Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Vol. 1:


The “Golden Brat,” Reinhard von Lohengramm, a military prodigy and admiral of the Galactic Empire, has ambitions beyond protecting the borders or even defeating the Empire’s enemies. He seeks to overthrow the old order and become a truly absolute—yet benevolent—dictator. His rival, the humble Yang Wen-li of the Free Planets Alliance, wishes to preserve democracy even if he must sacrifice his political ideals to defeat the Empire. Their political and military battles play out over a galactic chessboard in an epic saga fifteen centuries in the making!

Editorial Reviews

“Narrator Tim Gerard Reynolds infuses the work—which is mostly narrative—with sarcasm, humor, and arrogance. Reynolds’ smart British accent sounds charming amid the characters and places with Germanic-sounding names, odd for a Japanese story. There are several heroes of the novel, men who are on opposite sides of an intergalactic war, each believing his side is right. Reynolds shows a particular affection for Yang Wen-li, an officer of the Free Planets Alliance known for his brilliant methods. Also rendered well is his opposite, Reinhard von Lohengramm, the spoiled commander of the Galactic Empire, who is efficient but lacks imagination.”


Author Biography

Yoshiki Tanaka was born in 1952 in Kumamoto Prefecture, and published his first story, “Murder at the Hanquan Pavilion,” at the age of twenty. After completing a doctorate in literature, Tanaka launched his science fiction career. Legend of the Galactic Heroes, which translates the European wars of the nineteenth century to an interstellar setting, won the Seiun Award for best science fiction novel in 1987. Tanaka’s other works include the fantasy series the Heroic Legend of Aslan and many other science fiction, fantasy, historical, and mystery novels and stories.

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Reader Biography

Tim Gerard Reynolds is an established audiobook narrator who has won four AudioFile Earphones Awards and was a finalist for the prestigious Audie Award for Best Fantasy Narration. He trained for the stage at the Samuel Beckett Center at Trinity College in Dublin and the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center in New London, Connecticut.

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