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  1. 10.6 hrs • 10/13/2015 • Unabridged

    A transporting, good-humored, and revealing account of Greece’s dire troubles, reported from the mountain villages, idyllic islands, and hardscrabble streets that define the country today In recent years, small Greece, often associated with ancient philosophers and marble ruins, whitewashed villages and cerulean seas, has been at the center of a debt crisis that has sown economic and social ruin, spurred panic in international markets, and tested Europe’s decades-old project of forging a closer union. In The Full Catastrophe, James Angelos makes sense of contrasting images of Greece, a nation both romanticized for its classical past and castigated for its dysfunctional present. With vivid character-driven narratives and engaging reporting that offers an immersive sense of place, he brings to life some of the causes of the country’s financial collapse, and examines the changes, some hopeful and others deeply worrisome, emerging in its aftermath. A small rebellion against tax authorities breaks out on a normally serene Aegean island. A mayor from a bucolic, northern Greek village is gunned down by the municipal treasurer. An aging, leftist hero of the Second World War fights to win compensation from Germany for the wartime occupation. A once marginal group of neo-Nazis rises to political prominence out of a ramshackle Athens neighborhood. The Full Catastrophe goes beyond the transient coverage in the daily headlines to deliver an enduring and absorbing portrait of modern Greece.

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    The Full Catastrophe

    10.6 hrs • 10/13/15 • Unabridged
  2. 7.5 hrs • 8/1/2002 • Unabridged

    Tom Stone went to Greece one summer to write a novel—and stayed twenty-two years. On the tiny idyllic island of Patmos, he fell in love with a beautiful French painter, married, and had two children. Seven years later, he moved his family to Crete for a teaching job, but his heart was still in Patmos; so when a Patmian friend offered him a summer partnership at his tavérna, he jumped at the chance. But his wife warned him not to forget the old adage about Greeks bearing gifts. At The Beautiful Helen, hard work and very long hours were tempered by Stone’s growing reputation as a cook and the promise of enormous profits in August. But his illusions were shattered with the realization that his partner had been cheating him out of thousands of dollars. Featuring Stone’s recipes, The Summer of My Greek Tavérna is a grand, humorous, and sometimes bittersweet adventure of a modern-day innocent pursuing his dreams in a foreign land.

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    The Summer of My Greek Tavérna

    7.5 hrs • 8/1/02 • Unabridged
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