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  1. 0.5 hrs • Jun/07/2016 • Unabridged

    From the renowned American playwright Tennessee Williams, a glimpse of college life on the eve of graduation. It’s the last day of the academic year and the students of a small Midwestern university are preparing for a bacchanalian celebration called “Crazy Night.” Our chaperone for the evening is Phil, a freshman on the verge of flunking out, who roves the fraternities in search of beer, women, and the meaning of life. It’s just after the Great Crash, with Prohibition in sobering effect—a bleak time for college graduates and dropouts, who have one more night to do everything before they enter a world that offers them nothing. “Crazy Night” by Tennessee Williams is one of twenty short stories within Mulholland Books’ Strand Originals series, featuring thrilling stories by the most legendary authors in the Strand magazine archives.

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    Crazy Night

    Read by Brian Hatch
    0.5 hrs • Jun/07/2016 • Unabridged
  2. 2.2 hrs • Jan/06/2009 • Abridged

    A full-cast recording of Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire on audio for the first time! Blanche DuBois arrives at her sister Stella’s New Orleans apartment seeking refuge from a troubled past—but her ethereal spirit irks Stella’s husband, the loutish Stanley Kowalski. Crudely, relentlessly, he unmasks the lies and delusions that sustain Blanche, until her frail hold on reality is shockingly severed. This atmospheric recording of Tennessee Williams’ powerful classic stars Rosemary Harris and James Farentino as Blanche and Stanley—roles they performed to acclaim in a smash revival at New York’s Lincoln Center.

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