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  1. 4.5 hrs • 6/28/2016 • Unabridged

    Based on the largest near-death experience study in history, involving three thousand people from diverse backgrounds and religious traditions, including nonbelievers, God and the Afterlife presents startling evidence that a Supreme Being exists—and there is amazing consistency about what he is like. In his bestselling book Evidence of the Afterlife, Dr. Jeffrey Long showed us that there is a strong scientific case for life after death. Now, he goes further, revealing evidence that God is real. At the Near Death Experience Research Foundation, Dr. Long studied the stories of thousands of people who have journeyed to the afterlife. Though there are a wide variety of differences in how people experience NDEs—some see a bright light, others go through a tunnel, still others experience a review of their life—he discovered that many of the accounts shared a remarkably similar description of God; a Supreme Being who radiated love and grace. Expanding on his analysis begun in Evidence of the Afterlife, God and the Afterlife is the first intensive exploration of the people who have reported going to the frontier of heaven, met God, and returned to share their journey. Groundbreaking and profound, it provides new insight into the human experience and expands our notions of mortality, offering possibility, hope, and comfort.

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    God and the Afterlife by Jeffrey Long, Paul Perry

    God and the Afterlife

    4.5 hrs • 6/28/16 • Unabridged
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  2. 4.6 hrs • 5/9/2016 • Unabridged

    If you survey the religious landscape of modern culture, you will encounter an astonishingly diverse range of views. But beneath the surface, these seemingly disparate spiritualities share a common worldview, one that is radically opposed to the Christian faith._x000D_ In this new 12-part teaching series, Only Two Religions, Dr. Peter Jones examines the worldview and fundamental religious convictions that drive modern culture. He demonstrates that in the final analysis, there can be only two religions—worship of the Creator or worship of creation._x000D_

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    Only Two Religions Teaching Series

    4.6 hrs • 5/9/16 • Unabridged
  3. 5.4 hrs • 5/3/2016 • Unabridged

    To the popular objection “Aren’t all religions basically the same?”, pastor and author Jared Wilson answers with an enthusiastic “No!” Christianity is not merely one among many similar options. It is categorically different—and it’s these differences that make it so compelling. In Unparalleled, Wilson holds up the teachings of the Bible to the clear light of day, revealing how Christianity rises above every other religion and philosophy of the world, and how its unmatched truth answers the deepest longings of every human heart. He provides an overview of Christianity’s key claims showing how, from top to bottom, it is distinct from all other competing ideologies, religious and secular. Christians will come away with a fresh sense of the truth of their faith and nonbelievers will be compelled to consider the relevant claims of Christianity in a drastically new light.

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    5.4 hrs • 5/3/16 • Unabridged
  4. 0 reviews 0 5 5 5 out of 5 stars 5/5
    4.1 hrs • 3/8/2016 • Unabridged

    From New York Times bestselling author and former Muslim Nabeel Qureshi comes this personal, challenging, and respectful answer to the many questions surrounding jihad, the rise of ISIS, and Islamic terrorism. San Bernardino was the most lethal terror attack on American soil since 9/11, and it came on the heels of a coordinated assault on Paris. There is no question that innocents were slaughtered in the name of Allah and in the way of jihad, but do the terrorists’ actions actually reflect the religion of Islam? The answer to this question is more pressing than ever, as waves of Muslim refugees arrive in the West seeking shelter from the violent ideology of ISIS. Setting aside speculations and competing voices, what really is jihad? How are we to understand jihad in relation to our Muslim neighbors and friends? Why is there such a surge of Islamist terrorism in the world today, and how are we to respond? In Answering Jihad, bestselling author Nabeel Qureshi (Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus) answers these questions from the perspective of a former Muslim who is deeply concerned for both his Muslim family and his American homeland.

