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  1. 6.7 hrs • 2/2/2017 • Unabridged

    Modern times are stressful—and it’s killing us. Unfortunately, we can’t avoid the things that stress us out, but we can change how we respond to them. In this breakthrough book, a clinical psychologist and neuroscience expert offers an original approach to help readers harness the power of positive emotions and overcome stress for good. Stress is, unfortunately, a natural part of life—especially in our busy and hectic modern times. But you don’t have to let it get in the way of your health and happiness. Studies show that the key to coping with stress is simpler than you think—it’s all about how you respond to the situations and things that stress you out or threaten to overwhelm you. The Stress-Proof Brain offers powerful, comprehensive tools based in mindfulness, neuroscience, and positive psychology to help you put a stop to unhealthy responses to stress—such as avoidance, tunnel vision, negative thinking, self-criticism, fixed mindset, and fear. Instead, you’ll discover unique exercises that provide a recipe for resilience, empowering you to master your emotional responses, overcome negative thinking, and create a more tolerant, stress-proof brain. This book will help you develop an original and effective program for mastering your emotional brain’s response to stress by harnessing the power of neuroplasticity. By creating a more stress tolerant, resilient brain, you’ll learn to shrug off the small stuff, deal with the big stuff, and live a happier, healthier life.

    Available Formats: Download

    The Stress-Proof Brain

    By Melanie Greenberg, PhD
    Read by Coleen Marlo
    6.7 hrs • 2/2/17 • Unabridged
  2. 6.9 hrs • 2/1/2017 • Unabridged

    The liver is the seat of our overall health and wellness and the health of nearly every organ is intimately connected with our liver. A healthy liver is essential to a fully functioning body, but our modern sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits can truly damage the liver--and damage our health overall. A silent health crisis is impacting one-third of the American population...nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Because its symptoms often don't manifest until the liver is seriously compromised, many people are not aware that they are at risk. Did you know that if you have fatty liver disease, you are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease (heart attack and stroke), and potentially several devastating conditions such as liver cirrhosis and liver cancer? Did you know that fat is as dangerous as alcohol to the liver? Award-winning dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick and hepatologist Dr. Ibrahim Hanouneh have teamed up for a life-changing program that will help you achieve optimal health. Skinny Liver's four-week program shares the steps you can take to get your liver health back on track, with everything from exercise to healthy eating and other lifestyle changes, along with delicious liver-friendly recipes. Written by two experts in the field and based on the latest research, Skinny Liver is an authoritative, easy-to-follow guide to health and wellness, not just for your most essential organ, but for your whole body.

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    Skinny Liver

    By Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RD, LD with Ibrahim Hanouneh, MD
    6.9 hrs • 2/1/17 • Unabridged
  3. 8.7 hrs • 1/31/2017 • Unabridged

    Weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, hormonal imbalances, and autoimmune conditions—for years, health practitioners have commonly viewed each as individual health problems resulting from a patient’s genetic bad luck, poor lifestyle choices, or lack of willpower. Patients, too, have turned to different doctors to alleviate their specific symptoms: an endocrinologist for a thyroid problem; a gynecologist for hormonal issues; an internist for weight, diabetes, and high blood pressure; a rheumatologist for joint problems, and even to therapists or psychologists. While these ailments may seem unrelated, Dr. Aviva Romm contends that they are intrinsically connected by what she calls Survival Overdrive Syndrome, a condition that occurs when the body becomes overloaded. SOS can result from childhood survival patterns or adult life stressors that are compounded by foods we eat, toxins in our environment, viral infections, lack of sleep, disrupted gut microflora, and even prescribed medications. Two of the systems most affected are the adrenal system and the thyroid, which control mood, hormones, inflammation, immunity, energy, weight, will power, blood sugar balance, cholesterol, sleep, and a host of other bodily functions. When these systems become overwhelmed they lead to symptoms that can develop into full blow illnesses, including diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, and heart disease—all of which have medically provable origins in SOS. The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution explains SOS, how it impacts our bodies and can lead to illness, and most importantly, offers a drug-free cure developed through Dr. Romm’s research and clinical work with tens of thousands of patients. In as little as two weeks, you can lose excess weight, discover increased energy, improve sleep, and feel better. With The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution, you can rescue your metabolism, hormones, mind, and mood—and achieve long-lasting health.

