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  1. 0.6 hrs • 5/7/2015 • Unabridged

    Miss Mackle is getting married! But she didn’t invite any of her students to the wedding. The kids don’t understand it: a wedding is a time for families to be together, and they are Miss Mackle’s Room 3B family—which is especially important because her father is in the military overseas, and he won’t be home for the wedding. So Harry comes up with a plan to sneak his pals into the wedding ceremony and hide in the back. It seems like the kids are going to make a horrible mess of their teacher’s wedding … until they find a way to save the day for all involved.

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  2. 1.1 hrs • 12/11/2014 • Unabridged

    In this book you’ll meet three naughty animals, including Fu Manchu, the orangutan escape artist. Fu Manchu lived at the Omaha Zoo and would routinely break out of his habitat to explore the zoo on a nice day. Zookeepers were baffled as to how the ape was escaping, until one day they caught him in the act. Fu Manchu knew how to pick locks. Not only that, he had created his own tool that he used to pick the locks with, which he would store in his mouth so as not to be found out. This and two other charming stories will engage readers and leave them wondering if humans are really the smartest animals.

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  3. 1.1 hrs • 6/4/2014 • Unabridged

    The first in a line of Animal Rescues chapter books, Dog Finds Lost Dolphins will be a tale you’ll not soon forget. In this charming and awe-inspiring story you will meet Cloud, the black lab with a nose for rescue. She’s the only dog certified to sniff out stranded dolphins. Cloud can sniff out a dolphin over a mile off the coast of the Florida Keys. She’s even become friends with them, waiting on the dock for them to pop up and give her a kiss! Some animals have special skills that humans don’t have, like an excellent sense of smell. Others can do many of the same things humans can do, which means they can help people who struggle with basic tasks. This book features three very different animals and their amazing abilities: A Labrador that sniffs out dolphins and whales in danger A capuchin monkey that helps its paralyzed owner A rat trained to find dangerous land mines The book also tells the stories of the people who train these super-smart animals to save and improve lives. Packed with excitement and surprise, this compelling nonfiction book is impossible to put down!

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    Dog Finds Lost Dolphins

    1.1 hrs • 6/4/14 • Unabridged
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