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  1. 19.2 hrs • 10/17/2016 • Unabridged

    Arriving, book one of Corinne Jeffery's Understanding Ursula trilogy, vividly recreates the pioneer world of the Canadian prairies with a multitude of memorable characters. On July 1, 1909, Gustav Werner applies for a homestead grant at the Dominion Lands Office, eager to become the most thriving German Lutheran homesteader in Saskatchewan. But life as he knows it is about to take a turn no one could have predicted. Family drama and conflict plague Gustav as he tries to create a life on the harsh prairies.

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  2. 11.2 hrs • 7/12/2016 • Unabridged

    The long-awaited follow-up to the perennially bestselling writers’ guide Story, from the most sought-after expert in the art of storytelling. Robert McKee’s popular writing workshops have earned him an international reputation. The list of alumni with Oscars runs off the page. The cornerstone of his program is his definitive book, Story, which has defined how we talk about the art of story creation. Now, in Dialogue, McKee offers the same in-depth analysis for how characters speak on the screen, on the stage, and on the page in believable and engaging ways. From Macbeth to Breaking Bad, McKee deconstructs key scenes to illustrate the strategies and techniques of dialogue. Dialogue applies a framework of incisive thinking to instruct the prospective writer on how to craft artful, impactful speech. Famous McKee alumni include Peter Jackson, Jane Campion, Geoffrey Rush, Paul Haggis, the writing team for Pixar, and many others.

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    Scenes read by David Pittu and Orlagh Cassidy
    Read by Robert McKee
    11.2 hrs • 7/12/16 • Unabridged
  3. 15.2 hrs • 4/7/2015 • Unabridged

    Women of Will, a narrative combining trenchant analysis and riveting scenes, explores the themes of love, loss, freedom, control, violence, and power through the heroines of Shakespeare’s text. Drawing on her knowledge as a director, actor, and teacher, Packer traces the chronological evolution of Shakespeare’s female characters and examines Shakespeare’s own journey and growth as a writer, from feckless misogynist in his youth to committed lover in his middle years to unrepentant feminist in his final years. Based on her five-part theatrical performance of the same name (currently touring throughout the world), Women of Will, combines the knowledge of performance, discussion, and debate with the dramatic tension stemming from the influences Shakespeare responded to in his life, and from Packer’s desire to show how powerful and distinct the women characters are in his plays. From Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing to Lady Macbeth to Paulina in A Winter’s Tale and everyone in between, Women of Will gives a unique and exhilarating perspective on some of the most well-known classical texts in the English language.

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    Women of Will

    15.2 hrs • 4/7/15 • Unabridged
  4. 17.3 hrs • 7/1/2013 • Audio Theater

    From master voice actor Daws Butler, the voice of Yogi Bear, comes a rare collection of radio plays, cartoon scripts, and acting tutorials. Daws Butler’s Halloween Happening by Daws Butler A new production of the classic radio play, this ghostly story was originally written and performed by Daws Butler. Veteran voice actor Joe Bevilacqua teams up with Lorie Kellogg in this new recording, complete with music and sound effects. Scenes from the Daws Butler Workshop  In this series, Joe Bevilacqua presents performances of several scripts Butler wrote for his 1975 acting workshops. Rare Daws Butler by Daws Butler, Stan Freberg, Herschel Bemardi, Shep Menken, and Carol Hemmingway Daws Butler voiced many of Stan Freberg’s greatest comedy records. Here is a hilarious collection of his never-before-released comedy records. Rare Daws Butler, Volume Two by Daws Butler A follow-up to Rare Daws Butler, this second collection features another hour of Butler’s rare comedy recordings. Daws Butler Teaches You Dialects by Daws Butler Voice magician Daws Butler teaches accents and dialects in this radio production. Included in his tutorials are British, Cockney, Irish, Scottish, Italian, Brooklyn, Hindu, German, French, and Southern. Uncle Dunkle and Donnie by Daws Butler and Joe Bevilacqua A collection of imaginative cartoon scripts, this series of thirty-five fables were created by Butler in the 1960s. Here his protégé, Joe Bevilacqua, performs all ninety-seven characters with music and sound effects. Uncle Dunkle and Donnie 2 by Daws Butler and Pedro Pablo Sacrista This second collection of fables features nineteen never-before-released recordings of Daws Butler’s stories, as well as two new Uncle Dunkle fables. The Christmas That Almost Never Was by Daws Butler It is Christmas Eve at the North Pole when Santa Claus loses his “remembery” and only a child who has been good for 365 days can save Christmas! Written and performed by Butler, this  children’s radio play was recorded in the 1940s.

