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  1. 1.1 hrs • 6/17/2016 • Unabridged

    The fact is that we all have to deal with people. Because it’s a fact you need to find ways to reduce the stress and increase the energy in each and every relationship. That is exactly what this course is designed to do. In The Secret Power in Stress: Reduce Resistance in Your Relationships, you will learn:how to deal with people problems without them becoming a conflict;ways to maintain clear boundaries so people don’t drain your energy;what relationships you need to avoid;how to deal with energy vampires at work and home; and how to make the transition from work to home as simple as possible without feeling guilt. Mastering relationships is one of the greatest ways to decrease stress and maintain energy for the success of your family and your professional life. You are going to find that this course will help you achieve that success. The strategies to reduce stress are simple and a little different than you have ever found.

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    The Secret Power in Stress

    1.1 hrs • 6/17/16 • Unabridged
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    2.1 hrs • 2/10/2016 • Unabridged

    If a man doesn’t take you seriously, he may feel compelled to have a good time with you. Unfortunately this good time will last until you finally realize you’re being taken for a ride or until Mr. Time Waster ultimately moves on to a woman he really wants. In cases like this, what a woman really requires are two things: a healthy amount of self-respect and a set of “player-proof” dating rules that will allow her to make wise dating decisions as she navigates the treacherous territory of finding Mr. Right. This audiobook was designed to show women how men appraise female behavior in order to determine a woman’s level of self-respect and therefore her value as a romantic partner. Inside it you’ll discover the timeless seduction secrets and dating rules to help you avoid the dating mistakes that could make a woman appear desperate, needy, commonplace, or even unqualified for a serious commitment to a great guy. In this audiobook, you’re going to learn:The most powerful form of male seduction that can keep a woman helplessly “addicted” to chasing a man;How to keep a man interested by doing the one thing most women are terrified of doing when they find a great guy;An irritating habit that causes high-quality men to stop pursuing a woman;How to rebuff undesirable male behavior and get the guy you want to take you seriously;A simple ego-popping phrase that burns into a man’s memory, keeps you stuck on his mind, and makes him desperate to see you again; andHow to seduce a man and melt his heart by overwhelming him with the one thing only the right woman can give him and much more. Get started now and discover how to get the guy and keep him interested in you without playing games.

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    Never Chase Men Again

    2.1 hrs • 2/10/16 • Unabridged
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  3. 0.8 hrs • 11/25/2015 • Unabridged

    I am a man! I suppose this is not news to you since you read my name on the cover of this book. However, what may be news to you or some of your friends is that we men often have a difficult time making commitments to those special women in our lives. That is why this book exists. It should serve as a wake up call to all unmarried men who have chosen to hang around women for long periods of time behaving like you are in a committed relationship, yet will not seal the deal. There is some virtue that drew you to that special woman in your life, and if you continue to see that value in her, why not commit all that you are, and all that you have to her. This book is my attempt to sound an alarm for my brothers to love these women or leave them alone. Do not trifle with their hearts any longer. They are awakening to the fact that some will never come around, and are wearied by hopes that have been repeatedly dashed to the ground. Nobody’s saying you need to get married if you are not ready, but if she is, you have some real soul searching to do, and I hope this little book will help. Women are devoted creatures and might even play along for a while, hoping their man might see the light she is shining upon him. A mature man will open his eyes and peer into the light. He will let it penetrate his mind and heart. It will create the eternal bond, which will carry the happy couple to overwhelming happiness. The fact is that many women are patient to a fault. They convince themselves that they can work with guys who seem to be taking a bit longer to commit to marriage. So men, do not let this opportunity slip through your fingers due to a lack of courage or insecure feelings. Seize the moment your woman is granting you now and live a blissful life.

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    Worth My Time?