    Available Formats: Download, CD, MP3 CD
    The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution by Aviva Romm, MD

    The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution

    8.7 hrs • 1/31/17 • Unabridged
    Also: CD, MP3 CD
  4. 3.9 hrs • 1/27/2017 • Unabridged

    What You'll Learn from the Angel Healing Therapy Course The Angel Healing Therapy Course has been created to guide beginners and those already working in spiritually-based careers step-by-step through asking for and accepting help from angels. Whether you are taking the course to aid your own spiritual path or to help others do the same, the course will teach you about the angels themselves as well as how to go about contacting them, the ways in which Angel Healing Therapy works with other therapies, and how to start a business in this area. Students will learn about the history of angels, as well as the different types of angels, and their hierarchy. You will also learn how to connect with angels and discover how to open yourself up to them, how to invoke angel protection, the types of angels you can all upon and what they are responsible for, and how to connect with your guardian angel. The work of angels can be difficult for us to understand, as they help in ways we that we are not aware of. You will work on your faith and fears ensuring you can work with angels in the most positive and productive way possible. You will also learn about the shielding power of angels and how this can benefit you. This Angel Healing Therapy Diploma Course covers the 6 spiritual gifts and how you can go about uncovering any of these that you may have, as well as how to honour this and increase and improve any clairvoyant abilities you may have. The module also talks briefly about mediumship and how this can manifest itself. You will learn about the unique indigo, crystal and rainbow children, explaining who they are and how they differ. Looking in more detail at mediumship, combining card readings with angel readings and the use of oracle cards and angel card decks are illustrated along with how numerology relates to angels. Students will learn the signs that angels are near and affecting your life. Signs can include coincidences and synchronous events, among other, specific signs. Looking in more detail at the 7 primary archangels, before introducing the other archangels and what their roles and responsibilities are and how angels may go about helping you. Working with angels doesn’t just help you with day-to-day and life events, but helps with continuing your own spiritual growth. We offer students the knowledge of how they can go about creating their own Angel Healing Therapy business, explaining good practices for health, safety and hygiene in the workroom, along with the ethics and insurance needed, as well as how you should present yourself in your practice. If you wish to become an Angel Therapist, it is likely because you want others to feel the same benefits that you do, but you also need to treat it as a business, so that you can continue to do so.

    Available Formats: Download

    Angel Healing Therapy

    3.9 hrs • 1/27/17 • Unabridged
  5. 9.4 hrs • 1/24/2017 • Unabridged

    Are GMOs really that bad?  A prominent environmental journalist takes a fresh look at what they actually mean for our food system and for us. In the past two decades, GMOs have come to dominate the American diet. Advocates hail them as the future of food, an enhanced method of crop breeding that can help feed an ever-increasing global population and adapt to a rapidly changing environment. Critics, meanwhile, call for their banishment, insisting GMOs were designed by overeager scientists and greedy corporations to bolster an industrial food system that forces us to rely on cheap, unhealthy, processed food so they can turn an easy profit. In response, health-conscious brands such as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods have started boasting that they are “GMO-free,” and companies like Monsanto have become villains in the eyes of average consumers.Where can we turn for the truth? Are GMOs an astounding scientific breakthrough destined to end world hunger? Or are they simply a way for giant companies to control a problematic food system? Environmental writer McKay Jenkins traveled across the country to answer these questions and discovered that the GMO controversy is more complicated than meets the eye. He interviewed dozens of people on all sides of the debate—scientists hoping to engineer new crops that could provide nutrients to people in the developing world, Hawaiian papaya farmers who credit GMOs with saving their livelihoods, and local farmers in Maryland who are redefining what it means to be “sustainable.” The result is a comprehensive, nuanced examination of the state of our food system and a much-needed guide for consumers to help them make more informed choices about what to eat for their next meal. From the Hardcover edition.

