One of Stacy Aumonier’s best-loved short stories, telling the story of a surprising evening with Colin St Clair Chasseloup: “the kind of man who always looked as though he had just had a cold bath, done Swedish drill, and then passed through the hairdresser’s on his way to your presence.” Chasseloup and the narrator are dragged along by their wives to a concert which interests neither of them. Both men make their escape from the concert, and decide to go for a drink, forgetting that it is a Sunday night and the pubs are closed. A dramatic, hilarious plot twist—and a revelation of the intriguing complexity of Chasseloup’s character—follows when Chasseloup becomes the victim of a bizarre case of mistaken identity.

Author Biography

Stacy Aumonier (1877–1928) was a British writer, best known for his outstanding short stories. Nobel Prize winner John Galsworthy described Aumonier as “one of the best short story writers of all time.” Aumonier wrote over eighty-five short stories in his lifetime. His intensely visual prose and captivating plots meant his works were readily adaptable to the cinema screen, and several of his short stories were adapted by Alfred Hitchcock.

Reader Biography

Cathy Dobson is the author of Planet Germany and a narrator of audiobooks.

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