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  1. 5.1 hrs • Mar/15/2017 • Unabridged

    Have you ever wondered if someone was being less than totally honest with you? Now you can find out-and fight back. A renowned psychologist shows you how to stop the lies and uncover the truth in any situation. Dr. Lieberman's easy-to-use tools let you determine, with uncanny accuracy, if you are being lied to. You will learn step by step how to analyze body language, facial expressions, word choice, and sentence structure to get at the real meaning behind the message. Based on new developments in hypnosis and psycholinguistics, this book also shows you how to influence anyone to tell the truth. David J. Lieberman is a nationally recognized leader in the field of human behavior. He has written extensively and is a sought-after speaker. His ground-breaking theories become especially user-friendly in an audio format. With Richard M. Davidson's deep and resonant voice, the colorful examples and engaging scenarios filling this book come to life.

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    Never Be Lied to Again

    5.1 hrs • Mar/15/2017 • Unabridged
  2. 3.0 hrs • Feb/01/2005

    Easy, prescriptive advice on how to change anybody from New York Times bestselling author David Lieberman If you've ever wanted to change someone in your life--to make him or her more generous, less angry, more romantic, or less impatient--this is the book for you. With these clear, prescriptive techniques, How to Change Anybody tells you how to: - Inspire loyalty - Eliminate predjudice in anyone - Turn anyone's mood around fast - Stop stubborn behavior - Remake a wallflower into a social butterfly - Stop passive aggressive behavior - Turn a lazy bum into an ambitious go-getter These simple tried-and-true techniques truly give you the tools to change anyone!

    Available Formats:

    How to Change Anybody

    Read by Bruce Sabath
    3.0 hrs • Feb/01/2005
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