managers alike, Defining Moments explores what it means, and whether it’s even possible, to be a successful manager and simultaneously a thoughtful, responsible human being.

    Available Formats: Download

    Defining Moments

    5.5 hrs • 7/1/16 • Unabridged
  13. 4.3 hrs • 7/1/2016 • Unabridged

    When it comes to how to succeed as an entrepreneur, we are besotted with advice. According to bestselling author Alan Weiss, success is a combination of opportunism, very disciplined work, luck, timing, and ignoring most advice. In other words, it means striking out on your own, original path to success. In Million Dollar Maverick, he explains that entrepreneurs don’t take advice, they create value and then monetize it. They do what they love and are great at and find a way to sell it to people. They do not—contrary to “conventional wisdom”—chase money. They attract money. And most of all they think differently, act decisively—and, if talent and timing are with them, succeed quickly. Drawing on over thirty years of experience as a consultant, speaker, and global expert, Weiss shares his story and “Million Dollar Tips,” not found in any of his other books, to help entrepreneurs gain influence, build confidence, and develop the critical thinking skills they need to discover the inside track to rapid success.

    Available Formats: Download

    Million Dollar Maverick

    4.3 hrs • 7/1/16 • Unabridged
  14. 4.8 hrs • 7/1/2016 • Unabridged

    Like the ocean, the marketplace constantly changes and today’s cresting reward becomes tomorrow’s crashing risk. Before you venture out, take a lesson from the experts: big wave surfers. Like successful entrepreneurs, they rely on preparation, passion, and persistence—and they relish a challenge. So it’s no surprise that countless surfers have pioneered products and launched thriving businesses.

    Available Formats: Download

    Make Your Own Waves

    4.8 hrs • 7/1/16 • Unabridged
  15. 2.8 hrs • 7/1/2016

    Let this informative audio show you how to increase your revenues. Learn:the secret to “magical marketing,”the advertising advantage,how to get customers,twenty-four ways to sell your product,how to think like a millionaire,how to select a new product or service, andhow to test your market.

    Available Formats: Download

    Increasing Your Revenues

    Presented by Brian Tracy
    2.8 hrs • 7/1/16
  16. 8.1 hrs • 6/14/2016 • Unabridged

    The founders of a respected Silicon Valley advisory firm study legendary category-creating companies and reveal a groundbreaking discipline called category design. Winning today isn’t about beating the competition at the old game. It’s about inventing a whole new game—defining a new market category, developing it, and dominating it over time. You can’t build a legendary company without building a legendary category. If you think that having the best product is all it takes to win, you’re going to lose. In this farsighted, pioneering guide, the founders of Silicon Valley advisory firm Play Bigger rely on data analysis and interviews to understand the inner workings of “category kings”—companies such as Amazon, Salesforce, Uber, and IKEA—that give us new ways of living, thinking, or doing business, often solving problems we didn’t know we had. In Play Bigger, the authors assemble their findings to introduce the new discipline of category design. By applying category design, companies can create new demand where none existed, conditioning customers’ brains so they change their expectations and buying habits. While this discipline defines the tech industry, it applies to every kind of industry and even to personal careers. Crossing the Chasm revolutionized how we think about new products in an existing market. The Innovator’s Dilemma taught us about disrupting an aging market. Now, Play Bigger is transforming business once again, showing us how to create the market itself.

    Available Formats: Download, CD, MP3 CD
    Play Bigger by Al Ramadan, Dave Peterson, Christopher Lochhead

    Play Bigger

    By Al Ramadan, Dave Peterson, and Christopher Lochhead, with Kevin Maney
    Read by Sean Pratt
    8.1 hrs • 6/14/16 • Unabridged
    Also: CD, MP3 CD
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