    Available Formats: Download

    Food Fight

    9.4 hrs • 1/24/17 • Unabridged
  6. 7.9 hrs • 1/24/2017 • Unabridged

    The first book for the general public about mindfulness and medical practice, a groundbreaking, intimate exploration of how doctors think and what matters most—safe, effective, patient-centered, compassionate care—from the foremost expert in the field. As a third-year Harvard Medical student doing a clinical rotation in surgery, Ronald Epstein watched an experienced surgeon fail to notice his patient’s kidney turning an ominous shade of blue. In that same rotation, Epstein was awestruck by another surgeon’s ability to slow down and shift between autopilot and intentionality. The difference between these two doctors left a lasting impression on Epstein and set the stage for his life’s work—to identify the qualities and habits that distinguish masterful doctors from those who are merely competent. The secret, he learned, was mindfulness. In Attending, his first book, Dr. Epstein builds on his world-renowned, innovative programs in mindful practice and uses gripping and deeply human stories from clinical practice to give patients a language to describe what they most value in health care and to outline a road map for doctors and other health care professionals to refocus their approach to medicine. Drawing on his clinical experiences and current research and exploring four foundations of mindfulness—Attention, Curiosity, Beginner’s Mind, and Presence—Dr. Epstein introduces a revolutionary concept: by looking inward, health care practitioners can grow their capacity to provide high-quality care and the resilience to be there when their patients need them. The commodification of health care has shifted the doctors’ focus away from the healing of patients to the bottom line. Clinician burnout is at an all-time high. Attending is the antidote. With intelligence and compassion, Epstein offers a crucial, timely book that shows us how we can restore humanity to medicine, guides us toward a better overall quality of care, and reminds us of what matters most.

    Available Formats: Download


    7.9 hrs • 1/24/17 • Unabridged
  7. 1.0 hrs • 1/21/2017 • Unabridged

    WANT TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE BATH BOMBS AT HOME WITH STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS? Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn… Uses for Your Bath Bombs Creating the Right Packaging and Care for Your Bath Bombs Storing Your Bath Bomb Some of the Common Mistakes with Bath Bombs That You Should Avoid The Benefits of Making Your Own Bath Bombs Much, Much, More! Here Is A Preview Of Some Of The Bath Bomb Recipes You’ll Learn… Peppermint and Chocolate Bath Bomb Heart Bombs Eucalyptus Bomb Lemon Bomb Orange Bombs Lavender Bombs Peppermint and Eucalyptus Bath Bomb Bergamot and Lavender Bombs Tea Tree and Mint Bath Bombs Rose Oil and Lavender Bath Bombs Cedarwood and Orange Bath Bomb Much, Much, More!

    Available Formats: Download
  8. 9.3 hrs • 1/17/2017 • Unabridged

    The Plan—the instant New York Times and USA Today bestseller that helped listeners pinpoint which “healthy” foods were making them gain weight—has helped hundreds of thousands of listeners slim down. Now nutritionist Lyn-Genet Recitas shares her groundbreaking new thirty-day program that helps listeners create a customized diet and exercise plan to boost their metabolism and burn more fat. Listeners will discover why exercising less—as little as twelve minutes, three times a week—can help them lose more weight; why “healthy” foods like oatmeal and salmon may be packing on the pounds, but French fries may not; and how to optimize their thyroid function. Featuring all-new recipes and backed by science, The Metabolism Plan is primed to revolutionize the diet shelf and help listeners shed weight for good.

    Available Formats: Download, CD

    The Metabolism Plan

    9.3 hrs • 1/17/17 • Unabridged
    Also: CD
  9. 3.2 hrs • 1/17/2017 • Unabridged

    Embrace Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) and become happier with this definitive guide to the Danish philosophy of comfort, togetherness, and well-being. Why are Danes the happiest people in the world? The answer, says Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, is Hygge. Loosely translated, Hygge is a sense of comfort, togetherness, and well-being. “Hygge is about an atmosphere and an experience,” Wiking explains. “It is about being with the people we love. A feeling of home. A feeling that we are safe.” Hygge is the sensation you get when you’re cuddled up on a sofa, in cozy socks under a soft throw, during a storm. It’s that feeling when you’re sharing comfort food and easy conversation with loved ones at a candlelit table. It is the warmth of morning light shining just right on a crisp blue-sky day. The Little Book of Hygge introduces you to this cornerstone of Danish life, and offers advice and ideas on incorporating it into your own life, such as: Get comfy. Take a break.Be here now. Turn off the phones.Turn down the lights. Bring out the candles.Build relationships. Spend time with your tribe.Give yourself a break from the demands of healthy living. Cake is most definitely Hygge.Live life today, like there is no coffee tomorrow. From picking the right lighting to organizing a Hygge get-together to dressing hygge, Wiking shows you how to experience more joy and contentment the Danish way.