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    The Daws Butler Collection by various authors, Charles Dawson Butler, Stan Freberg, Herschel Bernardi, Shep Menken, Carol Hemmingway, Joe Bevilacqua, Pedro Pablo Sacristán

    The Daws Butler Collection

    Performed by a full cast
    Produced by Joe Bevilacqua
    17.3 hrs • 7/1/13 • Audio Theater
    Also: CD, MP3 CD
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    10.4 hrs • 9/15/2011 • Audio Theater

    Eight highly diverse works from one of America’s most prolific and versatile authors, this collection includes an exclusive dramatization of Oates’ bestselling novel American Appetites; two comedic plays, The Perfectionist and The Truth Teller; four short stories, “Gulf War,” “Black,” “The Key,” and “Tone Clusters;” as well as her libretto for Black Water: An American Opera, composed by John Duffy. American Appetites: The façade of an affluent suburban couple crumbles under the weight of tragedy and scandal in this exclusive dramatization of Joyce Carol Oates’ bestselling novel. Cast: Lisa Akey, Keith Carradine, Alastair Duncan, Paul Eiding, Anna Gunn, Dan Lauria, Jean Louisa Kelly, Frank Muller, B. J. Ward, Elizabeth Ward Land, Liza Weil, and Tegan West. The Truth Teller: Joyce Carol Oates’ hilarious take-off on a classic Southern play begins when liberated Hedda arrives home to visit the family estate, ruled by the family’s tyrannical patriarch, “Tiny” Culligan.Cast: Charles Durning, Arthur Hanket, Gary Kroeger, Marsha Mason, Priscilla Pointer, William Schallert, and JoBeth Williams. The Perfectionist: Joyce Carol Oates turns her satiric eye to Tobias Harte, a man obsessed with perfection in everything from ethics to egg salad. Rollicking comedy ensues as Harte struggles with his highly imperfect family and friends. Cast: Barbara Bosson, Annabeth Gish, Harold Gould, Valerie Landsburg, David Schwimmer, and David Selby. “Black” (one-act play): In this evening of cocktails and dinner, a couple anxiously awaits the arrival of an ex-husband. As the wine glasses are drained, the evening becomes dark and intense, revealing the true colors of the characters in this eerie love triangle.Cast: Stephanie Dunnam, Rif Hutton, and Joe Spano. “Gulf War” (one-act play): An affluent young couple entertains an older couple for an evening of cocktails and politics during the Gulf War. But as the evening continues, the conversation takes a bizarre and absurd tone.Cast: Edward Asner, Stephanie Dunnam, Nan Martin, and Joe Spano. “The Key” (one-act play): A hilarious perverse encounter between Melissa, a vacationing suburban housewife, recently separated from her husband, and Edwin, a prosperous businessman.Cast: Edward Asner, Hector Elizondo, Don Reed, Joyce Van Patten, and JoBeth Williams. “Tone Clusters” (one-act play): A chilling tragicomedy that takes the form of an interview between a middle-aged, middle-class American couple and the media. Cast: Edward Asner, Hector Elizondo, Don Reed, Joyce Van Patten, and JoBeth Williams. Black Water: An American Opera: A tragic and beautiful opera based on the Chappaquiddick scandal. Libretto by Joyce Carol Oates, with music by John Duffy.Cast: David Lee Brewer, Reid Bruton, Stephanie Buckley, Karen Burlingame, Kimberly Graham, Linda Kerns, Erin Langston, Patrick Mason, John Savarese, and Rob Shacklett.

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    The Joyce Carol Oates Collection

    10.4 hrs • 9/15/11 • Audio Theater
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    13.1 hrs • 11/25/2010 • Audio Theater

    Eight of George Bernard Shaw's most memorable plays in one splendid collection: Mrs. Warren’s Profession: Shaw pits a clever heroine against a memorable gallery of rogues in this superbly intelligent and still shocking comedy, which was banned for eight years from the English stage after its London debut. Performed by Shirley Knight, et al. Arms and the Man: The beautiful, headstrong Raina awaits her fiancé’s return from battle – but instead meets a soldier who seeks asylum in her bedroom. Performed by Anne Heche, et al. Candida: Shaw’s warm and witty play challenged conventional wisdom about relationships between the sexes, as a beautiful wife must choose between the two men who love her. Performed by JoBeth Williams, et al. The Devil’s Disciple: A young hero who disdains heroism makes the ultimate sacrifice for honor and country during the American Revolution. Performed by Richard Dreyfuss, et al. Major Barbara: This sparkling comedy traverses family relations, religion, ethics and politics - as only Shaw, the master dramatist, can! Performed by Kate Burton, Roger Rees, et al. The Doctor’s Dilemma: A well-respected physician is forced to choose whom he shall save: a bumbling friend or the ne’er-do-well husband of the woman he loves. Performed by Martin Jarvis, Paxton Whitehead, et al. Misalliance: A self-made millionaire and his family invite their future in-law for a visit to their estate. In this delightfully clever play, issues of gender, class, politics, and family are all targets for Shaw’s keen wit. Performed by Roger Rees, Eric Stoltz, et al. Pygmalion: Shaw’s beloved play about an irascible speech professor who decides to mold a Cockney flower girl into the darling of high society. Performed by Shannon Cochran, et al.

