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  1. 5.0 hrs • 6/16/2015 • Unabridged

    Robbie Rogers knows better than most that keeping secrets can crush you. But for much of his life he lived in paralyzing fear that sharing his big secret would cost him the love of his family and his career as a professional soccer player. So he never told anyone what was destroying his soul, both on and off the field. While the world around Robbie was changing with breathtaking speed, he knew that for a gay man playing a professional team sport it might as well be 1958. He could be a professional soccer player, or he could be an out gay man. He couldn’t do both. Then in 2013, at the age of twenty-five and after nearly stepping away from a brilliant career—one that included an NCAA Championship, winning the MLS Cup, and competing in the Olympics—he chose to tell the truth. But instead of facing the rejection he feared, he was embraced—by his family, his teammates, and his fans. In Coming Out to Play, Robbie takes listeners on his incredible journey from terrified teenager to a trailblazing out-and-proud professional soccer player for the LA Galaxy, a man who has embraced his new identity as a role model and champion for those still struggling with the secrets that keep them from living their dreams.

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    Coming Out to Play

    5.0 hrs • 6/16/15 • Unabridged
  2. 1.5 hrs • 6/9/2015 • Unabridged

    StoryCorps: OutLoud sets out across the country to record and preserve the stories of LGBTQ individuals, along with their families and friends. OutLoud is a project undertaken in the memory of Isay’s father, psychiatrist Dr. Richard Isay. Professionally credited for helping to persuade the mental health community that homosexuality is not a mental disorder, Dr. Isay was himself a closeted gay man for many years. He came out to his son at the age of fifty-two and, in 2011, he married his partner of thirty-one years, Gordon Harrell, before passing away suddenly from cancer on June 28, 2012. On June 28, 2014, the 45th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, StoryCorps inaugurated OutLoud, a three-year project to capture the experiences of L.G.B.T.Q. people. In particular, the project will seek stories from young people, minorities and those who lived before the uprising, which was a response by gays to a police raid on the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village and helped precipitate the gay rights movement.

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    StoryCorps: OutLoud

    Stories told by various narrators
    1.5 hrs • 6/9/15 • Unabridged
  3. 15.0 hrs • 4/22/2014 • Unabridged

    Forcing the Spring begins on election night 2008, when a controversial California ballot initiative called Proposition 8—which removed the right of gay men and women to marry—passed alongside Barack Obama’s stunning victory. Forcing the Spring details how a small but determined group of political and media insiders took the fight for marriage equality all the way to the Supreme Court. Gay activists and Hollywood liberals joined together to enlist attorneys Ted Olson and David Boies—the opposing counsels on the Supreme Court’s infamous Bush v. Gore ruling—to bring a controversial legal case against Proposition 8 before the highest court in the land. Forcing the Spring is the extraordinary ringside account of this unprecedented effort to shift public opinion and reengineer the political certainties of an era. Based on original interviews and in-depth reportage, this is the work of Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Jo Becker, after she was exclusively embedded with the plaintiffs’ legal team for more than four years, attending every day of the trial and every appellate argument. Offering behind-the-scenes coverage on the Obama administration’s role—with access to all the key players in the Justice Department and the White House—Becker reveals the true story of how the president came around to embrace marriage equality and play a surprisingly critical role in the Supreme Court battle. Following the lawyers in the chambers, the political operatives in the strategy rooms, and the heroic couples at the center of this historic lawsuit, Becker weaves together the many threads of the campaign into an inspirational and eye-opening narrative. An exclusive account of a national civil rights struggle, Forcing the Spring carries readers from the first efforts to stop Proposition 8 and the campaign to undermine the Defense of Marriage Act all the way to the final suspenseful moments in the Supreme Court. A multi-angled work of journalism that examines all sides and all participants of this groundbreaking movement, Forcing the Spring is the definitive account of the fight to win the rights of marriage and full citizenship for all.

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    Forcing the Spring

    15.0 hrs • 4/22/14 • Unabridged
  4. 7.5 hrs • 7/11/2013 • Unabridged

    Dan Savage—America’s most irreverent, taboo-busting, flat-out funny sex-advice columnist—shares his revelatory misadventures in adopting a baby. Welcome to Dan Savage’s world: He’s gay, dispenses sex advice to “breeders” (straight people), and at age thirty-two, finds himself in a long-term relationship. He decides he wants a baby in the house, his boyfriend agrees, and so they set out to make a family. Unfortunately, this also makes him a target of oppressive rhetoric among certain conservative groups and a sellout to his gay friends. But all he can think about are the joys of parenthood—if only the birth mother weren’t homeless and admitting to drinking and drugging during the pregnancy; if only people would stop asking “Why do you want a kid?”; and if only Dan could stop offending all the infertile straight couples at the adoption agency. The Kid is a no-holds-barred attack on conservative “values” and also a celebration of family and the lengths some people—gay and straight—will go to in order to create one of their own.

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    The Kid

    7.5 hrs • 7/11/13 • Unabridged
  5. 1 reviews 0 5 5 5 out of 5 stars 5/5 (1)
    7.7 hrs • 5/28/2013 • Unabridged

    On the heels of his Emmy-winning It Gets Better campaign, columnist and provocateur Dan Savage weighs in on such diverse issues as healthcare, gun control, and marriage equality with characteristic straight talk and humor.  Dan Savage has always had a loyal audience, thanks to his syndicated sex-advice column “Savage Love,” but since the incredible global success of his It Gets Better project—his book of the same name was a New York Times bestseller—his profile has skyrocketed. In addition, he’s written for the New York Times, Rolling Stone, the Onion, GQ, the Guardian (London), Salon.com, and countless other widely read publications. He is recognized as someone whose opinions about our culture, politics, and society should not only be listened to but taken seriously.   Now, in American Savage, he writes on topics ranging from marriage, parenting, and the gay agenda to sex education, obesity, and the Catholic Church.

