Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station by Dorothy Gilman audiobook

Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station

By Dorothy Gilman
Read by Barbara Rosenblat

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The Mrs. Pollifax Series: Book 6

7.42 Hours 1
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Posing as a tourist, Emily makes her way to China with the job of protecting a CIA treasure.

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Posing as a tourist, Emily makes her way to China with the job of protecting a CIA treasure.



by Jan 12/22/2020
Overall Performance


1980s, historical-places-events, China, spies, history-and-culture, suspense*****

Two things to remember: this is a work of fiction, and it was first published in 1985. Now then. Mrs Pollifax, a widow who always appears to be an innocent tourist of a certain age, has occasionally done courier work for the CIA, but this is her first time in China. The tour is fascinating, the fellow tourists are interesting, and some people are very different than they seem. A VERY enjoyable read!
Voice actor Barbara Rosenblatt always does a wonderful job with all the voices and really acts out the story and not just read it. Her voice brings the characters to life with her inflections entirely suited the situations and characters.


Author Bio: Dorothy Gilman

Author Bio: Dorothy Gilman

Dorothy Gilman (1923–2012) is the author of the Mrs. Pollifax series, which began with The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax. In 2010 Gilman was awarded the annual Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America

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Runtime: 7.42
Audience: Adult
Language: English