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  1. 6.9 hrs • 8/2/2016 • Unabridged

    Exploring heaven and the afterlife, Elyse Fitzpatrick gives you a glimpse of your eternal home, the new earth. It’s not a dull space in the clouds but rather a perfected earth—a wondrous, physical place to explore and enjoy an eternity with God. In this world of fear, trials, and loneliness we often feel adrift—like we’re still searching for a place where we can truly make ourselves at home. There’s a longing for something more, something that makes us feel like we belong, something that resonates perfectly with who we were made to be. This longing is no small thing to be brushed off and forgotten—it’s a guidepost letting us know we were made for another world. Earth is not our home—but it’s close. What we long for is the new earth, the place God has been preparing for our eternity with him. In Home, Elyse Fitzpatrick explores heaven and the afterlife, demonstrating that our final destination is not some dull, featureless space in the clouds, but rather a perfected earth. It’s a real, physical place that we’ll explore with real bodies. A place of beauty and wonder and free of all death and decay. No need to chase a bucket list. On the new earth there will be no end of glorious sites and amazing activities, and we’ll never run out of time for it all.

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    Foreword by Paul David Tripp
    6.9 hrs • 8/2/16 • Unabridged
  2. 6.2 hrs • 8/2/2016 • Unabridged

    A revealing look at the signs of the end times After decades of researching biblical prophecy, bestselling author Timothy Dailey warns that end-time events are closer than we realize. Connecting the dots between history, archaeological findings, first-hand accounts, and Scripture, Dr. Dailey shows that malevolent forces are converging to trigger the end of human history. He reveals:the hidden activity of Gog and Magog over the millennia,worldly portals opening for the Antichrist, andcounterfeit signs and wonders. Yet under the shadow of the apocalypse, the world is witnessing an unprecedented spiritual revival and outpouring of the miraculous. It’s time for us to read the signs and take a stand, knowing that Jesus has promised to be with us to the end of the age.

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    Apocalypse Rising

    6.2 hrs • 8/2/16 • Unabridged
  3. 4.5 hrs • 3/1/2016 • Unabridged

    Heaven has received a lot of attention in recent years as bestselling books and movies have told the stories of people who claim to have been there. But what does the Bible actually say about heaven? What difference does it make? What happens the moment after we die? What will our relationships be like in heaven? Chip Ingram sets aside the hype and myths and digs into the Scriptures to discover what God actually wants us to know about the hereafter. Most importantly, Ingram shows why our understanding of heaven matters now, in this life. Because what we believe about heaven actually affects us today in ways we may not have imagined.

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    The Real Heaven

    4.5 hrs • 3/1/16 • Unabridged
  4. 2.5 hrs • 1/27/2016 • Unabridged

    Christians believe that history is moving towards a dramatic conclusion—that one day Jesus Christ will return in glory to judge the living and the dead. But there seem to be so many different views about how this will happen, and when it will take place. How can we make sense of it all? This short, readable book explains clearly and simply the liberating reality of what the Bible is actually saying about the return of Christ and the end of the world.

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  5. 7.8 hrs • 12/31/2015 • Unabridged

    If you’re going to call it “home” for eternity, don’t you want to know what it’s like? Our pictures of heaven range from comical to curious, mystical to fictitious, with bits of biblical truth thrown in. But if heaven is our future, and we are to be living with an eternal mind-set in the present, a Hollywood scriptwriter’s interpretation of the afterlife just won’t suffice. Quite simply, we need to know more about what lies ahead for the sake of what lies in front of us today. In this newly updated and expanded edition, pastor John MacArthur takes us through the pages of scripture, exploring the wonders of heaven and the truth about angels and eternal life while addressing current debates and issues. Come along with this bestselling author for an in-depth look at every Christian’s future—heaven, our eternal home.

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    The Glory of Heaven

    7.8 hrs • 12/31/15 • Unabridged
  6. 1.0 hrs • 4/1/2015 • Unabridged

    In this installment from the Crucial Questions series, Dr. R. C. Sproul examines the discourse to glean from it truths regarding who Jesus was, what He really meant, and what his words mean for us today.

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  7. 1.6 hrs • 3/15/2015 • Unabridged

    Is heaven a literal place? What does it look like? What will we do all day? Will there be angels there? We all have questions about what heaven will be like. Fortunately, scripture is filled with helpful information about our future home—we just have to know where to look. Dr. David Jeremiah has spent a lifetime studying what the Bible has to say about heaven, and now, in Answers to Your Questions about Heaven, he has done just that—provided answers to your most pressing questions about heaven, angels, and eternity in a straightforward, easy-to-understand, biblically based book. A perfect gift for friends and family and a handy resource to keep on your own shelf, this little book will ignite your imagination and whet your appetite for all the amazing experiences that await.

