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  1. 2.6 hrs • 3/23/2017 • Unabridged

    Autor, crítico y editor de Artes de México, Alberto Ruy Sánchez ha escrito muchos trabajos de ficción y recibió el Premio Xavier Villaurrutia por esta novela. En Los nombres del aire, una mujer joven llamada Fatma explora con deseo su sensibilidad. En Mogador, una ciudad imaginaria en Marruecos, Fatma vaga en un laberinto de erotismo y de placer. Ella encuentra en otros cuerpos lo que desea desesperadamente, un mundo de angustia y de placer fugaz. Alberto Ruy Sánchez es un experto mezclando imágenes místicas árabes con el realismo mágico latino americano, explorar el mundo poético de nuestros deseos íntimos. La narración de Mariana Carreño King cautivará al oyente desde el principio hasta el final.

    Available Formats: Download

    Los nombres del aire

    2.6 hrs • 3/23/17 • Unabridged
  2. 1.5 hrs • 3/15/2017

    Brian Bedford’s hugely successful one-man show is both an actor’s celebration of Shakespeare and an act of Shakespearean scholarship. Bedford explores the emotion and psychology behind Shakespeare the man, as well as Shakespeare the playwright. In amusing, enlightening, and persuasive style—and with the use of quotes from several of Shakespeare’s sonnets, narrative poems, and plays—Bedford uncovers the tragic, the comic, and the passionate guise of perhaps our greatest and most revered playwright. In this recording, Bedford includes selections from The Tempest, As You Like It, Love’s Labour’s Lost, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Hamlet, Henry VI, Twelfth Night, Romeo and Juliet, Measure for Measure, The Tempest, King Lear, The Winter’s Tale, Macbeth, Titus Andronicus, and Richard II. A CBC Broadcast Centre solo performance featuring Brian Bedford. Recorded in front of a live audience at the Glenn Gould Studio, Toronto in March of 1995.

    Available Formats: Download
  3. 1.8 hrs • 3/15/2017 • Audio Theater

    It’s Christmas 1980, and inside a sprawling Upper West Side apartment, Faye Bascov is about to throw an opulent Christmas dinner—a tradition for this secular, well-educated Jewish family. But any family gathering is an invitation for old resentments to boil over, as Faye’s sister-in-law Julie and the extended family have plenty to hash out. Flash-forward to 2000, and the apartment, now much shabbier, reflects how the family’s fortunes have changed, and the Bascovs now have to reckon with the legacy of their family discord. An L.A. Theatre Works full cast performance featuring: Matthew Arkin as Ben Wilson Bethel as Scotty/Tim Dana Delany as Julie Seamus Dever as Jeff Zoe Perry as Shelley/Timmy Susan Sullivan as Faye Peter Van Norden as Mort with Justin Huen as the Voice of Hector Directed by JoBeth Williams. Recorded in Los Angeles before a live audience at The James Bridges Theater, UCLA in November of 2016.

    Available Formats: Download

    The Assembled Parties

    1.8 hrs • 3/15/17 • Audio Theater
  4. 1.7 hrs • 3/15/2017 • Audio Theater

    In a German industrial town, four unemployed and despondent men reenact Roald Amundsen’s turn-of-the-century trek to the South Pole. An L.A. Theatre Works full cast performance featuring: Paul Dillon as Buscher Philip E. Johnson as Slupianek Tracy Letts as Seiffert Rick Peeples as Rudi Dan Rivkin as Braukmann Elaine Rivkin as Braukmann’s wife Kirsten Sahs as Rosi James Schneider as Frankie-Boy Directed by Calvin MacLean. A co-production with Famous Door Theatre Company for Chicago Theaters on the Air. Recorded before a live audience at the Guest Quarters Suite Hotel, Chicago in May of 1994.

    Available Formats: Download

    The Conquest of the South Pole

    1.7 hrs • 3/15/17 • Audio Theater
  5. 2.3 hrs • 3/14/2017 • Unabridged

    This collection is Jamaica Kincaid’s earliest published writings: her inspired, lyrical short stories. These stories plunge the listener gently into another way of perceiving both the physical world and its elusive inhabitants. Her narrative is, by turns, naïvely whimsical and biblical in its assurance, and it speaks of what is partially remembered, partly divined. The memories often concern a childhood in the Caribbean—family, manners, and landscape—as distilled and transformed by Kincaid’s special style and vision. Kincaid leads us to consider, as if for the first time, the powerful ties between mother and child, the beauty and destructiveness of nature, the gulf between the masculine and the feminine, the significance of such familiar things as a house, a cup, a pen. Transfiguring our human form and our surroundings—shedding skin, darkening an afternoon, painting a perfect place—these stories tell us something we didn’t know, in a way we hadn’t expected.

