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  1. 11.9 hrs • 12/31/1970 • Unabridged

    In the American heartland, someone is killing cops. The ambush exploded in an Iowa marijuana field. The weapons were high caliber. The pot was high grade. And the reporters said afterward: “We have two known dead…” Deputy Sheriff Carl Houseman knew the dead all right: One was a small-time doper, the other a good cop. But Houseman doesn’t know why they died, or who cut them down in a blaze of automatic rifle fire. Now, as the Feds descend on Nation County, Houseman and his fellow cops are suddenly walking point, searching for answers amidst the violence, treachery, and evil in their own backyard.

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    Known Dead

    11.9 hrs • 12/31/69 • Unabridged
  2. 6.6 hrs • 1/1/1969 • Unabridged

    With his absorbing mystery series, bestselling author Harry Kemelman transports you to the closely knit Jewish community at Barnard’s Crossing, a small city near Boston. Sunday the Rabbi Stayed Home portrays the unassuming Rabbi Small joyously preparing to celebrate Passover. However, the holiday season is marred when local violence, racism, and misplaced pride run amok. Miffed over the sanctuary’s new seating policy, several families are secretly planning to start their own temple in an unoccupied mansion in the country. When some teenagers break into the house for a party—and one ends up dead—the temple plot is interrupted. Suddenly Rabbi Small must discover what really happened, or the whole community will self-destruct. Savvy Rabbi Small combines earthly chutzpah and divine wisdom to solve the mysterious death that has the entire police force befuddled. Personally approved for this unabridged recording by the author’s estate, veteran narrator George Guidall breathes life into the persistent rabbi and his ambitious congregants.

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  3. 7.4 hrs • 1/1/1965 • Unabridged

    In his hugely popular series, bestselling author Harry Kemelman creates well-crafted mysteries filled with slice-of-life characters and fascinating Hebrew rituals. Saturday the Rabbi Went Hungry pulls you into the Jewish community at Barnard’s Crossing, which has just been thrown into disarray over the unexplained death of one of its members. As Rabbi Small and his temple congregation solemnly prepare for Yom Kippur, a non-practicing member is found dead behind the wheel of his car—in his own garage. The police call the death an accident, and the insurance company insists that it’s suicide. But Miriam, Rabbi Small’s wife, believes the mishap could only be cold-blooded murder. With his congregants splitting over the possible cause, the young rabbi must discover the truth or forfeit all hope for peace in the temple. Turning to the Talmud for divine logic, Rabbi Small discovers order in the midst of the most muddled events. Veteran narrator George Guidall, personally approved for this unabridged recording by the author’s estate, provides the perfect voice for the determined rabbi as he faces the divided Jewish community.

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  4. 6.5 hrs • 12/1/1964 • Unabridged

    Rabbi David Small, the new leader of Barnard’s Crossing’s Jewish community, can’t even enjoy his Sabbath without things getting stirred up in a most unorthodox manner. It seems a young nanny has been found strangled, less than a hundred yards from the Temple’s parking lot—and all the evidence points to the rabbi. Add to that the not-so-quiet rumblings of his disgruntled congregation and you might say our inimitable hero needs a miracle from a higher source to save him.

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