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  1. 6.6 hrs • 2/1/2014 • Unabridged

    Written by Harvard-trained ex-law firm partner Liz Brown, Life after Law: Finding Work You Love with the JD You Have provides specific, realistic, and honest advice on alternative careers for lawyers. Unlike generic career guides, Life after Law shows lawyers how to reframe their legal experience to their competitive advantage, no matter how long they have been in or out of practice, to find work they truly love. Brown herself moved from a high-powered partnership into an alternative career and draws from this experience, as well as that of dozens of former practicing attorneys, in the book. She acknowledges that changing careers is hard—much harder than it was for most lawyers to get their first legal job after law school—but it can ultimately be more fulfilling for many than a life in law. Life after Law offers an alternative framework and valuable analytic tools for potential careers to help launch lawyers into new fields and make them attractive hires for non-legal employers.

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    Life After Law

    6.6 hrs • 2/1/14 • Unabridged
  2. 7.4 hrs • 4/16/2013 • Unabridged

    A noble profession is facing its defining moment. From law schools to the prestigious firms that represent the pinnacle of a legal career, a crisis is unfolding. News headlines tell part of the story-the growing oversupply of new lawyers, widespread career dissatisfaction, and spectacular implosions of pre-eminent law firms. Yet eager hordes of bright young people continue to step over each other as they seek jobs with high rates of depression, life-consuming hours, and little assurance of financial stability. The Great Recession has only worsened these trends, but correction is possible and, now, imperative. In The Lawyer Bubble, Steven J. Harper reveals how a culture of short-term thinking has blinded some of the nation’s finest minds to the long-run implications of their actions. Law school deans have ceded independent judgment to flawed U.S. News & World Report rankings criteria in the quest to maximize immediate results. Senior partners in the nation’s large law firms have focused on current profits to enhance American Lawyer rankings and individual wealth at great cost to their institutions. Yet, wiser decisions, being honest about the legal job market, revisiting the financial incentives currently driving bad behavior, eliminating the billable hour model, and more-can take the profession to a better place. A devastating indictment of the greed, shortsightedness, and dishonesty that now permeate the legal profession, this insider account is essential listening for anyone who wants to know how things went so wrong and how the profession can right itself once again.

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    The Lawyer Bubble

    7.4 hrs • 4/16/13 • Unabridged
  3. 6.6 hrs • 6/7/2010 • Unabridged

    Drawing on his decades of experience working with small-business owners, Michael Gerber adds to his mega-selling E-Myth series with The E-Myth Attorney, a one-of-a-kind system for transforming an attorney’s practice into a business positioned for long-term growth. Many attorneys in small and mid-size practices are experts on the law but may not have considered their practice as much from a business perspective. Michael Gerber’s The E-Myth Attorney fills this void, offering a complete start-up guide you can use to get your practice off the ground quickly and achieve your business goals. In his signature easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement style, Gerber provides comprehensive action steps for maximizing the performance of your practice as well as industry-specific advice from two recognized legal experts in the market segment. The E-Myth Attorney is the last guide you’ll ever need to develop your legal practice as a successful business.

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    The E-Myth Attorney by Michael E. Gerber, Robert Armstrong, JD, Sanford M. Fisch, JD
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