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  1. 2.8 hrs • 4/13/2007 • Unabridged

    The fastest book on two wheels explores the timeless appeal of the motorcycle. In 1885, two German inventors strapped a motor to a bicycle, and the world’s first motorcycle was born. Riders have been hooked ever since. Climb aboard From Boneshakers to Choppers and discover how these two-wheeled wonders spawned subcultures that continue to flourish today. From early endurance contests that catapulted Harley-Davidson to fame to pulp novels featuring rugged biker heroes, you’ll witness the burgeoning motorcycle image of the early twentieth century. Move on to wartime when the military pushed the motorcycle’s portability by designing collapsible motorbikes to drop—by parachute—behind enemy lines. Then follow the motorcycle through the definitive postwar years: the birth of the Hell’s Angels, the ultimate cool of biker Marlon Brando in The Wild One, and the scooter-as-fashion craze of the mods. You’ll also discover the world of adventurous female bikers, take to the tracks of stunt riders, and hit the road with cross-continent racers. Brimming with an amazing collection of archival and contemporary photographs, From Boneshakers to Choppers will take you on an unforgettable ride.

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    From Boneshakers to Choppers

    2.8 hrs • 4/13/07 • Unabridged
  2. 10.0 hrs • 3/4/2007 • Unabridged

    David Gross is working as a corporate lawyer in New York when a friend calls to invite him to move to Bologna to help turn around a legendary Italian motorcycle company, known for its dominance on the track and its inability to turn a profit. Off he heads to the fabled home of marbled meats, radical leftist politics, and bespoke shoes, diving into his new life as the “corporate image consultant” to gearheads while learning to navigate the giddy mores of Bolognese society. There he stokes the business with sexy ad campaigns starring factory workers wearing Versace. Above all, he falls in love with motorcycles, seduced by speed, and realizes that becoming a better rider means tapping into dormant parts of his self that, as it turns out, were just waiting to be unleashed. And when he picks up a handsome, young—and closeted—skinhead, things really get interesting.

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    Fast Company by David M. Gross

    Fast Company

    10.0 hrs • 3/4/07 • Unabridged
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  3. 6.5 hrs • 12/1/2006 • Unabridged

    Each week, millions of viewers tune into the Discovery Channel to watch their favorite dysfunctional American family, the Teutuls. The hit TV show American Chopper features Paul Teutul, Sr., and his sons Paul, Jr. and Mikey, along with a supporting cast of mechanics and friends. Together they create some of the most incredible and outrageous motorcycles in the world. Now, in Orange County Choppers, the Teutuls combine family history with a behind-the-scenes tour of their renowned motorcycle shop—and their new lives as household names. Hilarious and heartwarming, fans of the show and newcomers alike will delight in this truly authentic American success story.

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    Orange County Choppers

    By Paul Teutul Sr., Paul M. Teutul, and Michael Teutul, with Keith and Kent Zimmerman
    Read by Todd McLaren
    6.5 hrs • 12/1/06 • Unabridged
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