The Story of a Simple Soul

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H. G. Wells considered Kipps his favorite work, and critics and readers consider it a masterpiece to this day. This epic social novel is a must-read for all literary fans. Kipps follows its protagonist Arthur “Artie” Kipps from childhood to old age and how the random events in his life—both good and bad—affect his social standing in society. He navigates through these problems as they challenge his moral and emotional being while he attempts to adapt to new situations.

Initially slow to sell, Wells had worked on Kipps for seven years and was extremely eager to succeed, harassing then publisher Macmillan with new advertising ideas. It worked. A decade later over a quarter of a million copies had been sold. The huge spike in sales cemented its place in history with rave reviews.

Author Biography

H. G. Wells (1866–1946), born in Bromley, Kent, England, was apprenticed to a drygoodsman and a druggist before he made his way to the Royal College of Science where he studied biology. Known as the father of science fiction, he was also a prolific writer in other genres, including contemporary novels, history, and social commentary. As a spokesman for progress and peace, his middle period novels (1900–1920) were more realistic and covered lower-middle-class life, suffrage, and the emergence of feminist ideals that pushed against the limits set by male-dominated society.

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Reader Biography

Christopher Timothy starred as James Herriot in All Creatures Great and Small, the internationally renowned BBC television series based on Herriot’s work. A veteran of stage, screen, and television, Timothy is a winner of the prestigious Sir John Gielgud Scholarship and the Sir Laurence Olivier Award. He also coproduced and starred in a critically acclaimed film version of James Herriot’s Yorkshire.

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