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  1. 5.7 hrs • 4/27/2004 • Unabridged

    He was etched by the desert’s howling winds, a big, broad-shouldered man who knew the ways of the Apache and the ways of staying alive. She was a woman alone raising a young son on a remote Arizona ranch. And between Hondo Lane and Angie Lowe was the warrior Vittoro, whose people were preparing to rise against the white men. Now the pioneer woman, the gunman, and the Apache warrior are caught in a drama of love, war, and honor.

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    5.7 hrs • 4/27/04 • Unabridged
  2. 6.9 hrs • 3/1/2004 • Unabridged

    William W. Johnstone is the USA Today bestselling author of more than 125 books, with 10 million copies in print. Johnstone writes about the American frontier and the trials and tribulations of its settlers. The Last Gunfighter series has been especially popular with Western fans throughout the country. In No Man’s Land Frank Morgan, a greatly feared and greatly admired gunslinger, comes to Oklahoma, a lawless territory, with only Dog, his horse Stormy, and his reputation. He’s itching for a fight, but will he be able to find any pardners in this seemingly God-forsaken land?

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  3. 5.0 hrs • 2/17/2004 • Unabridged

    A desperate stand… Trouble was following Flagan Sackett with a vengeance. Captured and tortured by a band of Apaches, he had escaped into the rugged San Juan country, where he would try to stay alive until his brother Galloway could find him. But the brothers were about to find worse trouble ahead. Their plan to establish a ranch angered the Dunn clan, who had decided that the vast range would be theirs alone. Now Galloway and Flagan would face an enemy who killed for sport—but as long as other Sacketts lived, they would not fight alone…

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    5.0 hrs • 2/17/04 • Unabridged
  4. 0 reviews 0 5 4 4 out of 5 stars 4/5
    8.6 hrs • 1/6/2004 • Unabridged

    Best-selling author Ralph Cotton is one of the finest Western novelists writing today. Gunman’s Song is a fast-paced adventure story that begins with tragedy and is propelled forward by the raw lust for revenge. Fast Larry Shaw is a deadly Old West gunman who has taken to the bottle as of late. When he is out drinking and carousing one night, a band of fiends raid his home, robbing and murdering his beloved family. Now Fast Larry is wholly consumed by one fiery impulse—kill them, kill them all.

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    Gunman’s Song

    8.6 hrs • 1/6/04 • Unabridged
    0 reviews 0 5 4 4 out of 5 stars 4/5
  5. 8.5 hrs • 1/1/2004 • Unabridged

    From pre-Civil War Virginia to the prairies of the far west, this epic follows young Lew Dorset as he journeys in search of his father. Lew’s skill with firearms gets him a job as a hunter with a trader heading onto the prairies to barter with the Indians. There he meets young Chuck Morris, and together they take on a Cheyenne attack party. Finding shelter in a Sioux village, they absorb the native culture. Lew comes to know the great Sioux chieftains, becoming blood brothers with Sitting Wolf, while Chuck marries the beautiful maiden Zintcallasappa. After Lew plays a decisive role in a battle between the Sioux and Pawnee, he returns to find that Chuck has deserted his wife and son. His attempts to reconcile them culminate in great danger and, ultimately, a threat to his life.

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    Beyond the Outposts by Max Brand

    Beyond the Outposts

    Produced and directed by Yuri Rasovsky
    8.5 hrs • 1/1/04 • Unabridged
    Also: CD, MP3 CD, Digital Rental
  6. 6.2 hrs • 1/1/2004 • Unabridged

    USA Today bestselling author William W. Johnstone has crafted nearly 200 thrilling books, including his popular Last Gunfighter series, which has sold more than 10 million copies. A gritty tale of retribution, Preacher’s Justice captures the brutal violence of everyday life in the Old West. When “Preacher,” the last gunfighter, catches wind that a lady from his past has been murdered in St. Louis, he is enraged. It’s time to leave the wilderness and head to the big city to exact some revenge.

