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  1. 8.2 hrs • Mar/07/2017 • Unabridged

    Born in Los Angeles, Ryan Ruby was educated at Columbia University, Pembroke College, Oxford, and the University of Chicago. He has been a bookseller at a Barnes & Noble in Los Angeles, a tour guide in Berlin, a layabout in New Orleans, and a lecturer in philosophy at the City University of New York. His writing—which includes fiction, philosophy, literary criticism, and political commentary—has appeared in such venues as Conjunctions, The Baffler, Bookforum, Dissent, n+1, The Paris Review Daily, among others. Recently, he has translated Roger Caillois and Grégoire Bouillier from the French for Readux Books. The Zero and the One is his debut novel. He currently lives in Berlin.

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    The Zero and the One

    Read by Bobby Long
    8.2 hrs • Mar/07/2017 • Unabridged
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