    0.8 hrs • 11/25/15 • Unabridged
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    12.1 hrs • 2/18/2014 • Unabridged

    World-renowned psychiatrist Dr. William Glasser’s classic work on control and human happiness Dr. William Glasser offers a new psychology that, if practiced, could reverse our widespread inability to get along with one another, an inability that is the source of almost all unhappiness. For progress in human relationships, he explains that we must give up the punishing, relationship-destroying external control psychology. For example, if you are in an unhappy relationship right now, he proposes that one or both of you could be using external control psychology on the other. He goes further by suggesting that misery is always related to a current unsatisfying relationship. Contrary to what you may believe, your troubles are always now, never in the past. No one can change what happened yesterday.

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    Choice Theory

    12.1 hrs • 2/18/14 • Unabridged
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  5. 5.2 hrs • 1/28/2014 • Unabridged

    Star of VH1’s La La’s Full Court Life, actress, entrepreneur, and wife of New York Knick’s star Carmelo Anthony, La La Anthony found love and success on her own terms. But before La La was a strong woman balancing a growing career, a high-profile marriage, and motherhood, she suffered through bad dates, tumultuous relationships, and backstabbing friends. She learned the hard way how to rise above it all to live the life she loves. And now, for the first time, she channels her most rewarding and challenging lessons into a personal playbook, providing empowering, go-to advice for healthy relationships and a happy life.  With her attitude of no nonsense and no judgments, La La is the one her friends come to for relationship advice. She tells it like it is, sharing her personal experiences and revealing intimate details about her marriage and past relationships, to illustrate what she’s learned the hard way. In The Love Playbook, La La provides play-by-play plans—from teaching your man the right way to treat a woman to dealing with a fickle friend, and, of course, how to snag a baller. With personal secrets and empowering advice, you will learn how to take control of your relationships, rise above adversity, and live your life by your rules. The Love Playbook is the everywoman guide to finding love, building healthy relationships, and staying true to yourself along the way.

    Available Formats: Download

    The Love Playbook

    By La La Anthony, with Karen Hunter
    5.2 hrs • 1/28/14 • Unabridged
  6. 7.3 hrs • 1/1/2014 • Unabridged

    A guide to leaving painful, destructive relationships behind—both at home and at workToxic relationships often come disguised as seemingly normal ones. These subtly destructive relationships are characterized by the slow erosion of self-esteem, a loss of personal identity, or a growing desire to please friends, partners, and family members who are impossible to please.In this uplifting and informative audiobook, transpersonal psychotherapist Avril Carruthers will take a close look at adult relationships to show why we get involved in toxic relationships in the first place, and instruct the listener on how to recognize if they’re involved in one. Once the toxic relationship is identified, the author shows the listener how to begin their journey toward healing and how to meet the world with a new kind of confidence, so that the cycle of toxic relationships can be broken once and for all. What Carruthers teaches is just how possible it can be to learn how to recognize the manipulative or sweetly corrosive partner, the family dynamics that make Christmas and other get-togethers seem like hell, or the nightmare boss who causes daily torment—and that we can learn to leave these painful, destructive patterns behind forever.

    Available Formats: Download

    Freedom From Toxic Relationships

    7.3 hrs • 1/1/14 • Unabridged
  7. 6.5 hrs • 11/1/2013 • Unabridged

    Bringing attachment theory essentials to everyday life. A revolution is under way in how we understand the nature of relationships, how we develop in those relationships, and how our brains function synergistically in connection with others. This field is known as attachment theory, and until now most of the cutting-edge insights have been written in “researcher-speak” and reserved for neurologists, psychologists, and others in the healing professions. Here veteran therapist and specialist in attachment disorders Daniel A. Hughes demystifies the research for lay people. By summarizing in short “keys” the theory and brain science that underpin our ability to form relationships, he skillfully reveals how we can become better friends, spouses, siblings, and children. For anyone interested in how to develop meaningful new relationships or how to deepen and enrich their current ones, this audiobook makes sense of it all.

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    11.2 hrs • 10/22/2013 • Unabridged

    Women and men live in different worlds—made of different words. Spending nearly four years on the New York Times bestseller list, including eight months at #1, You Just Don’t Understand is a true cultural and intellectual phenomenon. This is the book that brought gender differences in ways of speaking to the forefront of public awareness. With a rare combination of scientific insight and delightful, humorous writing, Tannen shows why women and men can walk away from the same conversation with completely different impressions of what was said. Studded with lively and entertaining examples of real conversations, this book gives you the tools to understand what went wrong—and to find a common language in which to strengthen relationships at work and at home. A classic in the field of interpersonal relations, this book will change forever the way you approach conversations.

