Timothy’s Game

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Timothy Cone, the unforgettable detective introduced in The Timothy Files, returns in a case seething with scandals, scams, and gangland masssacres. And Cone plans to blow it all apart … unless the crooks can keep him permanently out of their way!

Editorial Reviews

“A winner!”

New York Times

“Sanders’ shabbily dressed, tough-talking, razor-witted Wall Street dick, is back at his special game in three dazzlingly plotted stories that might have been subtitled (to borrow the words of Cone’s feisty girlfriend and boss): “The things people will do for the almighty buck”…What Sanders doesn’t know about insider trading, crooked takeover bids, blackmail, greenmail, and the way cops and racketeers think and talk is nobody’s business. And he knows quite a bit about human psychology, too.”

Publishers Weekly

Author Biography

Lawrence Sanders (1920–1998) was an American novelist and short story writer. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he worked as a magazine writer before becoming a full-time fiction writer. He is the author of the Edward X Delany series, the Archy McNally series, and the Commandment series, and a number of other standalone novels. He received an Edgar Award for Best First Novel in 1971.

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