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    Answers to Your Questions about Heaven

    1.6 hrs • 3/15/15 • Unabridged
  8. 3.4 hrs • 2/10/2015 • Unabridged

    ISIS, Ebola, social disorder, religious persecution, rampant immorality—are these the harbingers of the biblical apocalypse and the end of the world? If they are, what do they mean, and when can we expect this to happen? In this eye-opening book, prophecy insider Robert Jeffress offers a reasoned look at these “signs” and what Jesus Christ himself meant when he talked about a future so horrendous that no human lives would be spared “unless those days were shortened” (Matthew 24.22). Did he have our time in mind? All over the world people are aware that something unprecedented in human history is about to happen. Countdown to the Apocalypse presents vital information that everyone, both inside and outside the church, needs to know to be prepared.

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    Countdown to the Apocalypse

    3.4 hrs • 2/10/15 • Unabridged
  9. 9.2 hrs • 9/1/2013 • Unabridged

    When Dr. Reggie Anderson is present at the bedside of a dying patient, something miraculous happens. Sometimes as he sits vigil and holds the patient’s hand, he can experience what they feel and see as they cross over. Because of these God-given glimpses of the afterlife—his “appointments with heaven”—Reggie knows beyond a doubt that we are closer to the next world than we think. Join him as he shares remarkable stories from his life and practice, including the tragedy that nearly drove him away from faith forever. He reveals how what he’s seen, heard, and experienced has shaped what he believes about living and dying; how we can face the passing of our loved ones with the courage and confidence that we will see them again; and how we can each prepare for our own “appointment with heaven.” Soul-stirring and hope-filled, Appointments with Heaven is a powerful journey into the questions at the very core of your being. Is there more to life than this? What is heaven like? And, most important: Do I believe it enough to let it change me?

    Available Formats: Download

    Appointments with Heaven

    By Dr. Reggie Anderson, with Jennifer Schuchmann
    Read by Eric G. Dove
    9.2 hrs • 9/1/13 • Unabridged
  10. 7.8 hrs • 7/15/2012 • Unabridged

    Bishop John Shelby Spong, author of Jesus for the Non-Religious, Why Christianity Must Change or Die, Sins of Scripture, and many other books, is known for his controversial ideas and fighting for minority rights. In Eternal Life: A New Vision, a remarkable spiritual journey about his lifelong struggle with the questions of God and death, he reveals how he came to a new conviction about eternal life. God, says spong, is ultimately one, and each of us is part of that oneness. We do not live on after death as children who have been rewarded with heaven or punished with hell but as part of the life and being of God, sharing in God’s eternity, which is beyond the barriers of time and space. spong argues that the discovery of the eternal can be found within each of us if we go deeply into ourselves, transcend our limits and become fully human. By seeking God within, by living each day to its fullest, we will come to understand how we live eternally. Always compelling and controversial, Spong, the leading Christian liberal and pioneer for human rights, wrestles with the question that all of us will ultimately face. In his final book, Spong takes us beyond religion and even beyond Christianity until he arrives at the affirmation that the fully realized human life empties into and participates in the eternity of God. The pathway into God turns out to be both a pathway into ourselves and a doorway into eternal life. To Job’s question “If a man (or a woman) dies, will he (or she) live again?” he gives his answer as a ringing yes!

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    Eternal Life

    7.8 hrs • 7/15/12 • Unabridged
  11. 3.0 hrs • 3/1/2012 • Unabridged

    Inspired by the bestselling book Heaven, Life Promises for Eternity provides listeners with more than one hundred brief, inspirational readings on the topic of Heaven and the New Earth. Each reading is coupled with a trio of complementary Bible verses designed to further illuminate what the Bible has to say about the extraordinary place we will someday call home. Life Promises for Eternity is an ideal gift for anyone who has ever wondered, “What will Heaven really be like?”

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    Life Promises for Eternity

    3.0 hrs • 3/1/12 • Unabridged
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  12. 5.0 hrs • 12/1/2011 • Unabridged

    Jonathan Edwards dissertation concerning the ultimate reason that God made the world. One of several pieces written by the brilliant theologian so that a large number readers might understand complicated theological issues. Jonathan Edwards (1703–1758) is a towering figure in American history. A controversial theologian and the author of the famous sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” he ignited the momentous Great Awakening of the eighteenth century.