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    American Savage

    7.7 hrs • 5/28/13 • Unabridged
    1 reviews 0 5 5 5 out of 5 stars 5/5 (1)
  6. 9.0 hrs • 5/14/2013 • Unabridged

    As a teenager and young man, Justin Lee felt deeply torn. Nicknamed “God Boy” by his peers, he knew that he was called to a life in the evangelical Christian ministry. But Lee harbored a secret: he also knew that he was gay. In this groundbreaking book, Lee recalls the events, his coming out to his parents, his experiences with the “ex-gay” movement, and his in-depth study of the Bible, that led him, eventually, to self-acceptance. But more than just a memoir, Torn provides insightful, practical guidance for all committed Christians who wonder how to relate to gay friends or family members, or who struggle with their own sexuality. Convinced that “in a culture that sees gays and Christians as enemies, gay Christians are in a unique position to bring peace,” Lee demonstrates that people of faith on both sides of the debate can respect, learn from, and love one another.

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    9.0 hrs • 5/14/13 • Unabridged
  7. 5.9 hrs • 9/18/2012 • Unabridged

    From Gene Robinson, the Bishop of the Diocese of New Hampshire in the Episcopal Church, the first openly gay person elected (in 2003) to the historic episcopate and the world’s leading religious spokesperson for gay rights and gay marriage, comes a groundbreaking book that lovingly and persuasively makes the case for same-sex marriage. It establishes a common sense, reasoned, religious argument made by someone who holds the religious text of the Bible to be holy and sacred and the ensuing two millennia of church history to be relevant to the discussion. For the author, same-sex marriage is a very personal issue: he has been married to his partner for the last four years of a twenty-three-year relationship.

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    God Believes in Love

    5.9 hrs • 9/18/12 • Unabridged
  8. 7.2 hrs • 6/12/2012 • Unabridged

    The most important issue in a gay man’s life is not “coming out,” but coming to terms with the invalidating past. Despite the progress made in recent years, many gay men still wonder, “Are we better off?” The byproduct of growing up gay in a straight world continues to be the internalization of shame, rejection, and anger—a toxic cocktail that can lead to drug abuse, promiscuity, alcoholism, depression, and suicide. Drawing on contemporary psychological research, the author’s own journey, and the stories of many of his friends and clients, Velvet Rage addresses the myth of gay pride and outlines three stages to emotional well-being for gay men. The revised and expanded edition covers issues related to gay marriage, a broader range of examples that extend beyond middle-class gay men in America, and expansion of the original discussion on living authentically as a gay man.

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    The Velvet Rage

    7.2 hrs • 6/12/12 • Unabridged
  9. 5 reviews 0 5 4.8 4 out of 5 stars 4.8/5 (5)
    9.9 hrs • 4/14/2011 • Unabridged

    Every story can change a life. Growing up isn’t easy. Many young people face daily tormenting and bullying, making them feel like they have nowhere to turn. This is especially true for LGBT kids and teens who often hide their sexuality for fear of being bullied. Without other openly gay adults and mentors in their lives, they can’t imagine what their future may hold. In many instances, gay and lesbian adolescents are taunted—even tortured—simply for being themselves. After a number of tragic suicides by LGBT students who were bullied in school, syndicated columnist and author Dan Savage uploaded a video to YouTube with his partner, Terry Miller, to inspire hope for LGBT youth facing harassment. Speaking openly about the bullying they suffered as teenagers and how they both went on to lead rewarding adult lives, they launched the It Gets Better Project YouTube channel and initiated a worldwide phenomenon. With over six thousand videos posted and over twenty million views in the first three months alone, the world has embraced the opportunity to provide personal, honest, and heartfelt support for LGBT youth everywhere. It Gets Better is a collection of expanded essays and new material from celebrities, everyday people, and teens who have posted videos of encouragement, as well as new contributors who have yet to post videos to the site. While many of these teens couldn’t see a positive future for themselves, others can. We can show LGBT youth the levels of happiness, potential, and positivity their lives will reach if they can just get through their teen years. By sharing these stories, It Gets Better reminds teenagers in the LGBT community that they are not alone—and it WILL get better.

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    It Gets Better by Dan Savage, Terry Miller

    It Gets Better

    9.9 hrs • 4/14/11 • Unabridged
    5 reviews 0 5 4.8 4 out of 5 stars 4.8/5 (5)
    Also: CD, MP3 CD, Digital Rental
  10. 1.6 hrs • 8/1/1996 • Abridged

    The unforgettable life story of the fabulous drag queen from the bestselling Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The Lady Chablis, the outrageously charming drag queen made famous in John Berendt’s bestselling Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, takes us on an unforgettable tour of Savannah in her amazing story—a triumphant life filled with passion, humor, flair, and resourcefulness beyond the imaginings of mere mortals. Born Benjamin Edward Knox in Quincy, Florida, in 1957, Brenda Dale Knox (The Lady Chablis) always knew she was different: a girl with “candy.” “I never blamed the Lord ‘cause I knew that He musta wanted me this way.” She’s lived as the Grand Empress of Scrapin’ to Get By, she’s beat up bad-mouthed bouncers, known love sweet and tender, mean and rough, legal and outlawed …and she’s survived and flourished! Laugh-out-loud funny, deeply touching, and just as entertaining as The Lady Chablis in person, Hiding My Candy is one dessert you’ll find absolutely irresistible.

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    Hiding My Candy

    1.6 hrs • 8/1/96 • Abridged
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