    Available Formats: Download, CD, MP3 CD
    The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking

    The Little Book of Hygge

    3.2 hrs • 1/17/17 • Unabridged
    Also: CD, MP3 CD
  10. 11.1 hrs • 1/3/2017 • Unabridged

    A groundbreaking book by the Nobel Prize winner who discovered telomeres, telomerase, and their role in the aging process, and the psychologist who researched specific lifestyle habits to protect them, slow down disease, and lengthen life. Have you ever wondered why some sixty-year olds look and feel like forty-year-olds and why some forty-year-olds look and feel like sixty-year-olds? While many factors contribute to aging and illness, Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, discovered that biological markers, called telomerase, the enzyme that replenishes telomeres, protect our DNA from aging. Dr. Blackburn discovered that the length and health of one’s telomeres provides a biological basis for the long hypothesized mind-body connection. But perhaps more importantly, along with leading health psychologist, Dr. Elissa Epel, she discovered that there are things we can do to improve and lengthen our telomeres to keep us vital and disease free. The Telomere Effect will help people increase their lifespan and healthspan (the number of years that individuals remain healthy and active), including information on how sleep, exercise, and diet profoundly affect our telomeres, and how chronic stress can eat away at our telomeres. Included are lists of which foods are healthy for our telomeres; how aging begins in utero: mothers who are highly stressed during pregnancy have children with shorter telomeres; and how thinking you are young and vital helps keep you that way!

    Available Formats: CD, Download

    The Telomere Effect

    11.1 hrs • 1/3/17 • Unabridged
    Also: Download
  11. 7.3 hrs • 1/3/2017 • Unabridged

    Losing weight and successfully maintaining it over the long term is not as much about what you put in your stomach; it’s more about what’s happening in the brain. In Brain-Powered Weight Loss,psychotherapist and weight management expert Eliza Kingsford shows that more than 90 percent of people who go on diet programs (even healthy ones) fail or eventually regain because they have a dysfunctional relationship with food. Changing this relationship by changing the way you think about and behave around food is what it takes to permanently achieve weight-loss success. Kingsford’s 11-step first-of-its-kind program enlists dozens of mind-altering and behavior-changing exercises and techniques that shows you how to: Identify and reverse the conscious and unconscious thinking errors and food triggers that lead to the behaviors that drive our food decisions.Let go of the mindset of going on or off a diet in favor of a conscious quest to pursue a lifestyle of healthy eating and everyday activity—one that can last forever.Successfully use what Kingsford calls “dealing skills” to outsmart high-risk situations, tame stressful times, and prevent an eating “slip” from leading to a setback or all-out binge.Find out if you have what emerging research shows is an addiction to certain high-fat and sugar-added, processed foods that can be as powerful as addiction to cigarettes and narcotics.Design a personal healthy eating program built on Kingsford’s 10 Principles of Healthy Eating.

    Available Formats: Download

    Brain-Powered Weight Loss

    7.3 hrs • 1/3/17 • Unabridged
  12. 19.7 hrs • 1/3/2017

    A self-published phenomenon examining the habits that kept our ancestors disease-free - now with a prescriptive plan for the Human Diet to help us all live long, vital, healthy lives. Physician and biochemist Cate Shanahan, MD, examined diets around the world known to help people live longer, healthier lives - diets like the Mediterranean, Okinawa, and Blue Zone - and identified the four common nutritional habits, developed over millennia, that unfailingly produce strong, healthy, intelligent children and active, vital elders generation after generation. These four nutritional strategies - fresh food, fermented and sprouted foods, meat cooked on the bone, and organ meats - form the basis of what Dr. Cate calls the Human Diet. Rooted in her experience as an elite athlete who used traditional foods to cure her own debilitating injuries, and combining her research with the latest discoveries in the field of epigenetics, Dr. Cate shows how all calories are not created equal; food is information that directs our cellular growth. Our family history does not determine our destiny: What you eat and how you live can alter your DNA in ways that affect your health and the health of your future children. Deep Nutrition offers a prescriptive plan for how anyone can begin eating the Human Diet to: Improve moodEliminate cravings and the need to snackBoost fertility and have healthier childrenSharpen cognition and memoryEliminate allergies and diseaseBuild stronger bones and jointsGet younger, smoother skin Deep Nutrition cuts through today’s culture of conflicting nutritional ideologies, showing how the habits of our ancestors can help us lead longer, healthier, more vital lives.

