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  1. 1.6 hrs • Dec/06/2016 • Unabridged

    For years, Frederick Lowell has quietly managed the estate of the revered novelist Edward Goodwin. Though the author of only one novel, that book has gone on to sell hundreds of millions of copies, keeping Lowell comfortable, as well as Goodwin’s ne’er-do-well and feckless children. Then word comes that a sequel to the novel may in fact exist, and Lowell becomes a detective, navigating a series of startling twists that take him from a Hamptons retreat to a state penitentiary, from a Westchester homestead to a decaying Southern hotel. The Sequel is Jeffrey Deaver at his finest, diabolically plotted and filled with rich characterizations.The Sequel by Jeffrey Deaver is one of twenty short stories within Mulholland Books’s Strand Originals series, featuring thrilling stories by the biggest names in mystery from the Strand Magazine archives.

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    The Sequel

    Read by Robert Fass
    1.6 hrs • Dec/06/2016 • Unabridged
  2. 13.5 hrs • Jun/14/2016 • Unabridged

    In the most ingenious and provocative thriller yet from acclaimed New York Times bestselling author Jeffery Deaver, a conscience-plagued mobster turned government hit man struggles to find his moral compass amid rampant treachery and betrayal in 1936 Berlin. Paul Schumann, a German American living in New York City in 1936, is a mobster hit man known as much for his brilliant tactics as for taking only “righteous” assignments. But then Paul gets caught, and the arresting officer offers him a stark choice: prison or covert government service. Paul is asked to pose as a journalist covering the summer Olympics taking place in Berlin. He’s to hunt down and kill Reinhard Ernst—the ruthless architect of Hitler’s clandestine rearmament. If successful, Paul will be pardoned and given the financial means to go legit; if he refuses the job, his fate will be Sing Sing and the electric chair. Paul travels to Germany, takes a room in a boardinghouse near the Tiergarten—the huge park in central Berlin but also, literally, the “Garden of Beasts”—and begins his hunt. In classic Deaver fashion, the next forty-eight hours are a feverish cat-and-mouse chase, as Paul stalks Ernst through Berlin while a dogged Berlin police officer and the entire Third Reich apparatus search frantically for the American.Garden of Beasts is packed with fascinating period detail and features a cast of perfectly realized locals, Olympic athletes, and senior Nazi officials—some real, some fictional. With hairpin plot twists, the reigning “master of ticking-bomb suspense” (People) plumbs the nerve-jangling paranoia of prewar Berlin and steers the story to a breathtaking and wholly unpredictable ending.

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    Garden of Beasts

    Read by Jefferson Mays
    13.5 hrs • Jun/14/2016 • Unabridged
  3. 9.6 hrs • May/10/2016 • Unabridged

    Tate Collier, once one of the country’s finest trial lawyers, is trying to forget his past. Now, a divorced gentleman farmer, land developer, and community advocate in rural Virginia, he’s regrouping from some disastrous mistakes in the realms of love and the law. But controversy - and danger - seem to have an unerring hold on Tate. And even as he struggles to regroup, his alter ego is plotting his demise. Aaron Matthews, a brilliant psychologist, has turned his talents away from curing patients to far deadlier goals. He’s targeted Tate, his ex-wife, Bett, and their estranged daughter Megan for unspeakable revenge. Matthews, ruthless and hell-bent, will destroy anything that inhibits his plans. When their daughter disappears, Tate and Bett reunite in a desperate, heart-pounding attempt to stop Matthews, a psychopath whose gift of a glib tongue and talent for coercion are as dangerous as knives and guns.Featuring an urgent race against the clock, gripping details of psychological manipulation, and the brilliant twists and turns that are trademark Deaver, Speaking in Tongues delivers the suspense punch that has made this author a bestseller. It will leave you speechless.

    Available Formats:

    Speaking in Tongues

    9.6 hrs • May/10/2016 • Unabridged
  4. 0.9 hrs • Apr/19/2016 • Unabridged

    From the New York Times bestselling author of the Lincoln Rhyme series, a short story about Lincoln Rhyme solving a mysterious plane crash with no forensic evidence.A small jet with only the pilot on-board crashes into the Atlantic Ocean. Local authorities are unsure whether the cause of the crash is a bomb or a violent storm. The case seems like it will be an easy one to solve for former NYPD homicide detective Lincoln Rhyme to solve. The evidence is inside the cockpit but there is one problem. The wreckage sits at the bottom of the Puerto Rican Trench, the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean that stretches to twenty-eight thousand feet. The plane can’t be raised. And there’s no way to get to where the evidence lies.“Where the Evidence Lies” by Jeffery Deaver is one of twenty short stories within Mulholland Books’s Strand Originals series, featuring thrilling stories by the biggest names in mystery from the Strand magazine archives. View the full series list at mulhollandbooks.com and read them all!