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    Answering Jihad

    4.1 hrs • 3/8/16 • Unabridged
    0 reviews 0 5 5 5 out of 5 stars 5/5
  5. 7.7 hrs • 3/1/2016 • Unabridged

    Did Jesus Really Exist? The search for the historical Jesus continues to be headline news. Any speculative theory seems to get instant attention as the debate rages about His real identity and the claims made in His name. Did Jesus really exist? Is there real historical evidence that demonstrates that He lived and actually said and did the things the Gospels record? Is there any validity to the speculative claims that the Jesus story was a myth, borrowed from a variety of pagan cultures of the ancient world? In this follow-up to the book God’s Not Dead (that inspired the movie), Man, Myth, Messiah looks at the evidence for the historical Jesus and exposes the notions of skeptics that Jesus was a contrived figure of ancient mythology. It also looks at the reliability of the Gospel records as well as the evidence for the resurrection that validates His identity as the promised Messiah. Man, Myth, Messiah will be released concurrent to the God’s Not Dead movie sequel, which will cover the same theme.

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    Man, Myth, Messiah

    7.7 hrs • 3/1/16 • Unabridged
  6. 2.1 hrs • 2/29/2016 • Unabridged

    Many people find it easy to understand about God and Jesus, but struggle to understand quite how and where the Holy Spirit fits into the picture. Who exactly is he? And how does he work in our lives? These short, simple books are designed to help Christians understand what God has said about these questions and many more in the Bible. Suitable for all Christians—especially those who are struggling with questions about who the Holy Spirit is.

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  7. 10.2 hrs • 2/16/2016 • Unabridged

    In the post-Christian context, public life has become markedly more secular and private life infinitely more diverse. Yet many Christians still rely on cookie-cutter approaches to evangelism and apologetics. Most of these methods assume that people are open, interested, and needy for spiritual insight when increasingly most people are not. The urgent need, then, is the capacity to persuade―to make a convincing case for the gospel to people who are not interested in it. In his magnum opus, Os Guinness offers a comprehensive presentation of the art and power of creative persuasion. Christians have often relied on proclaiming and preaching, protesting and picketing but are strikingly weak in persuasion―the ability to talk to people who are closed to what is being said. Actual persuasion requires more than a one-size-fits-all approach. Guinness notes, “Jesus never spoke to two people the same way, and neither should we.” Following the tradition of Erasmus, Pascal, G. K. Chesterton, C. S. Lewis, Malcolm Muggeridge, and Peter Berger, Guinness demonstrates how apologetic persuasion requires both the rational and the imaginative. Persuasion is subversive, turning the tables on listeners’ assumptions to surprise them with signals of transcendence and the credibility of the gospel. This book is the fruit of forty years of thinking, honed in countless talks and discussions at many of the leading universities and intellectual centers of the world. Discover afresh the persuasive power of Christian witness from one of the leading apologists and thinkers of the era.

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    Fool’s Talk by Os Guinness

    Fool’s Talk

    Introduction and conclusion read by Os Guinness
    Read by Ralph Lister
    10.2 hrs • 2/16/16 • Unabridged
    Also: CD, MP3 CD, Digital Rental
  8. 5.3 hrs • 2/16/2016 • Unabridged

    Almost 60 percent of those in American evangelical churches believe that many religions can lead to eternal life. But Jesus says that absolutely no one comes to the Father except through him, so the church is completely failing in its mission. And it’s not hard to guess why. An exclusive Jesus just isn’t popular in our inclusive world. Dr. Robert Jeffress calls on Christians to recover the exclusive claims of the one Lord and Savior, not as a way to keep people out of heaven but as the only true way to invite them in. In Not All Roads Lead to Heaven, he tackles the tough questions: Can people be saved who have never heard of Christ?What about those who worship God by another name?Do children automatically go to Heaven when they die? True compassion for non-Christians doesn’t lie in letting them go their way while we go ours, but in sharing the one and only true way with them.

