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  1. 6.6 hrs • Mar/07/2017 • Unabridged

    What if we are stubbing our toes on the sacred every day and not realizing it?_x000D_ _x000D_ We are the most connected culture in history, but we are arguably the most disconnected from the awareness of Godu2019s presence. Waking Up Slowly is author Dave Burchettu2019s personal challenge to live in the moment and find the everyday joys we miss when we live in disconnected busyness._x000D_ _x000D_ Dave Burchett sets out to discover how life might be different if he awoke each morning consciously looking for the easy-to-miss postcards from God. Waking Up Slowly is an intimate, warm, and touching story of learning how to more fully appreciate each moment. During his journey, the author finds regular reminders of daily joys with his Labrador pal, Maggie, often at his side._x000D_ _x000D_ Waking Up Slowly challenges the listener to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate the ways God reveals Himself daily. Through regular people, everyday situations, cuddly creatures, and stunning nature, Godu2019s presence is real and discoverable. We just need to wake up to it._x000D_

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    Waking Up Slowly

    Read by Dave Burchett
    6.6 hrs • Mar/07/2017 • Unabridged
  2. 5.0 hrs • Feb/24/2015 • Unabridged

    You’ll be enthralled by this story of a man and his lovable labrador retriever, Hannah, and what their canine friendship can show us about life, grace, and long walks in the park. Hannah was Dave’s best friend. He couldn’t imagine starting a day without her tail wagging an energetic greeting, her body wiggling with sheer gratitude when her food dish was filled, and her unbridled enthusiasm for tennis balls (how she fit three tennis balls in her mouth at once he’ll never know). So when Dave first learned of Hannah’s cancer diagnosis, he decided to take whatever time he had left with Hannah to cherish the moments and capture his thoughts in a journal. As he wrote about his canine friend, he soon realized that Hannah was an able (and furry) mentor of faith, grace, kindness, and forgiveness. The lessons were invaluable: from being present to trusting the master. When Hannah lived well past the expected time frame, Dave started to see that the insights he was gaining were more than just journal entries about a family pet. Through Hannah’s antics, God was preparing Dave for life itself. You won’t want to miss this heartwarming tale of a dog who knew how to live and showed her owner how.

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    Read by Maurice England
    5.0 hrs • Feb/24/2015 • Unabridged
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