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  1. 7.0 hrs • 4/16/2013 • Unabridged

    Are you a guy who’s interested in building rock-hard muscle, erasing your belly fat, boosting your testosterone, and having more mind-blowing sex than you thought possible? If so, then Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha was written specifically for you. In his new book, celebrity trainer and Men’s Health expert John “Roman” Romaniello teams up with expert Adam Bornstein, former editor for both Men’s Health and Livestrong.com. Together, they reveal the secrets they’ve discovered that will give any man—no matter how old you are—a chiseled body that will turn heads everywhere you go. You know the kind of body I’m talking about—the kind of body that women seem to drool and stare at when they’re at the beach with their girlfriends. As a former “fat guy,” Romaniello struggled for years to find a workout and diet that would give him the body he always wanted. By using the very secrets you’ll find in this book—techniques he has spent ten years perfecting—he overcame his “fat genes” and boasts a lean and ripped body—the kind that could be (and has been) seen on the cover of magazines. And the best part is—you don’t have to kill yourself to get this body. Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha will show you exactly how to get the body you’ve always wanted without starving yourself and without spending two hours in the gym every day. Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha will even work for guys in their thirties, forties, and fifties. Getting lean, ripped, and strong is not just for young guys! Romaniello and Bornstein present proven, powerful ways for men to improve physical, emotional, sexual, and psychological health. From research in Olympic labs to real-life results with their clients, they are reinventing masculinity and showing every man how to become exactly who he wants to be.

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