    Available Formats: Download

    You Just Don’t Understand

    11.2 hrs • 10/22/13 • Unabridged
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  9. 3.3 hrs • 8/13/2013 • Unabridged

    Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, bestselling author of Peace Is Every Step and one of the most respected and celebrated religious leaders in the world, delivers a powerful path to happiness through mastering life’s most important skill. How do we say what we mean in a way that the other person can really hear? How can we listen with compassion and understanding? Communication fuels the ties that bind, whether in relationships, business, or everyday interactions. Most of us, however, have never been taught the fundamental skills of communication—or how to best represent our true selves. Effective communication is as important to our well-being and happiness as the food we put into our bodies. It can be either healthy and nourishing or toxic and destructive. In this precise and practical guide, Thick Nhat Hanh reveals how to listen mindfully and express your fullest and most authentic self. With examples from his work with couples, families, and international conflicts, The Art of Communicating helps us move beyond the perils and frustrations of misrepresentation and misunderstanding to learn the listening and speaking skills that will forever change how we experience and impact the world.

    Available Formats: Download

    The Art of Communicating

    By Thich Nhat Hanh
    Read by Dan Woren
    3.3 hrs • 8/13/13 • Unabridged
  10. 8.6 hrs • 8/6/2013 • Unabridged

    In 1997 Sona Mehring created the first CaringBridge website when a close friend endured a life-threatening pregnancy. CaringBridge is now used by over 500,000 people a day, with 44 million unique visitors over the past year. Through CaringBridge, Mehring has witnessed thousands of stories of hope and connection among people struggling with stroke, cancer, and other life-changing conditions. Hope Conquers All shares some of the most touching of these stories. Hope Conquers All contains stories from people of all ages and backgrounds. The adversities they face vary greatly, from children with cancer to adults requiring life-saving transplants to victims of horrific accidents, but their stories are unified—hope does conquer all. CaringBridge is a place where hope grows. It’s a site that helps people reach out and stay in touch through moments of great need. It inspires them and instills hope; it helps foster and encourage much-needed emotional connection. These intimate personal stories, which reveal the underlying spiritual presence that connects us all, will encourage people to create channels of love and support in their own lives.

    Available Formats: Download

    Hope Conquers All

    8.6 hrs • 8/6/13 • Unabridged
  11. 4.3 hrs • 8/1/2013 • Unabridged

    Tired of revolving-door romance? Ready for a relationship that goes the distance? Then listen to Dr. Harley’s romantic relationship attitudes questionnaire and see if you and your partner are “buyers,” “renters,” or “freeloaders” in your love life; these three attitudes reveal what you can expect of each other in the future. Are you or the person you’re dating a freeloader, unwilling to put much effort into caring for another person? Is one of you a renter who views the relationship as tentative and will provide only short-term care? Or are you ready to be buyers, willing to invest the time and energy it will take to make your relationship last? Not sure? Filled with personal examples and practical advice, Buyers, Renters & Freeloaders will help you assess relationship attitudes and transform a freeloader or renter into a fully committed buyer. You’ll even learn how you can try out the buyer attitude before you decide to become one. So settle in and prepare to exchange your lease for a deed!

    Available Formats: Download
  12. 4.1 hrs • 6/18/2013 • Unabridged

    Once in a blue moon an idea comes along that once heard seems so obvious that you wonder why somebody hasn’t written about it before. Amanda Owen’ The Power of Receiving presents a new paradigm for the twenty-first century—a philosophy that values receiving as much as giving and demonstrates that giving is enhanced when receiving is embraced. With the formula Believe + Receive = Achieve, The Power of Receiving presents a wholly original yet easily accessible road map for people to follow, showing listeners how to restore balance to their over-extended lives and attract the life they desire and deserve. Inspiring stories are featured about people who have experienced life-altering results after becoming skilled receivers, including Ken who regained his hearing after a devastating hearing-loss, Julie who met the man she would later marry, and Don who received an extra $1,000 a month in his pay check. Based on over twenty years of research into the nature of receptivity and its link to manifestation, The Power of Receiving offers a unique vision for anyone seeking to create greater reciprocity in their relationships and more harmony and abundance in their lives.

