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  1. 1.1 hrs • 9/5/2016 • Unabridged

    Hippias of Elis travels throughout the Greek world practicing and teaching the art of making beautiful speeches. On a rare visit to Athens, he meets Socrates, who questions him about the nature of his art. Socrates is especially curious about how Hippias would define beauty. They agree that beauty makes all beautiful things beautiful, but when Socrates presses him to say precisely what he means, Hippias is unable to deliver such a definition. The more Socrates probes, the more absurd the responses from Hippias become. This is one of Plato’s best comedies and one of his finest efforts at posing the philosophical problem of the difference between particular things and universal qualities.

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    Plato's Greater Hippias

    Read by Ray Childs
    1.1 hrs • 9/5/16 • Unabridged
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    6.4 hrs • 4/5/2016 • Unabridged

    This compelling reference presents the history of ancient Greece—the culture that brought us democracy, the Olympics, Socrates, and Alexander the Great—through gripping stories: the rise and fall of the phenomenal empire, the powerful legacy left by ancient Greece for the modern world, the new discoveries shedding light on these ancient people that are still so much with us. Greek art and architecture dominate our cities; modern military strategists still study and employ Hellenic war tactics; Greek poetry, plays, and philosophy are widely read and enjoyed; and science, mathematics, medicine, and astronomy all build on the fundamentals of early Greek thinking. Gain fascinating insights into Greek island living, ancient social networking, and the extreme priority Greeks placed on athletic competition. Learn of spectacular discoveries such as buried palaces, the Uluburun shipwreck, and the earliest writing ever found in Europe. A stunning treasure, this uniquely comprehensive and accessible history of ancient Greece is perfect for anyone interested in the origins of our modern world.

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    The Greeks by Diane Harris Cline

    The Greeks

    6.4 hrs • 4/5/16 • Unabridged
    1 reviews 0 5 5 5 out of 5 stars 5/5 (1)
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  3. 27.5 hrs • 1/21/2016 • Unabridged

    In this, the first prose history in European civilization, Herodotus describes the growth of the Persian Empire with force, authority and style. Perhaps most famously, the book tells the heroic tale of the Greeks’ resistance to the vast invading force assembled by Xerxes, King of Persia. Here are not only the great battles—Marathon, Thermopylae and Salamis—but also penetrating human insight and a powerful sense of epic destiny at work.

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    27.5 hrs • 1/21/16 • Unabridged
  4. 14.4 hrs • 11/24/2015 • Unabridged

    More than 2,500 years ago, a confederation of small Greek city-states defeated the invading armies of Persia, the most powerful empire in the world. In this meticulously researched study, historian Paul Rahe argues that Sparta was responsible for the initial establishment of the Hellenic defensive coalition and was, in fact, the most essential player in its ultimate victory. Drawing from an impressive range of ancient sources, including Herodotus and Plutarch, the author veers from the traditional Athenocentric view of the Greco-Persian Wars to examine from a Spartan perspective the grand strategy that halted the Persian juggernaut. Rahe provides a fascinating, detailed picture of life in Sparta circa 480 BC, revealing how the Spartans’ form of government and the regimen to which they subjected themselves instilled within them the pride, confidence, discipline, and discernment necessary to forge an alliance that would stand firm against a great empire, driven by religious fervor, that held sway over two-fifths of the human race.

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    The Grand Strategy of Classical Sparta by Paul A. Rahe
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  5. 9.8 hrs • 3/17/2015 • Unabridged

    Adam Nicolson sees the Iliad and the Odyssey as the foundation myths of Greek consciousness—and our own—collapsing the passage of 4,000 years and making the distant past of the Mediterranean world as immediate to us as the events of our own time. Homer’s poems occupy, as Adam Nicolson writes, “a third space” in the way we relate to the past: not as memory, which lasts no more than three generations, nor as the objective accounts of history but as epic, invented after memory but before history, poetry which aims “to bind the wounds that time inflicts.” The Homeric poems are among the oldest stories we have, drawing on deep roots in the Eurasian steppes beyond the Black Sea. These poems, which ask eternal questions about the individual and the community, honor and service, and love and war, tell us how we became who we are.

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    Why Homer Matters

    9.8 hrs • 3/17/15 • Unabridged
  6. 3.9 hrs • 8/21/2014 • Abridged

    In The Persian War, taken from The Histories, the first history prose in European civilization, Herodotus tells the heroic tale of the Greeks’ resistance to the vast invading force assembled by Xerxes, king of Persia. Herodotus’ epic story contains not only the great battles—Marathon, Thermopylae, and Salamis—but also penetrating human insight and a powerful sense of destiny.

