The Eyes of Heisenberg

  • Read by: Scott Brick
  • Runtime: 6.4 Hours
  • Recording: Unabridged
  • Release date: 8.17.2010
  • Publisher: Tantor
  • Genre: Fiction/Science Fiction
  • 6.43 hrs8/17/2010Unabridged
  • ISBN-13: 9781400184873
Public Law 10927 was clear and direct. Parents were permitted to watch the genetic alterations of their gametes by skilled surgeons...only no one ever requested it. When Lizbeth and Harvey Durant decided to invoke the Law, when Dr. Potter did not rearrange the most unusual genetic structure of their future son, barely an embryo growing in the State's special vat-the consequences of these decisions threatened to be catastrophic. For never before had anyone dared defy the Rulers' decrees...and if They found out, it was well known that the price of disobedience was the extermination of the human race.

Editorial Reviews

Award-winning Dune narrator Scott Brick perfectly captures this grim look at a world shaped by genetic engineering.... Brick skillfully emphasizes Herbert's favorite themes.... Herbert fans will enjoy this audio experience.AudioFile

“Award-winning Dune narrator Scott Brick perfectly captures this grim look at a world shaped by genetic engineering…Brick skillfully emphasizes Herbert’s favorite themes…Herbert fans will enjoy this audio experience.”


Author Biography

Frank Herbert (1920–1986), winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards and a #1 New York Times bestselling author, was born in Tacoma, Washington, and worked as a reporter and later as an editor for a number of West Coast newspapers before becoming a full-time writer. His first science fiction story was published in 1952, but he achieved fame more than ten years later with the publication of “Dune World” and “The Prophet of Dune” in Analog. The stories were amalgamated in the bestselling novel Dune in 1965.

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Reader Biography

Scott Brick, actor, narrator, and writer, attended UCLA and spent ten years in a traveling Shakespeare company. Passionate about the spoken word, he has narrated a wide variety of audiobooks, from thrillers and science fiction to classics and nonfiction. He has recorded more than eight hundred audiobooks and won over fifty AudioFile Earphones Awards and several of the prestigious Audie Awards. He was named a Golden Voice by AudioFile magazine and the Voice of Choice for 2016 by Booklist magazine.

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