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  1. 9.5 hrs • 5/3/2016 • Unabridged

    Fresh, charming, and wholly irresistible, Champagne Baby turns a familiar tale on its head: instead of yet another American seeking the French secret to good living, a Frenchwoman finds her purpose—much to her surprise—in America. Laure Dugas is a champagne baby, born into a family of winemakers from two storied regions of France: Champagne and the Rhône Valley. When Laure was an infant, her mother would dip a finger in wine and dab it on Laure’s lips to acclimate her to the taste and aroma. But Laure wants little to do with the family business. It is only at age twenty-three, when her uncle offers to send her to New York City to learn English and represent his wines to the American market, that Laure bids adieu to her boyfriend and begins her journey of discovery. The job, it turns out, is both harder and easier than expected. Laure must speak in a new language about a subject in which she has no expertise. But an experienced wine saleswoman shares the secret for faking it: “Always. Be. French.” After all, who could claim to know more about wine than a Frenchwoman? With the pedigree of an expert, even as she feels like a fraud, Laure dives into an industry still dominated by men, winning over restaurateurs and sommeliers, diligently developing her palate, and traveling across the vast country that is her new home. For the first time, Laure is able to distinguish among the famous wines of her native land. She learns to greet a wine by the nose and judge a bottle not by its industry rating but by the balance of its flavors. Overcoming homesickness, culture shock, and the trials of a long-distance relationship, Laure manages to settle into her new milieu, her wine-glass-half-full attitude turning an eight-month stint into a three-year adventure. Part coming-of-age memoir, part travelogue, sprinkled throughout with regional maps and wine recommendations, Champagne Baby imparts the critical lessons that pair with both wine and life: “you’re better than the cheapest bottle,” “there’s always occasion for champagne,” and “trust your palate.” It encourages listeners to view themselves and their surroundings with newfound appreciation, and to raise their glasses with open-mindedness and joy.

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    Champagne Baby by Laure Dugas

    Champagne Baby

    9.5 hrs • 5/3/16 • Unabridged
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  2. 0.9 hrs • 2/24/2014 • Abridged

    In 1762, twenty-two-year-old James Boswell left Edinburgh for London. This portion of his personal journal documents the nine months that followed. Filled with detail, description, and zest for life, Boswell’s London Journal provides a frank and accurate picture of both the young man and London in the early 1760s. While many of Boswell’s journals have been published, this one gained popularity for its racier entries as well as its descriptions of Boswell’s first encounter with Samuel Johnson, who would later be the subject of his most famous written work, the biography The Life of Samuel Johnson. This audiobook contains a wonderful reading by the talented Sir Anthony Quale.

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    Boswell’s London Journal

    0.9 hrs • 2/24/14 • Abridged
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  3. 1.1 hrs • 2/24/2014 • Unabridged

    Many people dream of being a fly on the wall or, even better, a companion and friend to the great artists of the past and present. We cannot offer you quite that relationship but we can take you on a walk through parts of London that will give you a real sense and feel of the world of Dickens and its impact upon his characters and stories. In Charles Dickens—A Walk in His Footsteps, your tour guide is Emma Parker and the book extracts are read by Richard Mitchley.

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    Charles Dickens

    1.1 hrs • 2/24/14 • Unabridged
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  4. 10.7 hrs • 1/8/2013 • Unabridged

    Here, There, Elsewhere draws together for the first time William Least Heat-Moon’s greatest short-form travel writing. Taking us from Japan, England, Italy, and Mexico to Long Island, Oregon, Arizona, and more, Here, There, Elsewhere is a sharply observed, funny, and touching series of uncommon adventures narrated by America’s keenest writer of place, people, and sublime connection. For decades, William Least Heat-Moon’s readers have been clamoring for him to gather his shorter pieces; now that wait is over. A perfect treasury of prose and wry provocation for readers old and new, Here, There, Elsewhere is further confirmation of Least Heat-Moon’s status as an American master.

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    Here, There, Elsewhere

    10.7 hrs • 1/8/13 • Unabridged
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