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  1. 9.4 hrs • 1/22/2014 • Unabridged

    In this engrossing book, biologist David George Haskell reveals the secret world hidden in a single square meter of forest.

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    The Forest Unseen

    9.4 hrs • 1/22/14 • Unabridged
  2. 8.2 hrs • 4/20/2009 • Unabridged

    As the snow melts and the spring approaches, the animal kingdom awakens. In Summer World, Bernd Heinrich, the bestselling author of Winter World, brings us an up-close and personal view of that awakening and rebirth.  Almost all life on the surface of the earth derives its energy from the sun, either directly through photosynthesis or indirectly by consuming plants, making summer the time when nature is most active—feeding, fighting, mating, and nesting. From frogs, wasps, and caterpillars to hummingbirds and woodpeckers, Heinrich explores these animals’ adaptations for surviving and procreating during the short window of summer, and he delights in the seemingly infinite feats of animal inventiveness he discovers there.  Infused with his inexhaustible enchantment with nature, Summer World encourages a sense of wonder and discovery for the natural world and its busiest season.         

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    Summer World

    8.2 hrs • 4/20/09 • Unabridged
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