    Available Formats: Download
  13. 0.8 hrs • 1/1/2016 • Unabridged

    The Miracle Of Your Voice - Class 1 - Registrations is the first in a series of 3 classes that introduce an exciting new method of vocal self-discovery for the complete beginner. The class teaches you how to speak and sing effectively and makes you feel fantastic! The Miracle Of Your Voice - Class 1 - Registrations consists of two versions of a class that both use practical, accessible exercises and plenty of feel good about your voice moments to encourage a positive and affirming learning experience. The classes are suitable for all and cover the basics of good posture for singing and speaking and the three vocal registrations of your voice. The 40 minute version contains a gentle physical warm up followed by a number of effective vocal exercises that will give you a, 'feeling sense' of making sound with playfulness and without harsh self-criticism. There is also an additional 10 minute 'quick reference' version of the practice, for the days when you have less time, which summarises the key points and exercises within the main class. Both classes are devised and instructed by Barbara Ann Grant, an exceptional vocal coach, classically trained mezzo soprano and sound healer. Barbara's engaging teaching methods will improve the way you use your voice and also your levels of confidence and self-esteem. The Miracle Of Your Voice - Class 1 - Registrations is accompanied by a free PDF guide book that gives reference photo for each exercise and lots of supporting information on the voice, please download your copy from Wellbeing World Online.

    Available Formats: Download
  14. 0.9 hrs • 1/1/2016 • Unabridged

    The Miracle of Your Voice - Class 2 - Breath is the second in a series of 3 classes that introduce an exciting new method of vocal self-discovery for the complete beginner. The class consists of practical and effective exercises which cover the basics of correct management of the breath for effective speaking and singing. The Miracle Of Your Voice - Class 2 - Breath is a 55 minute class is suitable for all. The class consists of a gentle physical warm up followed by a number of vocal breathing exercises including floor breaths, pump breaths, lazyboy breaths, bambi bounces and the singing seaweed. The class also includes a song study "Amazing Grace" to help you put it all into practice. The class is devised and instructed by Barbara Ann Grant, an exceptional vocal coach, classically trained mezzo soprano and sound healer. Barbara's engaging teaching methods will improve the way you use your voice and also your levels of confidence and self- esteem. The Miracle Of Your Voice - Class 2 - Breath is accompanied by a free downloadable PDF guide book that gives reference photos for each exercise and lots of supporting information on the voice, please download your copy from Wellbeing World Online.

    Available Formats: Download
  15. 0.8 hrs • 1/1/2016 • Unabridged

    The Fundamentals of Flow by Tim Maples is a 50 minute flowing vinyasa yoga class with a focus on correct technique and the Ujjayi breath. The class had been devised to introduce and then develop a solid foundation in basic vinyasa yoga technique. The class suitable for beginners and those with experience who are looking to refresh their practice. Throughout the class the Ujjayi breath is used to link together and deepen a simple series of effective yoga postures. The class uses clear, easy-to-follow expert tuition devised and recorded by Tim Maples in the Wellbeing World studio. Tim is an amazing yoga teacher with over 35 years of experience. The Fundamentals of Flow class is accompanied by a free PDF visual reference guide booklet that provides a photo of each yoga posture featured, please download your copy from Wellbeing World Online.

    Available Formats: Download

    The Fundamentals of Flow

    0.8 hrs • 1/1/17 • Unabridged
  16. 1.0 hrs • 1/1/2016 • Unabridged

    The Miracle of Your Voice - Class 3 - Resonance is the third in a series of 3 classes that introduce an exciting new method of vocal self-discovery for the complete beginner. The class consists of practical and effective exercises which will bring awareness to and develop the resonance of your voice. The Miracle of Your Voice - Class 3 - Resonance is a 60 minute class is suitable for all. The class consists of a gentle physical warm up followed by a number of vocal exercises with a focus on the resonance of your voice. The exercises include marshmallow hums, happy horses, vowel shifts and the 'Santa' sounds. The class also includes a song study 'Tall Trees' to help you put your new skills into practice. The class is devised and instructed by Barbara Ann Grant, an exceptional vocal coach, classically trained mezzo soprano and sound healer. Barbara's engaging teaching methods will improve the way you use your voice and also your levels of confidence and self- esteem. The Miracle of Your Voice - Class 3 - Resonance is accompanied by a free downloadable PDF guide book that gives reference photos for each exercise and lots of supporting information on the voice, please download your copy from Wellbeing World Online.

    Available Formats: Download
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