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    The George Bernard Shaw Collection

    13.1 hrs • 11/25/10 • Audio Theater
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    17.4 hrs • 9/25/2010 • Audio Theater

    Ten essential plays by Neil Simon, one of the world’s most celebrated, translated, and widely performed playwrights Barefoot in the Park: Newlyweds move into a new apartment with no furniture, the wrong paint, a leaking skylight, and wacky neighbors. This classic comedy is performed by Laura Linney, Eric Stoltz, and others. The Odd Couple: Two legendarily mismatched roommates bring down the house in this classic comedy by America’s most successful playwright. This play is performed by Dan Castellaneta, Nathan Lane, and others. Plaza Suite: This hilarious comedy follows three brief encounters in the same suite at the famed Plaza Hotel in New York City. It is performed by Ed Asner, Richard Dreyfuss, and others. The Prisoner of Second Avenue: Fast-moving dialog with nonstop Simon quips and jokes is performed extremely well by two fine actors—Richard Dreyfuss and Marsha Mason. California Suite: Four couples separately inhabit the same Beverly Hills hotel suite, bringing along their problems, anxieties, and comical marital dilemmas. This play is performed by Dennis Boutsikaris, Bruce Davison, Marsha Mason, and Amy Pietz. Chapter Two: Comedy and pathos mingle brilliantly in this portrait of a widowed novelist who fears he’ll never love again. This play is performed by David Dukes, Sharon Gless, Gates McFadden, and Grant Shaud. Brighton Beach Memoirs: In Simon’s first installment of his darkly funny, semiautobiographical Eugene trilogy, we meet his family in 1930s Brooklyn. This is performed by Jonathan Silverman and others. Biloxi Blues: This second hilarious installment of the trilogy follows a naïve Eugene Jerome through boot camp and is performed by Justine Bateman and others. Broadway Bound: In the final installment of the trilogy, Eugene and his brother, Stanley, pair up to break into the world of comedy writing. This installment is performed by Dan Castellaneta and others. Lost in Yonkers: Set in Yonkers, New York, in 1942, two boys, aged thirteen and sixteen, must spend one year with their austere and demanding grandmother. This play is performed by Dan Castellaneta and others.

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    The Neil Simon Collection

    Performed by a full cast
    17.4 hrs • 9/25/10 • Audio Theater
    0 reviews 0 5 5 5 out of 5 stars 5/5
    Also: Digital Rental
  8. 10.1 hrs • 8/25/2010 • Audio Theater

    Six phenomenally sophisticated Noël Coward comedies: Fallen Angels: Julia and Fred and Willy and Jane are happily married and the best of friends until a postcard arrives with news of the imminent arrival of a certain handsome Frenchman—gay, debonair, and utterly sophisticated. This is performed by Annette Bening and others. Hay Fever: A country house weekend goes haywire when the guests and their hosts play a game of romantic musical chairs. This is performed by Eric Stoltz and others. Private Lives: On the French Riviera, the lights of a yacht are reflected in the water and in the eyes of four hilariously mismatched lovers. Perhaps Coward’s greatest comedy, Private Lives shimmers with romance, desire, and bittersweet truth. This is performed by Rosalind Ayres and others. Design for Living: Three terminally stylish friends attempt to uncoil their twisted love triangle in this sexy and scandalous gem. Written in 1932, the play was deemed extremely daring. Here it is performed by Michelle Arthur and others. Present Laughter: Stage star Garry Essendine struggles to plan his trip to Africa while his flat is invaded by a love struck ingénue, an adulterous producer, a married seductress, Garry’s estranged wife Liz, and an aspiring playwright who is quite, quite mad. This is performed by Ian Oglivy, Yeardley Smith, and others. Blithe Spirit: A convivial evening party among friends is transformed when a séance conjures the ghost of Elvira, the host’s first wife, who delights in wreaking havoc among the living. This is performed by Rosalind Ayres, Ian Ogilvy, and others. Exclusive bonus material: Two rarely-performed shorts by Noël Coward, Design for Rehearsing and Age Cannot Wither, as well as conversations on Coward with Barry Day (Noel Coward Foundation) and John Lahr (New Yorker).