    Available Formats:

    Where the Evidence Lies

    Read by Allan Robertson
    0.9 hrs • Apr/19/2016 • Unabridged
  5. 15.3 hrs • Apr/12/2016 • Unabridged

    Lincoln Rhyme, first introduced in the spine-chilling novel The Bone Collector, dazzled readers with unparalleled forensic sleuthing—all done from the confines of a wheelchair. A famed criminologist, paralyzed from the neck down, Rhyme compensates for his physical disability with his brains—and the arms and legs of his brilliant and beautiful protégée, Amelia Sachs. It is Amelia who “walks the grid” for Rhyme, acting as his eyes and ears for the famously dangerous and difficult cases chronicled in Jeffery Deaver’s previous Lincoln Rhyme novels The Bone Collector, The Coffin Dancer, and The Empty Chair. Now the awe-inspiring duo returns in The Stone Monkey. Recruited to help the FBI and the Immigration and Naturalization Service perform the nearly impossible, Lincoln and Amelia manage to track down a cargo ship headed for New York City and carrying two dozen illegal Chinese immigrants, as well as the notorious human smuggler and killer known as “the Ghost.” But when the Ghost’s capture goes disastrously wrong, Lincoln and Amelia find themselves in a race against time: to stop the Ghost before he can track down and murder the two surviving families who have escaped from the ship and vanished deep into the labyrinthine world of New York City’s Chinatown.The follow-up to Jeffery Deaver’s massive bestseller The Bone Collector,The Stone Monkey is a “simply outstanding” (San Jose Mercury News) addition to the Lincoln Rhyme series.

    Available Formats:

    Stone Monkey

    Read by William Dufris
    15.3 hrs • Apr/12/2016 • Unabridged
  6. 14.6 hrs • Mar/08/2016 • Unabridged

    New York Times bestselling author Jeffery Deaver returns with this blockbuster thriller featuring forensic detective Lincoln Rhyme.Amelia Sachs is hot on the trail of a killer. She’s chasing him through a department store in Brooklyn when an escalator malfunctions. The stairs give way, with one man horribly mangled by the gears. Sachs is forced to let her quarry escape as she jumps in to try to help save the victim. She and famed forensic detective Lincoln Rhyme soon learn, however, that the incident may not have been an accident at all but the first in a series of intentional attacks. They find themselves up against one of their most formidable opponents ever: a brilliant killer who turns common products into murder weapons. As the body count threatens to grow, Sachs and Rhyme must race against the clock to unmask his identity—and discover his mission—before more people die.

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    The Steel Kiss

    14.6 hrs • Mar/08/2016 • Unabridged
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  7. 13.5 hrs • Mar/08/2016 • Unabridged

    NYPD criminalist Lincoln Rhyme joins his beautiful protégé, Amelia Sachs, in the hunt for the Coffin Dancer—an ingenious killer who changes appearance even faster than he adds to his trail of victims. They have only one clue: the madman has a tattoo of the Grim Reaper waltzing with a woman. Rhyme must rely on his wits and intuition to track the elusive murderer through New York City—knowing they have only forty-eight hours before the Coffin Dancer strikes again.

    Available Formats:

    The Coffin Dancer

    Read by Jeff Harding
    13.5 hrs • Mar/08/2016 • Unabridged
  8. 1.8 hrs • Feb/02/2016 • Unabridged

    Forensic detective Lincoln Rhyme and his partner Amelia Sachs return in this short story from New York Times bestselling author Jeffery DeaverA man is murdered in a back alley. Renowned forensic detective Lincoln Rhyme and his partner Amelia Sachs are left with a veritable mountain of evidence collected from the trash-filled alley, and their only lead is a young eyewitness: the man’s eight-year-old son, who was riding along on his father’s delivery route.But the murder victim may have been more than just a simple deliveryman. Rhyme and Sachs uncover clues that he might have been delivering a highly illegal, contraband shipment—which is now missing. And someone wants it back …