    Available Formats: Download

    The Power of Receiving

    4.1 hrs • 6/18/13 • Unabridged
  13. 4.5 hrs • 6/11/2013 • Unabridged

    There is no rule that says heartbreak must be a prerequisite for good judgment. If you don’t want to be a divorce statistic and are ready for a long-lasting relationship, this audiobook is for you.  In today’s divorce culture, too many people have stopped trusting their ability to build a loving and lasting marriage. Now renowned relationship coach and counselor Chana Levitan reveals the ten essential questions everyone should ask before saying “I do.” Listeners will learn how to spot long-term potential; know the difference between infatuation and love—how they work against each other and yet how they can work together; reevaluate their approach to love and what they really need to succeed in building a loving marriage; gain the confidence to steer through the decision making process of dating; and more. Filled with real-life anecdotes and insightful advice, I Only Want to Get Married Once helps listeners get it right the first time.

    Available Formats: Download

    I Only Want to Get Married Once

    4.5 hrs • 6/11/13 • Unabridged
  14. 7.8 hrs • 2/5/2013 • Unabridged

    You’ve seen Will Smith in the movie Hitch—the date doctor, the sentimental advisor … the guy who helps men land the women they want. Meet Nick Savoy: Hitch in real life.  As a top instructor at the leading worldwide dating consultancy for men, Love Systems, Nick has taught hundreds of thousands of men the highly effective techniques for attracting, dating, and seducing women. Now, he blows the cover off the multimillion dollar pickup industry, revealing the successful strategies women can use to turn the tables, play the players, and separate the good guys from the bad. Listeners will learn: – Detailed tips and tricks from inside a Boot Camp for men; – Revelations and hard evidence based on the observation of 100,000 male/female interactions; – Mixed messages women get from pop culture, society, and those around them; – How to make any environment work in their favor; – And much more.  Whether they want a one-night stand, a second date, or a long-term relationship, It’s Your Move is the key to helping women get what they truly want.                                    

    Available Formats: Download

    It’s Your Move

    7.8 hrs • 2/5/13 • Unabridged
  15. 10.0 hrs • 12/6/2012 • Unabridged

    Is having “somebody to love” the most important thing in your life? Do you constantly believe that with “the right man” you would no longer feel depressed or lonely? Are you bored with “nice guys” who are open, honest, and dependable? If being in love means being in pain, this book was written for you. Therapist Robin Norwood describes loving too much as a pattern of thoughts and behavior, which certain women develop as a response to problems from childhood.  Many women find themselves repeatedly drawn into unhappy and destructive relationships with men. They then struggle to make these doomed relationships work. This bestselling book takes a hard look at how powerfully addictive these unhealthy relationships are—but also gives a very specific program for recovery from the disease of loving too much.

    Available Formats: Download

    Women Who Love Too Much

    10.0 hrs • 12/6/12 • Unabridged
  16. 0 reviews 0 5 3 3 out of 5 stars 3/5
    1.6 hrs • 11/15/2012

    Join a #1 bestselling author and an internationally published psychologist in an entertaining look at successfully dealing with intimidating personality types. Get prepared for crucial conversations with the top seven personality types and learn how successful leaders deal with their challenges. Mastery in dealing with difficult people and tense situations is a learned skill, and through this program you will learn techniques that will allow you to easily and rapidly handle interpersonal communications issues. This knowledge will help you gain a leadership edge and stay in control during high stakes communications with every personality type.

    Available Formats: Download, CD, MP3 CD
    Personality Challenges by Made for Success

    Personality Challenges

    1.6 hrs • 11/15/12
    0 reviews 0 5 3 3 out of 5 stars 3/5
    Also: CD, MP3 CD
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