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  1. 6.9 hrs • 4/21/2015 • Unabridged

    The New York Times bestselling author of The Beck Diet Solution teams up with her daughter and colleague at the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior to teach readers how to think their way thin, offering practical, proven tools for escaping common diet traps for good. Most diet programs work at first. But then life happens—stress, bad habits, holidays, travel—and we revert to bad habits, and the weight comes back. In this invaluable book, Dr. Judith Beck offers the solution to break free from these common diet traps and keep the weight off for life. Dr. Beck explains that when it comes to losing weight, it’s not just about what we eat. It’s also about how we think. To consistently eat differently, we must learn to think differently. Diets fail us because they don’t offer effective strategies for overcoming the common traps—emotional eating, social pressure, dining out—that can derail us. Now, she and her daughter, Deborah Beck Busis, share the techniques they have successfully used with thousands of clients, revealing how to overcome the thoughts and behaviors that have held us back. With The Diet Trap Solution, readers on any diet regimen can learn to identify their specific diet traps and create action plans to strengthen their “resistance muscle”—making losing weight easy, sustainable, and enjoyable.

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    The Diet Trap Solution

    6.9 hrs • 4/21/15 • Unabridged
    Also: CD
  2. 9.5 hrs • 3/4/2014 • Unabridged

    Despite the success stories publicized by Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, and others, 90 percent of all diets end in failure. How can fix the way we lose weight so that we make results last? Weight loss expert Dr. Yoni Freedhoff has uncovered the flawed thinking that sabotages even the most earnest weight loss efforts. The majority of dieting or weight loss programs call for regular sacrifice: Give up an entire food group; fight hunger day and night; undertake exhausting and grueling exercise regiments. These approaches are unrealistic, unhealthy, and make it nearly impossible to maintain results. Now, at last, there is hope. In The Diet Fix, Dr. Freedhoff offers a tested program for breaking down the negative thought patterns that prevent people from losing weight and keeping it off. Through the course of years of research and patient treatment, he has developed a “10-Day Reset” that supports losing weight while maintaining a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle. This reset is designed to eliminate the habits that so often lead to weight gain; use it to shut down cravings, prevent indulgences from turning into binges, and break up with the scale once and for all. The 10-Day Reset can make any diet more effective, whether it’s low-carb, low-fat, meal replacement, calorie tracking, or anything in between. Whether used on its own or in conjunction with any other diet, Dr. Freedhoff’s program shows how to replace this toxic dieting mindset with positive beliefs and behaviors. It is time to break the cycle of traumatic dieting. With The Diet Fix, Dr. Freedhoff offers a groundbreaking, useable guide to begin living happily while losing permanently.

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    The Diet Fix

    9.5 hrs • 3/4/14 • Unabridged
  3. 3.0 hrs • 7/15/2012 • Abridged

    If you’ve ever suspected that not everyone should eat the same thing or do the same exercise, you’re right. In fact, what foods we absorb well and how our bodies handle stress differ with each blood type. Your blood type reflects your internal chemistry. It is the key that unlocks the mysteries of disease, longevity, fitness, and emotional strength. It determines your susceptibility to illness, the foods you should eat, and ways to avoid the most troubling health problems. Only recently have all the pieces of the scientific and clinical puzzle started coming together. Dr. D’Adamo spent fifteen years researching the connections among blood type, food, and diseases, and his research is built on thirty years of work done by his father. In Eat Right for Your Type he shows – which foods, spices, teas, and condiments help someone of your blood type maintain optimal health and ideal weight; – which vitamins and supplements to emphasize or avoid; – which medications function best in your system; – whether your stress goes to your muscles or your nervous system; – whether your stress is relieved better through aerobics or meditation; – whether you should walk, swim, or play tennis or golf as your mode of exercise; – how knowing your blood type can help you avoid many common viruses and infections; – how knowing your blood type can help you fight back against life-threatening diseases; – how to slow down the aging process by avoiding factors specific to your blood type that cause rapid cell deterioration. Eat Right for Your Type provides a clear, simple life plan that anyone can follow and suggests the easiest ways to determine your blood type. Here is a breakthrough book that will change the way we eat and live. Important Note: This audio is not intended as a substitute for the medical recommendations of physicians or other healthcare providers. Rather, it’s intended to offer information to help the reader cooperate with physicians and health professionals in a mutual quest for optimum well-being. The identities of people described in the case histories have been changed to protect patient confidentiality. The publisher and the author are not responsible for any goods and/or services offered or referred to in this audio and expressly disclaim all liability in connection with the fulfillment of orders for any such goods and/or services and for any damage, loss, or expense to person or property arising out of or relating to them.