    Available Formats:

    The Deliveryman

    1.8 hrs • Feb/02/2016 • Unabridged
  9. 13.8 hrs • May/12/2015 • Unabridged

    New York Times bestselling author Jeffery Deaver’s blockbuster thriller featuring returning character Kathryn DanceA tragedy occurs at a small concert venue on the Monterey Peninsula. Cries of “fire” are raised, and panicked people run for the doors, only to find them blocked. Half a dozen people die, and others are seriously injured. But it’s the panic and the stampede that killed; there was no fire. Kathryn Dance—a brilliant California Bureau of Investigation agent and body language expert—discovers that the stampede was caused intentionally, and the perpetrator, a man obsessed with turning people’s own fears and greed into weapons, has more attacks planned. She and her team must race against the clock to find where he will strike next before more innocents die.

    Available Formats: Retail CD Buy-In, Retail CD Buy-In

    Solitude Creek

    Read by January LaVoy
    13.8 hrs • May/12/2015 • Unabridged
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  10. 10.8 hrs • Jun/03/2014 • Unabridged

    Edited by #1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci and including stories by Michael Connelly, Lee Child, Jeffery Deaver, and more, this one-of-a-kind anthology pulls together the most beloved characters from the best and most popular thriller series today. Worlds collide!In an unprecedented collaboration, twenty-three of the world’s bestselling and critically acclaimed thriller writers have paired their series characters—such as Harry Bosch, Jack Reacher, and Lincoln Rhyme—in an eleven-story anthology curated by the International Thriller Writers (ITW). All of the contributors to FaceOff are ITW members, and the stories feature these dynamic duos: Harry Boschvs.Patrick Kenzie in “Red Eye,” by Dennis Lehane and Michael Connelly John Rebus vs. Roy Grace in “In the Nick of Time,” by Ian Rankin and Peter James Slappy the Ventriloquist Dummy vs. Aloysius Pendergastin “Gaslighted,” by R. L. Stine, Douglas Preston, and Lincoln Child Malachai Samuels vs. D. D. Warren in “The Laughing Buddha,” by M. J. Rose and Lisa Gardner Paul Madriani vs. Alexandra Cooper in “Surfing the Panther,” by Steve Martini and Linda Fairstein Lincoln Rhyme vs. Lucas Davenport in “Rhymes with Prey,” by Jeffery Deaver and John Sandford Michael Quinn vs. Repairman Jack in “Infernal Night,” by Heather Graham and F. Paul Wilson Sean Reilly vs. Glen Garber in “Pit Stop,” by Raymond Khoury and Linwood Barclay Wyatt Hunt vs. Joe Trona in “Silent Hunt,” by John Lescroart and T. Jefferson Parker Cotton Malone vs. Gray Pierce in “The Devil’s Bones,” by Steve Berry and James Rollins Jack Reacher vs. Nick Heller in “Good and Valuable Consideration,” by Lee Child and Joseph FinderSo sit back and prepare for a rollicking ride as your favorite characters go head-to-head with some worthy opponents in FaceOff—it’s a thrill-a-minute read.

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  11. 13.2 hrs • May/13/2014 • Unabridged

    In his classic thriller The Bone Collector, Jeffery Deaver introduced readers to Lincoln Rhyme—the nation’s most renowned investigator and forensic detective. Now, a new killer is on the loose: a criminal inspired by the Bone Collector. And Rhyme must untangle the twisted web of clues before the killer strikes again …The killer’s methods are terrifying. He stalks the basements and underground passageways of New York City and inks his victims’ flesh with cryptic messages, using a tattoo gun loaded with poison, resulting in an agonizing, painful death.When a connection is made to the Bone Collector—the serial killer who terrorized New York more than a decade ago—Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs are immediately drawn into the case.Rhyme, Sachs, and the NYPD must race against time to answer the many questions the investigation uncovers. Whom will the killer attack next? What is the message behind the tattoos? Does the killer’s own inking—a fanged centipede sporting a woman’s face—hold any significance? And what is his ultimate mission? As they struggle to discover the meaning behind the designs, they are led down a treacherous and twisting path where nothing is as it seems. They must decipher the puzzle before more victims – or they themselves – are next.

