Theodore Savage

  • Read by: Rosie Best
  • Runtime: 7.2 Hours
  • Recording: Unabridged
  • Release date: 10.15.2013
  • Publisher: Dreamscape
  • 7.25 hrs10/15/2013Unabridged
  • ISBN-13: 9781624069734

When war breaks out in Europe—modern, aerial war whose tactics include displacing entire populations—British civilization collapses overnight. The ironically named Theodore Savage, an educated and idle civil servant, must learn to survive by his wits in a new Britain—one where science and technology swiftly come to be regarded with superstitious awe and terror.

Editorial Reviews

Theodore Savage is a dark, strange, and cruelly contemporary tale…The book makes a spirited argument against science and machines, disputing itself viciously to the last word.”


“Miss Hamilton always writes forcibly, and her present novel deals with the heart shaking effects of the next war. It might, indeed, be used as a tract to convey an awful warning.”


Author Biography

Cicely Hamilton (1872–1952) was an Anglo-Irish novelist, dramatist, and campaigner for women’s rights who served during WWI with an ambulance unit and at a military hospital in France. Her plays include Diana of Dobson’s and How the Vote Was Won. The dystopian Theodore Savage is her only science fiction novel.

Reader Biography

Rosie Best hails from Norfolk, England. She was a youth worker for British Youth for Christ before moving to Northwest Ohio in 1992. She achieved a master of arts in teaching theater and is a youth worker, actor, pastor, and freelance director. She currently works with underprivileged children as a youth minister and crafts theater performances in the Toledo area.

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