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  1. 8.4 hrs • 8/3/2004 • Unabridged

    Sports, politics, and sex collide in Hunter S. Thompson’s wildly popular ESPN.com columns. Insightful, incendiary, outrageously brilliant: such was the man who galvanized American journalism with his radical ideas and gonzo tactics. For over half a century, Hunter S. Thompson devastated his readers with his acerbic wit and uncanny grasp of politics and history. His reign as “The Unabomber of Contemporary Letters” (Time) is more legendary than ever with Hey Rube. Fear, greed, and action abound in this hilarious, thought-provoking compilation as Thompson doles out searing indictments and uproarious rants while providing commentary on politics, sex, and sports—at times all in the same column.  With an enlightening foreword by ESPN executive editor John Walsh, critics’ favorites, and never-before-published columns, Hey Rube follows Thompson through the beginning of the new century, revealing his queasiness over the 2000 election (“rigged and fixed from the start”); his take on professional sports (to improve Major League Baseball, “eliminate the pitcher”); and his myriad controversial opinions and brutally honest observations on issues plaguing America—including the Bush administration and the inequities within the American judicial system.  Hey Rube gives us a lasting look at the gonzo journalist in his most organic form—unbridled, astute, and irreverent.

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    Hey Rube

    8.4 hrs • 8/3/04 • Unabridged
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