    Available Formats:

    The Skin Collector

    13.2 hrs • May/13/2014 • Unabridged
  12. 14.0 hrs • Apr/01/2014 • Unabridged

    Selected by Jeffrey Deaver and Raymond Benson, this is a collection of mystery/thriller short stories from some of today’s top writers. Nuclear brinksmanship, psychological warfare, spies, double agents, femmes fatales, and dead drops… The Cold War—a terrifying time when nuclear war between the world’s two superpowers was an ever-present threat, an all-too-real possibility that could be set off at the touch of a button—provides a chilling backdrop to this collection of all-new short stories from today’s most celebrated mystery writers. Bestselling authors Jeffery Deaver and Raymond Benson—the only American writers to be commissioned to pen official James Bond novels—have joined forces to bring us twenty masterful tales of paranoia, espionage, and psychological drama. In Joseph Finder’s “Police Report,” the seemingly cut-and-dried case of a lunatic murderer in rural Massachusetts may have roots in Soviet-controlled Armenia. In “Miss Bianca” by Sara Paretsky, a young girl befriends a mouse in a biological warfare laboratory and finds herself unwittingly caught in an espionage drama. And Deaver’s own “Comrade 35” offers a unique spin on the assassination of John F. Kennedy—with a signature twist.

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  13. 17.1 hrs • Mar/04/2014 • Unabridged

    The “grand master of the plot twist” (Booklist) is back with his third story collection. The stories include: A Textbook Case, a Lincoln Rhyme story When a young woman is found brutally murdered in a parking garage, with a veritable mountain of potential evidence to sift through, it may be the most challenging case former NYPD detective Lincoln Rhyme has ever taken on. Fast, a Kathryn Dance story Kathryn Dance is in a race against the clock to track down the members of a domestic terrorist cell—and the lives of two hundred people hang in the balance. Game After Sarah Lieberman’s new tenants murder her in an attempt to steal her money, Sarah’s housekeeper Carmel is determined to find Sarah’s body so she can lay her soul to rest. But Carmel may discover that the truth is uncomfortably close to home. Paradice, a John Pellam story When a brake failure leaves him temporarily stranded in a Colorado mountain town, John Pellam finds himself suddenly accused of murder. Other stories are also included.

    Available Formats:
  14. 11.4 hrs • Jan/30/2014 • Unabridged

    In his most gripping thriller yet, Jeffery Deaver takes readers on a terrifying ride into two ingenious minds, that of a physically challenged detective and the scheming killer he must stop. The detective was the former head of forensics at the NYPD, but is now a quadriplegic who can only exercise his mind. The killer is a man whose obsession with old New York helps him choose his next victim. Now, with the help of a beautiful young cop, this diabolical killer must be stopped before he can kill again!

    Available Formats:

    The Bone Collector

    11.4 hrs • Jan/30/2014 • Unabridged
  15. 6.8 hrs • Oct/01/2013 • Unabridged

    Gabriela McKenzie’s daughter has been kidnapped. In exchange for her safe return, her abductors demand two things: $400,000 in cash and a document known only as the “October List.”Gabriela has thirty hours to deliver both. Coming up with such a huge sum of money is difficult enough. But Gabriela has no idea what the October List is, much less where it is or how to get it. All she knows is that her daughter’s kidnappers believe that her boss—who has suddenly, inexplicably vanished—possessed it, and they insist that Gabriela must be able to find it.With the help of Daniel Reardon—a charismatic but mysterious man with an agenda of his own—Gabriela rushes headlong into a desperate search to solve the puzzle of the October List. And if she fails, she and her daughter will pay a fatal price.

    Available Formats:

    The October List

    Read by January LaVoy
    6.8 hrs • Oct/01/2013 • Unabridged
  16. 13.7 hrs • Jun/04/2013 • Unabridged

    It was a “million-dollar bullet,” a sniper shot delivered from over a mile away. Its victim was no ordinary mark: he was a United States citizen, targeted by the United States government, and assassinated in the Bahamas. The nation’s most renowned investigator and forensics expert, Lincoln Rhyme, is drafted to investigate. While his partner, Amelia Sachs, traces the victim’s steps in Manhattan, Rhyme leaves the city to pursue the sniper himself. As details of the case start to emerge, the pair discovers that not all is what it seems. When a deadly, knife-wielding assassin begins systematically eliminating all evidence, including the witnesses, Lincoln’s investigation turns into a chilling battle of wits against a cold-blooded killer.

    Available Formats:

    The Kill Room

    13.7 hrs • Jun/04/2013 • Unabridged
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