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  1. 11.3 hrs • 3/14/2017 • Unabridged

    Clark's Harbor was the perfect coastal haven, jealously guarded against outsiders. But now strangers have come to settle there. And a small boy is suddenly free of a frenzy that had gripped him since birth.... His sister is haunted by fearful visions.... And one by one, in violent, mysterious ways the strangers are dying. Never the townspeople. Only the strangers. Has a dark bargain been struck between the people of Clark's Harbor and some supernatural force? Or is it the sea itself calling out for a human sacrifice? A howling, deadly... Cry for the Strangers.

    Available Formats: Download

    Cry for the Strangers

    11.3 hrs • 3/14/17 • Unabridged
  2. 13.3 hrs • 3/14/2017 • Unabridged

    Something is happening to the children of Eastbury, Massachusetts.... Something that causes healthy babies to turn cold in their cribs. Something that strikes at the heart of every parent's darkest fears. Something unexplained that is taking the children, one by one. Sally Montgomery has just lost her beautiful little baby girl. Lucy and Jim Corliss, bitterly divorced, have been reunited by the sudden disappearance of their son. An entire town waits on the edge of panic for the next child to be taken. They all know there must be a reason for the terror. But no one ever expected...The God Project.

    Available Formats: Download

    The God Project

    13.3 hrs • 3/14/17 • Unabridged
  3. 11.3 hrs • 3/14/2017 • Unabridged

    From the blood of the past, evil rises to seek undying vengeance... Prairie Bend. Brilliant summers amid golden fields. Killing winters of razorlike cold. A peaceful, neighborly village, darkened by legends of death? Who is Nathaniel? For a hundred years, the people of Prairie Bend have whispered the name in wonder and fear. Some say he is simply a folk tale - a legend created to frighten children on cold winter nights. Some swear he is a terrifying spirit returned to avenge the past. And soon...very soon...some will come to believe that Nathaniel lives still - darkly, horrifyingly real. Nathaniel. For young Michael Hall, newly arrived in isolated Prairie Bend after having lost his father to a sudden tragic accident, Nathaniel is the voice that calls him across the prairie night...the voice that draws him into the shadowy depths of the old, crumbling barn where he has been forbidden to go...the voice - chanting, compelling - he will follow faithfully beyond the edge of terror...Nathaniel.

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    11.3 hrs • 3/14/17 • Unabridged
  4. 13.9 hrs • 3/14/2017 • Unabridged

    Italy, 1252 Inquisition. Accusation. Fear. Torture. The guilty and the innocent dying for sins real and imagined, in the flames of the burning stake.… Neilsville, 1978 Peter Balsam has come to this sleepy desert town to teach its youth, and finds a mystery of mounting horror. Something is happening to the young girls of St. Francis Xavier High School—something evil. In bloodlet and terror a suicide contagion has swept the town…while a dark order of its holy men enacts a secret medieval ritual. Is hysteria manipulating these innocent children into violent self-destruction? Or has a supernatural force, a thirteenth-century madness, returned to…Punish the Sinners?

    Available Formats: Download

    Punish the Sinners

    13.9 hrs • 3/14/17 • Unabridged
  5. 10.3 hrs • 3/14/2017 • Unabridged

    The children were waiting. Waiting for centuries. Waiting for someone to hear their cries. Now nine-year-old Christie Lyons has come to live in the house on the hill - the house where no children have lived for fifty years. Now little Christie will sleep in the old-fashioned nursery on the third floor. Now Christie’s terror will begin…When the Wind Blows the children must die!

    Available Formats: Download

    When the Wind Blows

    10.3 hrs • 3/14/17 • Unabridged
  6. 19.4 hrs • 2/9/2017 • Unabridged

    Best-selling author Tananarive Due’s novels about a colony of immortals have won widespread acclaim, including an American Book Award for The Living Blood. The story continues in Blood Colony, as 17-year-old immortal Fana goes on the run from her own parents—only to be hunted by a group with ties to the Vatican.

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  7. 0.8 hrs • 2/8/2017 • Unabridged

    You’d do anything to protect your child, wouldn’t you? So would Howard Dougan. So much so that he moves his family from the big city to live in an old house on an island in the middle of a lake. He thinks they’ll be safe there. There are memories on the island, but do they belong to the house, or do they belong to the Dougans? Howard doesn’t realize that a secret is being kept from him, and when he does, it’s far too late.