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    Eat Right for Your Type

    By Peter D'Adamo, with Catherine Whitney
    Read by Polly Adams
    3.0 hrs • 7/15/12 • Abridged
  4. 5.5 hrs • 6/18/2012 • Unabridged

    The revised and updated edition of the phenomenal #1 New York Times bestseller explains how to win the fight against fat—the Sugar Busters! way. When Sugar Busters! hit the shelves almost five years ago, it quickly became a diet and lifestyle phenomenon. The millions of people across the country on the Sugar Busters! plan discovered that by simply choosing the correct carbohydrates and lowering their sugar intake, they could shed the pounds they failed to lose with other diets. Now the weight-loss program that swept the nation has been completely revised and updated—incorporating all the newest nutritional findings, health statistics, and scientific studies and featuring all-new, easy-to-follow recipes and meal plans. Among the wealth of new material in this edition, you’ll find amazing testimonials from men and women who are losing weight and feeling fit the Sugar Busters! way; frequently asked questions and helpful answers; the latest on diabetes—and how The New Sugar Busters! can help prevent it; essential facts on women, weight loss, and nutrition; and new tips and practical exercise suggestions. Arm yourself with the facts, and get the figure you’ve always wanted. When it comes to optimal wellness on the Sugar Busters! program, it’s survival of the fittest—a way of life in which everybody wins.

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  5. 5.3 hrs • 4/24/2012 • Unabridged

    America’s ever-expanding waistline—we see it, we hear about it, and we worry about it, but can anything be done about it? We know all the usual suspects: red meat, dairy, white flour, refined sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, a lack of exercise, too much television, and the list goes on and on. It seems simple, right? Not really. There’s a lot more going on below the surface when it comes to what America is eating for dinner—and breakfast and lunch and in between. People today work harder and take better care of their health than any previous generation. So how could two-thirds of us fail to measure up when it comes to eating right and exercising? HBO and the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine have joined together to bring you the nation’s foremost experts and definitive research on weight and weight loss. The Weight of the Nation digs deep to uncover what’s going on in our minds, in our stomachs, in corporate America, on our farms, and in society’s overall love of food. The solution to America’s obesity epidemic will not come from quick-fix diets or a new national obsession with working out. The answer will only come from learning more about how our bodies conserve energy, why we seek out and consume certain foods, and how our world compels us to eat a lot more and move a lot less than we should. Three years in the making, The Weight of the Nation answers such crucial questions as: –Is there such a thing as the right diet? –Am I doomed to yo-yo for the rest of my life? –How does stress affect my weight? –Is my slow metabolism making me fat? –How does carrying too much weight affect my health? –Why do I eat junk food even though I know it’s unhealthy? –Is exercise enough to help most people maintain an ideal weight? –How can I keep weight off forever? The Weight of the Nation provides you with all the tools you need—and gives you the power to better understand your relationships with food and physical activity—so you can change the way you eat and move for the rest of your life.

    Available Formats: CD, MP3 CD

    The Weight of the Nation

    By John Hoffman and Judith A. Salerno, MD, MS, with Alexandra Moss
    5.3 hrs • 4/24/12 • Unabridged
    Also: MP3 CD
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