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  1. 3.3 hrs • 7/15/2012 • Abridged

    With the war in Kosovo raging and debates heating up in Congress and in the media, most Americans still don't understand why this war erupted. Now, in this informative, timely All You Want to Know audiobook, the reasons for the conflict -- and the history behind it -- are brought to light. Central Europe's ancient civilizations have long been dominated by empires: The Roman Empire, the Habsburg Empire (based in Austria), and, more recently, the Soviet Communists. But the decline of communism in the late twentieth century has unleashed old resentments, rivalries, and ambitions that have caused yet more conflict in this troubled region. With this timely, critical audiobook, you will learn All You Want to Know about the continuing legacy of hatred and violence that has captivated the attention of the global community.

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