    Available Formats: Download

    The Haunting

    0.8 hrs • 2/8/17 • Unabridged
  8. 28.5 hrs • 2/7/2017 • Unabridged

    The men on board HMS Terror have every expectation of finding the Northwest Passage. When the expedition’s leader, Sir John Franklin, meets a terrible death, Captain Francis Crozier takes command and leads his surviving crewmen on a last, desperate attempt to flee south across the ice. But as another winter approaches, as scurvy and starvation grow more terrible, and as the Terror on the ice stalks them southward, Crozier and his men begin to fear there is no escape. A haunting, gripping story based on actual historical events, The Terror is a novel that will chill you to your core.

    Available Formats: Download, CD

    The Terror

    28.5 hrs • 2/7/17 • Unabridged
    Also: CD
  9. 5.8 hrs • 2/7/2017 • Unabridged

    Jeremy works at the Video Hut in Nevada, Iowa. It’s a small town in the center of the state—the first a in Nevada pronounced ay. This is the late 1990s, and even if the Hollywood Video in Ames poses an existential threat to Video Hut, there are still regular customers, a rush in the late afternoon. It’s good enough for Jeremy: it’s a job, quiet and predictable, and it gets him out of the house, where he lives with his dad and where they both try to avoid missing Mom, who died six years ago in a car wreck. But when a local schoolteacher comes in to return her copy of Targets—an old movie, starring Boris Karloff, one Jeremy himself had ordered for the store—she has an odd complaint: “There’s something on it,” she says, but doesn’t elaborate. Two days later, a different customer returns a different tape, a new release, and says it’s not defective, exactly, but altered: “There’s another movie on this tape.” Jeremy doesn’t want to be curious, but he brings the movies home to take a look. And, indeed, in the middle of each movie, the screen blinks dark for a moment and the movie is replaced by a few minutes of jagged, poorly lit home video. The scenes are odd and sometimes violent, dark, and deeply disquieting. There are no identifiable faces, no dialogue or explanation—the first video has just the faint sound of someone breathing— but there are some recognizable landmarks. These have been shot just outside of town. So begins John Darnielle’s haunting and masterfully unsettling Universal Harvester: the once placid Iowa fields and farmhouses now sinister and imbued with loss and instability and profound foreboding. The audiobook will take Jeremy and those around him deeper into this landscape than they have ever expected to go. They will become part of a story that unfolds years into the past and years into the future, part of an impossible search for something someone once lost that they would do anything to regain. This program is read by the author and includes original music.

    Available Formats: CD, Download

    Universal Harvester

    5.8 hrs • 2/7/17 • Unabridged
    Also: Download
  10. 10.3 hrs • 1/24/2017

    Evil is raging on the 20th floor of an apartment building on the West Side. In an open window, a hideous blind nun perpetually gazing…watching. A body, burned beyond recognition. Then two more murders…strangely connected. And the discoverer, a beautiful young woman, raped. Her innocent child exposed to horror. Her husband, furious, relentlessly set on revenge. A cool, calculating, laughing priest intent on saving more lives from the destruction. And so it begins…powerful, satanic, terrifying…a time you will never forget.

    Available Formats: Download

    The Guardian

    10.3 hrs • 1/24/17
  11. 3.7 hrs • 1/20/2017 • Unabridged

    Ben Graham dreams of monsters. He has done ever since he witnessed his mother’s murder as a child.All too soon, Ben will become such a monster, as he plots to kill the man who took her life. But Ben will discover that not only are there real monsters out there…He will learn that he is uniquely qualified to destroy them. Because Ben’s blood is not like everyone else’s.It’s alive.And it has a ravenous hunger that can’t be sated. In The Blood is a serialised novel, told in four parts over March-June 2017.

