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  1. 1.3 hrs • 8/15/2016 • Unabridged

    Mary of the Chance Encounters is a collection of stories set in southeastern Los Angeles, chronicling the Mexican-American and Anglo population stucco’d there between family, ghosts, strip malls and too wide boulevards. But their hopes and desires run magical, and sometimes weirdly perverse and erotic. The encounters break open the flat-lining air of consumer life.

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  2. 1.1 hrs • 9/15/2015 • Audio Theater

    A moving, innovative play based on one of the greatest correspondences in literary history From 1947 to 1977, Robert Lowell and Elizabeth Bishop exchanged more than four hundred letters. Describing the writing of their poems, their travel and daily illnesses, the pyrotechnics of their romantic relationships, and the profound affection they had for each other, these missives are the most intimate record available of both poets and one of the greatest correspondences in American literature. The playwright Sarah Ruhl fell in love with these letters and set herself an unusual challenge: to turn this thirty-year exchange into a stage play, and to bring to life the friendship of two writers who were rarely even in the same country. As innovative as it is moving, Dear Elizabeth gives voice to a conversation that lived mostly in writing, illuminating some of the finest poems of the twentieth century and the minds that produced them.

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    Dear Elizabeth

    Performed by Julian Sands and JoBeth Williams, with narration performed by Chris Hatfield
    1.1 hrs • 9/15/15 • Audio Theater
  3. 1.5 hrs • 6/16/2015 • Audio Theater

    Billy has been deaf since birth, but his family has never learned sign language. In fact, until he meets Sylvia, who is fluent in American Sign Language, Billy has never in his life been understood by anyone. This critically acclaimed sensation from Nina Raine will awaken all of your senses as it boldly asks some of life’s hardest questions: what is communication and understanding, and can we truly have it—with anyone? An LA Theatre Works full-cast recording, starring Rosalind Ayres, Barry Creyton, Thomas Dellamonica, Russell Harvard, Cerris Morgan-Moyer, Susan Pourfar, and Mare Winningham. Directed by Alexis Jacknow and recorded before a live audience by LA Theatre Works.

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    Directed by Alexis Jacknow
    Performed by a full cast
    1.5 hrs • 6/16/15 • Audio Theater
  4. 1.8 hrs • 4/15/2013 • Audio Theater

    A full-cast stage adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel. The dour Mr. Darcy is anything but popular with the Bennets, especially when he fancies a member of their clan. And as Elizabeth reluctantly deals with Mr. Darcy’s advances, their romance seems destined to fail. Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice set the standard for romantic comedies when it debuted in 1813, and it still speaks to audiences worldwide through countless adaptations.

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    Pride and Predjudice

    Adapted by Christina Calvit
    Performed by a full cast
    1.8 hrs • 4/15/13 • Audio Theater
    Also: Digital Rental
  5. 1.4 hrs • 8/13/2002 • Unabridged

    First performed in a hit off-off-Broadway production, The Guys is a timeless drama about the surprising truths people can discover in ordinary lives and the connections we make with others and ourselves in times of tragedy. Paralyzed by grief and unable to put his thoughts into words, Nick, a fire captain, seeks out the help of a writer to compose eulogies for the colleagues and friends he lost in the catastrophic events of September 11, 2001. As Joan, an editor by trade, draws Nick out about “the guys,” powerful profiles emerge, revealing vivid personalities and the substance and meaning that lie beneath the surface of seemingly unremarkable people. As the individual talents and enthusiasms of the people within the small firehouse community are realized, we come to understand the uniqueness and value of what each person has to contribute. And Nick and Joan, two people who never would have met under normal circumstances, jump the well-defined tracks of their own lives, and so learn about themselves, about life, and about the healing power of human connection, through talking about the guys.

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    The Guys

    1.4 hrs • 8/13/02 • Unabridged
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