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    Not All Roads Lead to Heaven

    5.3 hrs • 2/16/16 • Unabridged
  9. 5.3 hrs • 2/16/2016 • Unabridged

    We all have questions about Jesus, but it’s hard to get the answers we’re looking for—if the answers even exist! New York Times bestselling author Eric Metaxas thinks that life’s most important questions are best answered honestly, thoughtfully, and with a generous helping of levity. That’s why he wrote this entertaining guide to the most influential individual to have ever lived on the face of the earth. So if you’ve got questions about Jesus’ life (Did he live at all?), his death (If he truly was the son of God, why did he have to die?), his resurrection (Seriously? Did Jesus really come back after death?), and much more, then start this audiobook and begin your inquiry.

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  10. 2.5 hrs • 1/27/2016 • Unabridged

    Christians believe that history is moving towards a dramatic conclusion—that one day Jesus Christ will return in glory to judge the living and the dead. But there seem to be so many different views about how this will happen, and when it will take place. How can we make sense of it all? This short, readable book explains clearly and simply the liberating reality of what the Bible is actually saying about the return of Christ and the end of the world.

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  11. 2.1 hrs • 1/27/2016 • Unabridged

    When Jesus walked the earth, he cast out demons and had powerful encounters with the devil. But who exactly is the devil, and where did he come from? And what is he up to in the world today? This short, readable book explains clearly and simply what we can say with certainty from the Bible and Satan, demons and evil spirits. Suitable for all Christians—especially those who are struggling with questions about Satan.

    Available Formats: Download
  12. 2.4 hrs • 1/14/2016 • Unabridged

    Our culture ignores it. Many within the church seem to be almost embarrassed by it. Many others understand that the cross of Christ is at the very heart of Christian faith and life. This short, readable book explains clearly and simply what the Bible, and Jesus himself, says about the cross, and how Christians should understand it today.

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  13. 4.5 hrs • 1/14/2016 • Unabridged

    Did the historical person Jesus really regard himself as the Son of God? What did Jesus actually stand for? And what are we to make of the early Christian conviction that Jesus physically rose from the dead? In this book N. T. Wright considers these and many other questions raised by three controversial books about Jesus: Barbara Thiering’s Jesus the Man, A. N. Wilson’s Jesus: A Life, and John Shelby Spong’s Born of a Woman. While Wright agrees with those authors that the real, historical Jesus has many surprises in store for institutional Christianity, he also presents solid reasons for discounting their arguments, claiming that they “fail to reach anything like the right answer” as to who Jesus really was. Written from the standpoint of professional biblical scholarship yet assuming no prior knowledge of the subject, Wright’s Who Was Jesus? shows convincingly that much can be gained from a rigorous historical assessment of what the Gospels say about Jesus. This is a book to engage skeptics and believers alike.

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    Who Was Jesus?

    4.5 hrs • 1/14/16 • Unabridged
  14. 2.5 hrs • 1/12/2016 • Unabridged

    We all have questions about death. Despite the strong assurance the Bible gives us about life beyond the grave, Christians are often troubled by other questions. What will happen on the day of judgement? Will we have bodies in heaven? Will there be rewards? These short, simple books are designed to help Christians understand what God has said about these questions in the scriptures. Suitable for all Christians—especially those with questions about death.

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  15. 2.0 hrs • 1/11/2016 • Unabridged

    We’re saved by the free gift of God—but how free is that gift when our lives are demanded in return? Many Christians are confused by the relationship between the grace of God, and the role of laws and commands in the Christian life. What does it mean to live a life of grace? How does Grace help us grow? And are we “once saved always saved?” In this short, readable book, Michael Jensen explores the Bible’s teaching on these important questions and delivers some surprising conclusions.

    Available Formats: Download
  16. 1.9 hrs • 12/29/2015 • Unabridged

    The Bible makes big claims for itself. But do those claims stand up? Aren’t the stories just legends? Hasn’t the information been corrupted over time? Isn’t the Bible full of mistakes? And isn’t it culturally outdated? In this absorbing little book, Barry Cooper explores these questions—and many others—with warmth, wit and integrity.

    Available Formats: Download
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