    Available Formats: Download, CD, MP3 CD
    At the Bottom of the River by Jamaica Kincaid

    At the Bottom of the River

    2.3 hrs • 3/14/17 • Unabridged
    Also: CD, MP3 CD
  6. 2.5 hrs • 3/7/2017 • Unabridged

    I know you’re watching me. Confined to a studio apartment, Tricia Celano watches the outside world through a flying drone. But when her high-tech toy records a vicious murder, she’s determined to track down the killer—a killer who knows she’s being watched.

    Available Formats: CD, Download

    The Shut-In

    By James Patterson, with Duane Swierczynski
    2.5 hrs • 3/7/17 • Unabridged
    Also: Download
  7. 1.9 hrs • 3/7/2017 • Unabridged

    The Mayor of Zalamea (Spanish: El Alcalde de Zalamea) is a play written by Pedro Calderón de la Barca (1600–1681) during the Golden Age of Spanish drama. It was probably written in 1636. It pays homage to a play by the same name by Lope de Vega, which it surpassed in fame through its superior character development, becoming one of the most well-known plays of its time. This play has three acts that explore the power of the self-made man against the political authorities of 17th century Spanish society, and the continuous struggle between corporate and individual honor.

    Available Formats: Download

    El Alcalde de Zalamea

    1.9 hrs • 3/7/17 • Unabridged
  8. 1.5 hrs • 3/4/2017 • Unabridged

    Mariella Montague has grown up surrounded by wealth and privilege, but she has a kind heart and a generous spirit. When she is not volunteering her services and her allowance to charitable events though, she often feels out of step with her world. When her world crumbles around her she takes the bold step of moving to Montana, where she unexpectedly finds a true home and the answers that were always out of reach. Will Shepton is new to Silver River, but as a hardworking blacksmith his talents are in great demand. But, though his good friend Harry lives nearby he begins to crave companionship and the love of his own family.

    Available Formats: Download
  9. 1.8 hrs • 2/22/2017 • Unabridged

    Esta es la receta, sabia y con un toque do ironía, para vivir mucho mejor el resto de nuestra vida. Desde ya, es la del autor, y usted puede adoptarla o no. Si no lo hace, no nos diga que no le avisamos. Sí, sí, lo sabemos. Usted está harto de las guías que ofrecen diez reglas infalibles para vivir como Dios manda, de las reglas que le enseñaron sus padres, sus tíos, sus profesores e incluso su mejor amigo. Porque usted ya ha vivido lo suficiente como para saber que esas reglas no funcionan del todo bien Roger Rosenblatt, ganador de varios premios periodísticos y literarios, también tiene experiencia suficiente para reunir no diez sino cincuenta y ocho reglas que nos permitirán vivir el resto de nuestra vida sin complicaciones. Muchas de estas reglas harán fruncir la nariz a la gente seria y circunspecta, que tachará a su autor de cínico irredimible. Pero no creemos que a Roger le preocupe ningún arrebato de ira sagrada, ya que una de sus reglas es precisamente " No importa” . Una regla que sintetiza el resto: no te hagas tantos problemas, y vivirás más y mejor. Facíl de decir, difícil de hacer Dele una oportunidad a esta guía y dese usted mismo otra oportunidad. Se sentirá identificado con muchas de las situaciones con las que Roger ejemplifica sus máximas y se reconocerá en muchas de estas tonterías que todos cometemos, sobre todo cuando sufrimos algún ataqie de buenas intenciones. Este es un libro para saborear, soureir, releer y que—estamos seguros—recomendará a su mejor amigo.

    Available Formats: Download

    Guía irreverente para la vida

    1.8 hrs • 2/22/17 • Unabridged
  10. 1.8 hrs • 2/15/2017

    Based on a real-life event, a monied client at a progressive law firm pressures the partners to drop a pro bono case they passionately believe in. Will they choose the easy path to preserve their business or keep fighting for what they believe is right? An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance starring: Michael Gross as Bennett Sean Sinitski as Hal and others Bob Adrian as Abe Ned Schmidtke as Del Tony Mockus Jr. as Pete and others Scott Lowell as Carter and Kyle Gary Houston as Max and Laird Suzanne Petri as Margo and Becky Lisa Dodson as Beth Rengin Altay as Christine Scott Heckman as Lane Directed by Brian Russell and recorded before a live audience at the Guest Quarters Suite Hotel in Chicago. A co-production with Northlight Theatre. Sound Effects Artist, Scott Heckman. Production Stage Manager, Jan Watson. Recording Engineers, Larry Rock and Chris WIllis. Radio Producer, Robert Neuhaus.