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  13. 11.4 hrs • 9/27/2011 • Unabridged

    Of all the teachings of Christianity, the doctrine of hell is easily the most troubling, so much so that in recent years the church has been quietly tucking it away. Rarely mentioned anymore in the pulpit, it has faded through disuse among evangelicals and been attacked by liberal theologians. Hell is no longer only the target of those outside the church. Today, a disturbing number of professing Christians question it as well. Perhaps more than at any other time in history, hell is under fire. The implications of the historic view of hell make the popular alternatives, annihilationism and universalism, seem extremely appealing. But the bottom line is still God’s Word. What does the Old Testament reveal about hell? What does Paul the apostle have to say, or the book of Revelation? Most important, what does Jesus, the ultimate expression of God’s love, teach us about God’s wrath? Upholding the authority of Scripture, the different authors in Hell Under Fire explore a complex topic from various angles. R. Albert Mohler, Jr. provides a historical, theological, and cultural overview of “The Disappearance of Hell.” Christopher Morgan draws on the New Testament to offer three pictures of hell as punishment, destruction, and banishment. J. I. Packer compares universalism with the traditional understanding of hell, Morgan does the same with annihilationism, and Sinclair Ferguson considers how the reality of hell ought to influence preaching. These examples offer some idea of this volume’s scope and thoroughness. Hell may be under fire, but its own flames cannot be quenched by popular opinion. This book helps us gain a biblical perspective on what hell is and why we cannot afford to ignore it. And it offers us a better understanding of the One who longs for all people to escape judgment and obtain eternal life through Jesus Christ.

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    Hell under Fire

    11.4 hrs • 9/27/11 • Unabridged
  14. 1 reviews 0 5 4 4 out of 5 stars 4/5 (1)
    10.5 hrs • 4/19/2011 • Unabridged

    The Bible predicts that in the last days a charismatic leader will establish a global following in the name of peace. The Qur’an also predicts that a man will rise up to lead the nations, pledging to usher in an era of peace. The man in the Qur’an is called the Mahdi, or Islam’s savior. However, the man in the Bible is the Antichrist. Joel Richardson’s stunning research and analysis suggest that the Mahdi and the Antichrist are actually one and the same. In The Islamic Antichrist, Richardson exposes Western readers to the traditions of Islam and predicts that the end-times may not be far away. His book will stun readers unaware of the similarities between the Antichrist and the “Islamic Jesus.” His research on the relationship between Christian end-time prophecy and Islamic expectations of world domination will shock readers and shape the debate over radical Islam for years to come. This is the book to read on the world’s fastest-growing religion and the future of the world.

    Available Formats: Download, CD, MP3 CD, Digital Rental
    The Islamic Antichrist by Joel Richardson

    The Islamic Antichrist

    10.5 hrs • 4/19/11 • Unabridged
    1 reviews 0 5 4 4 out of 5 stars 4/5 (1)
    Also: CD, MP3 CD, Digital Rental
  15. 0.9 hrs • 3/31/2011 • Unabridged

    “Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again!” This foundational liturgical refrain reminds us that what God has already achieved in the past through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ is the foundation for what Scripture says he will do in the future, at the consummation of all things. In this booklet Sam Storms examines the essential elements of Christian eschatological hope—including bodily resurrection, judgment, hell and eternal punishment, and heaven in the presence of God—to show that this hope is a confident expectation rooted in the historical reality of what transpired in the life and death of Christ. Storms examines the inauguration of God’s sovereign rule in the first coming of Christ in order to explore the implications of the consummation of the kingdom of God, the “blessed hope” of the Christian, and the controlling theme of biblical eschatology.  The Restoration of All Things is a Gospel Coalition booklet designed to offer a thoughtful explanation for point 13 of the ministry’s confessional statement. The Gospel Coalition is an evangelical renewal movement dedicated to a scripture-based reformation of ministry practices.

    Available Formats: Download

    The Restoration of All Things

    Edited by D. A. Carson and Timothy Keller
    0.9 hrs • 3/31/11 • Unabridged
  16. 11.9 hrs • 3/28/2011

    It’s hard to look at the headlines, see the continuing turmoil in the Middle East and the decline of society here in the United States, and not think that we are living in the end times. The prophetic stories of the Bible seem to be happening right in front of our eyes today as we see what is happening around the world. Scripture tells us that we do not know the day nor the hour when Christ will return, but that we should recognize the signs of His imminent return and be prepared. You’ll get keen insight into what the Bible has to say about the last days from some of the top Bible prophecy scholars in America, including Tim LaHaye, Joel Rosenberg, and Lt. Gen. William Boykin, retired. You’ll also learn how we as Christians should approach these final days before the return of Jesus Christ. This recorded conference is not just for scholars, but for everyone who sees what is happening in the world today and wants to know more about what is in store as Christ’s return draws near.

    Available Formats: Download
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