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  7. 11.1 hrs • 12/1/2003 • Unabridged

    Zane Grey wrote this splendidly thrilling sequel to Riders of the Purple Sage in 1915, but for almost ninety years it existed in a profoundly censored version. Young John Shefford, escaping from his troubled past in Illinois, heads west to follow up the curious legend of three people living imprisoned in Utah’s isolated Surprise Valley, one of whom is a beautiful girl named Fay Larkin. Shefford, half in love with the girl he’s never met, is determined to find the valley and free her—if she’s still alive. Shefford is nearly overwhelmed with his experiences of the beauty of the high desert, his first meetings with Indians, his ideas regarding Mormon men and their secret wives, and his encounter with real love, all of which work their changes in him. He comes out a man made true and good, finally freed from the shame he has harbored for so long.

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    The Desert Crucible by Zane Grey

    The Desert Crucible

    Read by Jim Gough
    11.1 hrs • 12/1/03 • Unabridged
    Also: CD, MP3 CD, Digital Rental
  8. 3.4 hrs • 11/4/2003 • Abridged

    No one more vividly captures the rugged majesty and enduring spirit of the American West than Louis L’Amour. Now, collected for the very first time, here are seven frontier tales from a legendary master of the genre. Volume One celebrates this remarkable voice in American fiction with a captivating blend of some of his best-beloved work. Listeners are brought face-to-face with heroism in a most unexpected place in “The Gift of Cochise,” as a single mother faces down an Apache war party. “Desperate Men” follows four escaped convicts running a gauntlet of double and triple crosses in a hunt for gold that will leave only one of them alive. In “Skull and the Arrow,” a beaten man finds the strength to confront his enemies in the discovery of a simple arrowhead. In “Marshal of Canyon Gap,” a new face in town means nothing but trouble to Marshal McLane—not only for Canyon Cap, but for the secret he’s kept for too many years. In “The Defense of Sentinel,” a whiskey-soaked drunk wakes to find that he’s only hope for a town surrounded by marauders. “Let the Cards Decide” is the story of a woman whose future hangs on the outcome of a card game, and the adventures continue with “Home is the Hunter,” the tale of a hardened gunfighter and the little who changes his rough way of life. Brimming with history, unforgettable characters, and the pride of place that his listeners have come to expect, this first volume of The Collected Short Stories of Louis L’Amour is a lasting tribute to one of the greatest short-story writers of all time.

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  9. 4.7 hrs • 10/21/2003 • Unabridged

    In Mustang Man, Louis L’Amour takes Nolan Sackett on a dangerous journey into family betrayal, greed, and murder. When Nolan Sackett met Penelope Hume in a cantina at Borregos Plaza, the girl immediately captured his attention. That she was heir to a lost cache of gold didn’t make her any less desirable. But Penelope isn’t the only one after her grandfather’s treasure; Sylvie, Ralph, and Andrew Karnes, distant relatives with no legal claim to the gold, are obsessed with claiming the Hume fortune for themselves. Their all-consuming sense of entitlement recklessly drives them to ambush and murder. Even if Sackett and Penelope are fortunate enough to escape this deadly trio and find the canyon where the gold is hidden, Indian legend has it that nothing will live there—no birds or insects. They say it is filled with the bones of men.

    Available Formats: Download

    Mustang Man

    4.7 hrs • 10/21/03 • Unabridged
  10. 4.9 hrs • 10/13/2003 • Abridged

    Buck Fletcher headed for Montana’s Two-Bit Creek in order to pay his respects at the graves of his parents. But what awaits him there may land him six feet under as well. First he comes across an unconscious lady bleeding from a head wound. Next he learns that the woman may be a victim in the range war that’s brewing in the territory. Soon Buck finds himself drawn into the escalating conflict—threatened by one side, courted by the other. What the feuding guns don’t realize is that Buck’s guns aren’t for sale—but if anyone gives him trouble, he’ll start shooting lead for free.