    Available Formats: Download

    Buying Time

    1.8 hrs • 2/15/17
  11. 1.5 hrs • 2/15/2017 • Unabridged

    Camille Germain is a newcomer to America. Fresh off the boat and still not sure of her footing. A chance encounter brought her moderate fame, an old family friend helped her to accept who she truly was and what she really wanted. But will a complete stranger be the one to finally give her everything she has ever craved? Harry Whitton has always been a nomad. The saloons and stables of every town in the country have been his home as he drove his stage coach the length and breadth of every state. But no more. Fed up with his life, he settles in the small town of Silver River, determined to make his land pay. Though he is lonely he knows he cannot afford a wife, but can he really afford not to have one either?

    Available Formats: Download
  12. 2.4 hrs • 2/15/2017 • Audio Theater

    The classic Robert Louis Stevenson tale of pirates, buried treasure, and adventure on the bounding main! Join Jim as he tells of his experiences at sea with the legendary pirate Long John Silver as they seek Captain Flint's buried gold! A multi-cast, fully soundscaped audio drama presented in five episodes.

    Available Formats: Download

    Treasure Island

    2.4 hrs • 2/15/17 • Audio Theater
  13. 1.7 hrs • 2/15/2017 • Unabridged

    Three prominent Americans debate the merits of unchecked immigration, national security, and civil rights. While it sounds like a contemporary, made-for-TV event, this confrontation takes place in 1799, with three of America’s Founding Fathers as participants: Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and Aaron Burr. Legendary radio dramatist Norman Corwin created this imagined discussion from the participants’ actual writings—proving that when it comes to politics, some things never change. An L.A. Theatre Works full cast performance featuring: JD Cullum as Aaron Burr GregoryHarrison as Thomas Jefferson/Mr. PendletonHenri Lubatti as Pickering/OthersBrian Tichnell as Alexander Hamilton/BarnabyDirected by Alexis Jacknow Recorded in Los Angeles before a live audience at The James Bridges Theater, UCLA in October of 2016.

    Available Formats: Download

    Together Tonight

    Directed by Alexis Jacknow
    1.7 hrs • 2/15/17 • Unabridged
  14. 2.6 hrs • 2/14/2017

    Before Isaac Newton became the father of physics, an accomplished mathematician, or a leader of the scientific revolution, he was a boy living in an apothecary’s house, observing and experimenting, recording his observations of the world in a tiny notebook. As a young genius living in a time before science as we know it existed, Isaac studied the few books he could get his hands on, built handmade machines, and experimented with alchemy, a process of chemical reactions that seemed (at the time) to be magical. Mary Losure’s riveting narrative nonfiction account of Isaac’s early life traces his development as a thinker from his childhood, in friendly prose that will capture the attention of today’s budding scientists—as if by magic.

    Available Formats: Download

    Isaac the Alchemist

    2.6 hrs • 2/14/17
  15. 1.4 hrs • 2/12/2017 • Unabridged

    This volume offers a contrasting selection of stories and tales from the master of psychology Fyodor Dostoyevsky and heart warming story teller Beatrix Potter. The collection includes: An Honest Thief, The Peasant Marey by Fyodor Dostoyevsky; The Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies by Beatrix Potter. Read in English, unabridged.

    Available Formats: Download

    Fairy Tales for Adults Volume 7

    1.4 hrs • 2/12/17 • Unabridged
  16. 2.7 hrs • 2/7/2017 • Unabridged

    Bangalore, present day. A young man’s close-knit family is nearly destitute when his uncle founds a successful spice company, changing their fortunes overnight. As they move from a cramped, ant-infested shack to a larger house and try to adjust to a new way of life, allegiances realign; marriages are arranged and begin to falter; and conflict brews ominously in the background. Things become “ghachar ghochar”—a nonsense phrase uttered by one of the characters that comes to mean something tangled beyond repair, a knot that can’t be untied. Elegantly written and punctuated by moments of unexpected warmth and humor, Ghachar Ghochar is a quietly enthralling, deeply unsettling novel about the shifting meanings—and consequences—of financial gain in contemporary India.

    Available Formats: Download, CD, MP3 CD
    Ghachar Ghochar by Vivek Shanbhag

    Ghachar Ghochar

    Translated by Srinath Perur
    Read by Neil Shah
    2.7 hrs • 2/7/17 • Unabridged
    Also: CD, MP3 CD
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