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    The Persian War

    3.9 hrs • 8/21/14 • Abridged
  7. 0 reviews 0 5 3.8 3 out of 5 stars 3.8/5
    32.6 hrs • 11/15/2013 • Unabridged

    The second volume of Will Durant’s Pulitzer Prize–winning series, The Life of Greece: The Story of Civilization, Volume 2 chronicles the history of ancient Greek civilization. Here Durant tells the whole story of Greece, from the days of Crete’s vast Aegean empire to the final extirpation of the last remnants of Greek liberty, crushed under the heel of an implacably forward-marching Rome. The dry minutiae of battles and sieges, of tortuous statecraft of tyrant and king, get the minor emphasis in what is preeminently a vivid recreation of Greek culture, brought to the reader through the medium of supple, vigorous prose. In this masterful work, readers will learn about: • the siege of Troy• the great city-states of Athens and Sparta• the heroes of Homer’s epics• the gods and lesser deities of Mount Olympus• the teachings of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle• the life of Alexander the Great

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    The Life of Greece by Will Durant

    The Life of Greece

    32.6 hrs • 11/15/13 • Unabridged
    0 reviews 0 5 3.8 3 out of 5 stars 3.8/5
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  8. 7.7 hrs • 9/23/2013 • Unabridged

    Award-winning New York Times journalist Margalit Fox tells one of the most intriguing stories in the history of language, masterfully blending history, linguistics, and cryptology with an elegantly wrought narrative.

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    The Riddle of the Labyrinth

    7.7 hrs • 9/23/13 • Unabridged
  9. 3.9 hrs • 4/15/2013 • Unabridged

    The King of Infinite Space presents a rich, accessible treatment of Euclid and his beautifully simple geometric system, which continues to shape the way we see the world. Geometry defines the world around us, helping us make sense of everything from architecture to military science to fashion. And for over two thousand years, geometry has been equated with Euclid’s Elements, arguably the most influential book in the history of mathematics.  In The King of Infinite Space, renowned mathematics writer David Berlinski provides a concise homage to this elusive mathematician and his staggering achievements. Berlinski shows that, for centuries, scientists and thinkers from Copernicus to Newton to Einstein have relied on Euclid’s axiomatic system, a method of proof still taught in classrooms around the world. Euclid’s use of elemental logic—and the mathematical statements he and others built from it—have dramatically expanded the frontiers of human knowledge.

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    The King of Infinite Space

    3.9 hrs • 4/15/13 • Unabridged
  10. 5.0 hrs • 3/6/2013

    Named one of the Best 300 Professors by the Princeton Review, Timothy B. Shutt has been repeatedly honored for his exceptional skills as a lecturer. In Greek Legacy, Professor Shutt explores the qualities that set the ancient Greeks apart from other ancient civilizations. The Greeks, more than any other culture, contributed to the formation of our own cultural system. These lectures show how that society developed, what it consisted of, and how it continues to impact the modern world.

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  11. 14.8 hrs • 7/11/2011 • Unabridged

    To an extraordinary extent we continue to live in the shadow of the classical world. At every level, from languages to calendars to political systems, we are the descendants of a "classical Europe," using frames of reference created by ancient Mediterranean cultures. As this consistently fresh and surprising new audio book makes clear, however, this was no less true for the inhabitants of those classical civilizations themselves, whose myths, history, and buildings were an elaborate engagement with an already old and revered past-one filled with great leaders and writers, emigrations and battles. Indeed, much of the reason we know so much about the classical past is because of the obsessive importance it held for so many generations of Greeks and Romans, who interpreted and reinterpreted their changing casts of heroes and villains. Figures such as Alexander the Great and Augustus Caesar loom large in our imaginations today, but they themselves were fascinated by what had preceded them. A stunning work of research and imagination, The Birth of Classical Europe is an authoritative history, covering two millennia of human experience and casting new light on the world that in many ways still defines our own. In their thoughtful look at the twin engines of memory and culture, Simon Price and Peter Thonemann show how our own changing values and interests have shaped our feelings about an era that is by some measures very remote but by others startlingly close.

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    The Birth of Classical Europe

    14.8 hrs • 7/11/11 • Unabridged
  12. 20.3 hrs • 6/22/2011 • Unabridged

    Hannibal is often considered the finest general the world has ever known. Setting out from Carthaginian-dominated Spain with a small army of select troops, he fought his way over the Pyrenees and crossed the Alps with elephants and a full baggage train. Descending into Italy, he destroyed the main Roman army at Lake Trasimeno and came close to conquering Rome itself. At Cannae, Hannibal’s brilliant cavalry tactics enabled him to destroy a reassembled Roman army, and his subsequent defeats over a fifteen-year stay in Italy were due more to lack of sufficient support from home than to any failings of generalship. Theodore Ayrault Dodge’s classic history, first published in 1891, is equally perceptive of Hannibal’s military prowess and his visionary character. Dodge followed Hannibal’s route from Carthage to Italy, paying particular attention to the famous crossing of the Alps, exploring every pass in order to determine Hannibal’s route. In this book, he wrote an entire history of the art of war among these two mighty armies. Hannibal remains unequaled as the most comprehensive and readable study of history’s greatest general.

