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  1. 11.6 hrs • 8/23/2016 • Unabridged

    Sylvia de Béjar es periodista y escritora ha publicado muchos artículos sobre crecimiento personal, relaciones de pareja y sexualidad. En la actualidad dirige la colección de autoayuda Mujer tenías que ser, donde ayuda en cuestiones íntimas que afectan la vida cotidiana de las mujeres. Este audiolibro abarca información indispensable sobre la sexualidad femenina, incluyiendo muchos de los temas que preocupan a las mujeres como Descubrir lo que tenemos ‘ahí abajo’ y Es hora de responsabilizarse de nuestra sexualidad. De Béjar quiere que las mujeres encuentren su propia sexualidad y la disfruten sin miedo al máximo y con seguridad. Please note: This title is in Spanish.

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    Tu sexo es tuyo

    by Sylvia De Béjar
    read by Silvia Sierra
    11.6 hrs • 8/23/16 • Unabridged
  2. 7.5 hrs • 7/3/2016 • Unabridged

    In this book the writer thereof seeks to convey to women—particularly to young wives and women expecting to be married—certain important facts of knowledge, certain necessary information, which all such women should possess, but which few are given the opportunity to acquire. The writer of the present work is one of the rapidly growing number of thinking persons who believe that the time has come to educate the race concerning the importance of sane instruction concerning the functions of sex. He, and those who think as he does, believe that the time has come to “Turn on the Light!” They believe that the importance of the subject will be realized by all intelligent persons, once their attention is directed to the subject, and once they have considered it apart from the old prejudices and distorted customs. When public opinion on this subject is reformed, then will the taboo fall away from the body of truth; then will the subject take its place among the “respectable” topics which may be considered, discussed, and taught, without loss of caste or prestige.

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    Private Sex Advice to Women

    7.5 hrs • 7/3/16 • Unabridged
  3. 14.8 hrs • 2/23/2016 • Unabridged

    Instagram. Whisper. Yik Yak. Vine. YouTube. Kik. Ask.fm. Tinder. The dominant force in the lives of girls coming of age in America today is social media. What it is doing to an entire generation of young women is the subject of award-winning Vanity Fair writer Nancy Jo Sales’ riveting and explosive American Girls With extraordinary intimacy and precision, Sales captures what it feels like to be a girl in America today. From Montclair to Manhattan and Los Angeles, from Florida and Arizona to Texas and Kentucky, Sales crisscrossed the country, speaking to more than two hundred girls, ages thirteen to nineteen, and documenting a massive change in the way girls are growing up, a phenomenon that transcends race, geography, and household income. American Girls provides a disturbing portrait of the end of childhood as we know it and of the inexorable and ubiquitous experience of a new kind of adolescence—one dominated by new social and sexual norms, where a girl’s first crushes and experiences of longing and romance occur in an accelerated electronic environment; where issues of identity and self-esteem are magnified and transformed by social platforms that provide instantaneous judgment. What does it mean to be a girl in America in 2016? It means coming of age online in a hypersexualized culture that has normalized extreme behavior, from pornography to the casual exchange of nude photographs; a culture rife with a virulent new strain of sexism and a sometimes self-undermining notion of feminist empowerment; a culture in which teenagers are spending so much time on technology and social media that they are not developing basic communication skills. From beauty gurus to slut-shaming to a disconcerting trend of exhibitionism, Nancy Jo Sales provides a shocking window into the troubling world of today’s teenage girls. Provocative and urgent, American Girls is destined to ignite a much-needed conversation about how we can help our daughters and sons negotiate unprecedented new challenges.

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    American Girls

    14.8 hrs • 2/23/16 • Unabridged
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