    Available Formats: Download

    The Noël Coward Collection

    Performed by a full cast
    10.1 hrs • 8/25/10 • Audio Theater
  9. 12.5 hrs • 12/1/2007 • Audio Theater

    With an all-star cast including Stacy Keach, Helen Hunt, Edward Asner, Ted Danson, and Richard Dreyfuss, this epic tale of the booming 1920s uniquely captures the relentless culture of American business. Babbitt is a true classic about conformity in small town America—celebrated for its comic tone, satire, and vivid dialogue. The play is based on Sinclair Lewis’ novel, first published in 1922. This L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance features, in addition to those already named, Rene Auberjonois, Bonnie Bedelia, Ed Begley Jr., Georgia Brown, Roscoe Lee Browne, Jack Coleman, Bud Cort, William Devane, Hector Elizondo, Fionnula Flanagan, Robert Foxworth, Harry Hamlin, Julie Harris, Amy Irving, John Lithgow, Nan Martin, Marsha Mason, Richard Masur, Marian Mercer, Joanna Miles, Holly Palance, Judge Reinhold, Franklyn Seales, David Selby, Ally Sheedy, Madolyn Smith, James Whitmore, JoBeth Williams, and Michael York.

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  10. 11.5 hrs • 11/1/2007 • Audio Theater

    Stacy Keach stars in this shocking tale of a Polk Street dentist and his wife in 1899 San Francisco. Frank Norris’ powerful insights into the depths of the human soul make this a story of compelling narrative force. This seminal novel about murder, obsession and the destructive effects of greed features an all-star cast including Stacy Keach, Edward Asner, Ed Begley Jr., Hector Elizondo, Helen Hunt, Marsha Mason, and many more. This is an LA Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring Ed Asner, René Auberjonois, Ed Begley Jr., Georgia Brown, Jack Coleman, Bud Cort, Judy Ann Elder, Hector Elizondo, Fionnula Flanagan, Teri Garr, Katherine Helmond, Howard Hessman, Helen Hunt, Amy Irving, Carol Kane, Stacy Keach, Sara Kessler, Nan Martin, Richard Masur, Marsha Mason, Rue McLanahan, Marian Mercer, Judd Nelson, Holly Palance, Judge Reinhold, Franklin Seales, David Selby, Joe Spano, Madeleine Smith, JoBeth Williams, Michael York, and Harris Yulen.

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    Based on the novel by Frank Norris
    Read by a full cast
    11.5 hrs • 11/1/07 • Audio Theater
    Also: Digital Rental
  11. 10.0 hrs • 2/1/2003 • Unabridged

    Here, in gorgeous, tender, and lyrical prose, Smith tells the story of a life shaped by Shakespeare’s poetry. Melding tragedy and comedy, he gracefully weaves together the stories of his bittersweet childhood, his struggle to help his parents care for his handicapped sister, his early experience as Hamlet’s dresser for the Shakespeare festival, his poignant experiences teaching Shakespeare to seniors, and dozens of illuminating scenes from Shakespeare’s plays. Hamlet’s Dresser is a redemptive memoir of a man made whole by art and an intimate encounter with the plays and sonnets that will make readers fall in love with Shakespeare again, or for the first time.

    Available Formats: CD, MP3 CD

    Hamlet’s Dresser

    Read by Bob Smith
    10.0 hrs • 2/1/03 • Unabridged
    Also: MP3 CD
  12. 11.7 hrs • 10/1/2002 • Audio Theater

    Blackstone Audio is proud to present seven great plays in a collection that illustrates the development of European drama from ancient times to the threshold of the modern theater: Medea by Euripides, The Tempest by Shakespeare, The Imaginary Invalid by Molière, Camille by Dumas, An Enemy of the People by Ibsen, Arms and the Man by Shaw, and Uncle Vanya by Chekhov. A superb repertory company with distinguished guest artists has been assembled here, under the direction of veteran producer Yuri Rasovsky, who has won both an Audie Award for book production and the George Foster Peabody Award for broadcasting. These full performances use all the resources of audio to full advantage while keeping the substance of the works intact, resulting in both greater intimacy and lively theatrics.

    Available Formats: Download, CD, MP3 CD, Digital Rental
    Seven Classic Plays by William Shakespeare, Alexandre Dumas fils, George Bernard Shaw, Anton Chekhov, Euripedes, Molière, Henrik Ibsen, various authors

    Seven Classic Plays

    Produced and directed by Yuri Rasovsky
    Read by a full cast
    11.7 hrs • 10/1/02 • Audio Theater
    Also: CD, MP3 CD, Digital Rental
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