    Available Formats: Download

    The Blood Lives

    3.7 hrs • 1/20/17 • Unabridged
  12. 0 reviews 0 5 4 4 out of 5 stars 4/5
    14.5 hrs • 1/17/2017 • Unabridged

    East Antarctica: the coldest, most desolate location on earth. Two-and-a-half miles below the ice cap is Vostok, a six-thousand square mile liquid lake, over a thousand feet deep, left untouched for more than fifteen million years. Now, marine biologist Zachary Wallace and two other scientists aboard a submersible tethered to a laser will journey thirteen thousand feet beneath the ice into this unexplored realm to discover Mesozoic life-forms long believed extinct—and an object of immense power responsible for the evolution of modern man. In this sequel to The Loch and prequel to Meg: Nightstalkers, New York Times bestselling author Steve Alten offers readers a crossover novel that features characters from two of his most popular series.

    Available Formats: Download, CD, MP3 CD, Digital Rental
    Vostok by Steve Alten


    14.5 hrs • 1/17/17 • Unabridged
    0 reviews 0 5 4 4 out of 5 stars 4/5
    Also: CD, MP3 CD, Digital Rental
  13. 7.2 hrs • 1/17/2017 • Unabridged

    Carl Streator, a 40-something widower and newspaper reporter, has lived a reclusive life since the death of his wife. His latest assignment is to write a series of articles on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. In doing so, he discovers that there is an underlying commonality in the deaths. A children’s book, Poems and Rhymes Around the World, containing an African Death chant, is found at the scene of the cases he investigates. Having read the chant aloud, he quickly realizes the lethal power of the words. As he fights against its powerful grip, which has turned him into a serial killer, he enlists the aid of some eccentric compatriots who vow to rid every library and bookstore of the deadly text before further lives are jeopardized. But what begins as a crusade to save lives soon becomes the ultimate game of cat and mouse, as they uncover the truth about the rhyme and are hunted by the force holding Streator captive.

    Available Formats: Download


    7.2 hrs • 1/17/17 • Unabridged
  14. 3.2 hrs • 1/10/2017 • Unabridged

    “A wonderful nightmare of a book: tender and frightening, disturbing but compassionate. Fever Dream is a triumph of Schweblin’s outlandish imagination.”–Juan Gábriel Vasquez, author of The Sound of Things Falling and ReputationsA young woman named Amanda lies dying in a rural hospital clinic. A boy named David sits beside her. She’s not his mother. He’s not her child. Together, they tell a haunting story of broken souls, toxins, and the power and desperation of family. Fever Dream is a nightmare come to life, a ghost story for the real world, a love story and a cautionary tale. One of the freshest new voices to come out of the Spanish language and translated into English for the first time, Samanta Schweblin creates an aura of strange psychological menace and otherworldly reality in this absorbing, unsettling, taut novel.

    Available Formats: Download

    Fever Dream

    Translated by Megan McDowell
    3.2 hrs • 1/10/17 • Unabridged
  15. 16.0 hrs • 1/10/2017 • Unabridged

    An all-new epic tale of terror and redemption set in the hinterlands of midcentury New Mexico from the acclaimed author of The Troop—which Stephen King raved “scared the hell out of me and I couldn’t put it down...old-school horror at its best.”From electrifying horror author Nick Cutter comes a haunting new novel, reminiscent of Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian and Stephen King’s It, in which a trio of mismatched mercenaries is hired by a young woman for a deceptively simple task: check in on her nephew, who may have been taken against his will to a remote New Mexico backwoods settlement called Little Heaven. Shortly after they arrive, things begin to turn ominous. Stirrings in the woods and over the treetops—the brooding shape of a monolith known as the Black Rock casts its terrible pall. Paranoia and distrust grips the settlement. The escape routes are gradually cut off as events spiral towards madness. Hell—or the closest thing to it—invades Little Heaven. The remaining occupants are forced to take a stand and fight back, but whatever has cast its dark eye on Little Heaven is now marshaling its powers...and it wants them all.

    Available Formats: Download

    Little Heaven

    16.0 hrs • 1/10/17 • Unabridged
  16. 4.2 hrs • 1/1/2016 • Unabridged

    From the team that brought you Spirit Animals and Tombquest, the second installment in the exciting series that invites you to step inside the ghost story! The spooky, second installment of the exciting Shadow House series! Confidential until Fall 2016.

    Available Formats: Download

    You Can’t Hide

    4.2 hrs • 1/1/17 • Unabridged
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