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    Showdown at Two Bit Creek

    By Joseph A. West, writing as Ralph Compton
    Read by Terry Evans
    4.9 hrs • 10/13/03 • Abridged
  11. 13.0 hrs • 9/1/2003 • Unabridged

    Named Writer of the Year in 2003 by Wordcraft Circle of Native writers, Win Blevins has built a considerable literary legacy with his novels set in the early 19th-century American heartland. Escaping his life in 1820s Pennsylvania, young Sam Morgan joins the crew of a riverboat. Mixing with an eclectic group of scoundrels and misfits, Sam finds adventure at every turn on the American frontier.

    Available Formats: Download

    So Wild a Dream

    Read by Ed Sala
    13.0 hrs • 9/1/03 • Unabridged
  12. 7.7 hrs • 9/1/2003 • Unabridged

    New York Times and Publishers Weekly bestselling author Robert Vaughan has received a Pulitzer Prize nomination and a Spur Award for his stories set in the Wild West. The day after their welcoming dinner in Blodgett, Texas, Lucy Goodnight’s husband Phil, a bank manager, vanishes, and the bank is robbed. Lucy’s only hope is to turn to her grandfathers—legendary lawmen John Carmack and Charley Dawson—to find Phil and clear his name.

    Available Formats: Download

    The Lawmen

    7.7 hrs • 9/1/03 • Unabridged
  13. 7.6 hrs • 8/27/2003 • Unabridged

    Father Pete Madsen is a man torn by conscience. Ever since the Civil War, he has devoted his life to the church in an attempt to do penance for his bloody deeds of heroism—with his faith as his only weapon against the evils of the world. That faith is tested when his best friend is killed, and the murdered man’s daughter seeks vengeance on her own. Now, Father Pete will have to put aside the cloth, his faith, and his conscience to save her-at the risk of his life…and his soul.

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    7.6 hrs • 8/27/03 • Unabridged
  14. 10.6 hrs • 8/27/2003 • Unabridged

    Although the Alamo fell in the early morning of March 6, 1836, the death of the Alamo defenders has come to symbolize courage and sacrifice for the cause of liberty. The memories of James Bowie, Davy Crockett, and William B. Travis are as powerful today as when the Texan Army routed Santa Anna to the cry “Remember the Alamo!” This book is more than a tribute to those who fell defending the mission. It is a thoroughly researched, vividly illustrated, objective description of the circumstances building up to and leading from that stand. By using contemporary writings, this history describes the political and military organizations of both sides, the weapons and equipment available to them, and the enduringly famous personalities involved, creating a vivid picture of this dramatic battle and the period in which it was fought.

    Available Formats: Download

    The Alamo

    10.6 hrs • 8/27/03 • Unabridged
  15. 6.9 hrs • 8/1/2003 • Unabridged

    The “open range” men are free-grazing cattlemen—those who don’t own land but drive their stock through the country to graze. But Boss Spearman knows that times are changing for the open rangers. Local ranchers are staking claims to grazing areas and building up extensive cattle empires. Boss has no quarrel with the other ranchers, but he won’t be scared off either. When Denton Baxter makes it clear, by killing one man and seriously wounding another, that he intends to drive Boss and his crew out, Boss must make a stand. But getting justice is not going to be easy. Baxter practically owns Marshall Poole, and the townsfolk have no use for free grazers. Boss’ only hope is the circuit-riding judge—if he can stay alive until he arrives.

    Available Formats: Download, CD, MP3 CD, Digital Rental
    Open Range by Lauran Paine

    Open Range

    6.9 hrs • 8/1/03 • Unabridged
    Also: CD, MP3 CD, Digital Rental
  16. 13.7 hrs • 7/22/2003 • Unabridged

    Aaron Latham’s popular Code of the West took its inspiration from Arthurian legend, exchanging cowboys and ranchers for knights and kings. In this rousing sequel, Jimmy Goodnight’s son Percy, or Pyg as he is known, comes of age. Returning to their ranch land in Texas, Pyg and his mother discover their family heirloom ax is missing. Now Pyg’s leading a posse aiming to get it back.

    Available Formats: Download

    The Cowboy with the Tiffany Gun

    13.7 hrs • 7/22/03 • Unabridged
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