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  1. 7.3 hrs • Mar/14/2017 • Unabridged

    When Joselin Linder was in her twenties, her legs suddenly started to swell. After years of misdiagnoses, doctors discovered a deadly blockage in her liver. Struggling for an explanation, Joselin compared the medical chart of her father—who had died from a mysterious disease, ten years prior—with that of an uncle who had died under similarly strange circumstances. Delving further into the past, she discovered that her great-grandmother had displayed symptoms similar to hers before her death. Clearly, this was more than a fluke.Setting out to build a more complete picture of the illness that haunted her family, she approached Dr. Christine Seidman, the head of a group of world-class genetic researchers at Harvard Medical School, for help. Dr. Seidman had been working on her family’s case for twenty years and finally confirmed that fourteen of Joselin’s relatives made up a founder population—a group of people experiencing the baffling symptoms of a brand-new genetic mutation. Here, Joselin tells the story of their gene: the lives it claimed and the future of genomic medicine with the potential to save those that remain.Digging into family records and medical history, conducting interviews with family and friends, and reflecting on her own experiences with a Harvard doctor, Joselin pieces together the lineage of this deadly gene to write a gripping and unforgettable exploration of family, history, and love. A compelling chronicle of survival and perseverance, The Family Gene is an important story of a young woman reckoning with her father’s death, her own mortality, and her ethical obligations to herself and those closest to her.

    Available Formats: CD, MP3 CD

    The Family Gene

    Read by Khristine Hvam
    7.3 hrs • Mar/14/2017 • Unabridged
    Also: CD, MP3 CD
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