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    Hannibal by Theodore Ayrault Dodge


    20.3 hrs • 6/22/11 • Unabridged
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  13. 1 reviews 0 5 3 3 out of 5 stars 3/5 (1)
    19.0 hrs • 11/30/2010 • Unabridged

    For almost three decades at the end of the fifth century BC the ancient world was torn apart in a conflict that was, within its historical context, as dramatic, divisive, and destructive as the great world wars of the twentieth century. The Peloponnesian War pitted Greek against Greek: the Athenians, with their glorious empire, rich legacy of democracy and political rights, and extraordinary cultural achievement, against the militaristic, oligarchic Spartan state. The result was a period of unprecedented brutality, one that violated even the rugged code that had previously governed Greek combat, and led to an enormous destruction of life and property, intensification of factional and class hostility, and a reversal of the trend toward democratic development. With these came a collapse in the habits, institutions, beliefs, and restraints that had long been the foundation of civilization. Now Donald Kagan, one of the world’s most respected historians, has written a new account of the Peloponnesian War—a lively, readable narrative that offers a richly detailed portrait of a vanished world while honoring its timeless relevance. In chronicling the rise and fall of a great empire, The Peloponnesian War illuminates the interplay of intelligence and chance in human affairs, the role of great individuals and masses of people in determining the course of events, and the potential of leadership and the limits within which it must operate. Among the brilliant portraits of extraordinary statesmen are those of Pericles, the greatest among the Athenians and a man determined to pursue a policy of deterrence, and the charismatic, duplicitous Alcibiades. Kagan captures the dynamic of war in his thrilling re-creations of some of the most famous military campaigns of antiquity. With its fresh examination of a pivotal moment of Western civilization, The Peloponnesian War is a magisterial work of historiography—a chronicle of a dark time whose lessons are especially resonant today.

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    The Peloponnesian War by Donald Kagan

    The Peloponnesian War

    19.0 hrs • 11/30/10 • Unabridged
    1 reviews 0 5 3 3 out of 5 stars 3/5 (1)
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  14. 0 reviews 0 5 3.5 3 out of 5 stars 3.5/5
    7.7 hrs • 10/19/2010 • Unabridged

    The Civil War is Julius Caesar’s personal account of his war with Pompey the Great—the war that destroyed the five-hundred-year-old Roman Republic. Caesar the victor became Caesar the dictator. In three short books, Caesar describes how, in order to defend his honor and the freedom of both himself and the Roman people, he marched on Rome and defeated the forces of Pompey and the Senate in Italy, Spain, and Greece. Julius Caesar himself was one of the most eminent writers of the age in which he lived. His “commentaries” offer a unique opportunity to read the victor’s version of events.

    Available Formats: Download, CD, MP3 CD, Digital Rental
    The Civil War by Julius Caesar

    The Civil War

    Translated by the Reverend F. P. Long, MA
    Read by Robin Field
    7.7 hrs • 10/19/10 • Unabridged
    0 reviews 0 5 3.5 3 out of 5 stars 3.5/5
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  15. 1.9 hrs • 7/1/2010 • Unabridged

    Aristotle’s Poetics is the earliest-surviving work of dramatic theory and the first fully intact philosophical treatise to focus on literary theory. In it, the respected Greek sage offers an account of what he calls poetry (which the Greeks understood to literally mean “making”), examining its first principles and identifying its genres and basic elements, including what he terms drama-comedy, tragedy, and the satyr play as well as lyric poetry, epic poetry, and iambic pentameter, which he always associates with wit. 

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    1.9 hrs • 7/1/10 • Unabridged
  16. 8.4 hrs • 12/23/2008 • Unabridged

    The aim of this work is not a history of events but an account of the achievement and spirit of Greece. “What the Greeks discovered, how they brought a new world to birth out of the dark confusions of an old world that had crumbled away, is full of meaning for us today who have seen an old world swept away.” In The Greek Way, Edith Hamilton shares the fruits of her thorough study of Greek life, literature, philosophy, and art. She interprets their meaning and brings us a realization of the refuge and strength the past can offer us in the troubled present. Hamilton’s book has taken its place among the few interpretative volumes that are permanently rooted and profoundly alive in our literature.

    Available Formats: Download, CD, MP3 CD
    The Greek Way by Edith Hamilton

    The Greek Way

    8.4 hrs • 12/23/08 • Unabridged
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